Erotic Books by Guy New York on an iPad on a bar

A quick housecleaning note about how I price my books, bundles, and collections.

Novels: $5
A novel is any books over 50K words or about 200 pages.

Novellas: $4
I consider a novella to be a book of 20K words to 49K words or between 50 and 150 pages.

Short Stories: $3
My short stories are anything under 20K words. They usually take about a half hour to an hour to read.

Short Story collections: Prices vary but are generally the same as above
Most of my short story collections are priced at $3, unless the book is significantly longer.

Print Books
I sell my print books at the lowest price Amazon allows while still offering me a small profit. Most of them are under $10.

My bundles vary, but they offer vastly discounted prices for those of you interested in buying a few books at the same time. For example, if you buy all forty of my books, it only costs $40 as opposed to over $150.

You can see all current bundles here.