A Young and Faithless Wife

When Clara shares a story from her college days with her husband Chris, things begin to heat up on their Mexican vacation
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Let’s talk about Clara.

My wife, my love, my life, and my poison. Don’t get me wrong, there is no one sweeter and kinder than her, but sometimes love doesn’t look like we imagine it should. Sometimes love makes us wants things we barely understand.

So begins A Young and Faithless Wife, the story of Chris and Clara discovering the joys of an open marriage. While on vacation in Mexico, Clara confesses that she misses her wanton college days, and the couple begins to fantasize about her past and her future.

But before too long, the game changes from one of fantasy to a new reality that excites and terrifies them both. As they push harder and harder, they begin to realize they both want the same thing: For Clara to sleep with other men while Chris watches.

Sweet, kinky, and sexy as hell, A Young and Faithless Wife is a hotwife tale without the humiliation that often comes with a story like this. The couple is kind and honest with each other as they expand their world to their mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

"This was my first read of a title by this author and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. I will be reading more titles by this author and recommend this one to anyone who is a fan of the naughty wife/hotwife genre."

Praise for a Young and Faithless Wife

Five Star Amazon Review