“Why him?” I asked as she crawled into bed. She pushed the blanket down before rolling over and looking at me. I stared back, her naked body starting to shiver in the cold room.

“Because you’ve been nice to me for too long.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“It means,” she said, reaching between her legs with one hand and mine with the other, “that you haven’t hurt me in a long time. You haven’t held me down, you haven’t slapped me, and you haven’t called me horrible things while you fucked me in way too long.”

“You’re trying to make me angry,” I whispered, pushing her hand away from my cock. It wasn’t so much that I hated him as it was that he treated her like shit. He was obnoxious, rude, and arrogant. And she had gone back to him just to piss me off.

“He made me come,” she said, rolling to her back and ignoring me. “He laughed when I showed up and told me that he knew I’d come back when I got tired of nice. He said he knew I was a little slut who would always come back for his cock.”

“It’s not going to work,” I said, trying to ignore her words. Real anger had no place in our sex life and I wasn’t going to have it. We can pretend all night long, but I was not going to fuck her out of hate.

Of course, we hadn’t pretended in months. Maybe longer.

“I might do it again tomorrow,” she moaned, her fingers moving faster. “He said he wanted my ass for lunch. He said he’d come down to my office, and he’d fuck me in the conference room without anyone knowing.”

“Fuck you,” I said, reaching down and finding myself hard in spite of everything.

“He’s so fucking good. I don’t even like him, but god can he fuck me.”

And then I was on her, with her hands pinned above her head like we had just met. My cock was pressed against her soaking wet cunt and she was smiling at me like she had won. But I didn’t care.

“You fucking whore,” I growled, forcing her legs open so wide she cried out. “You’re not going to fuck him ever again, no matter what you want.”

“I promised him tomorrow,” she said, shaking her head and sticking out her tongue. “He’s gonna take my ass because you’re too lazy to fuck me right.”

I slapped her twice before finally pushing into her wet pussy. And then I was on her, slamming into her as I hit her again and again as she laughed and spat, telling me I would never be meaner than she could take. I rolled her onto her stomach a second later and slid back inside her even as I pushed her face into the pillow.

“Sluts don’t need to talk,” I said, wrapping my arm around her throat as I fucked her harder and faster. “You just need to lie there and be used. You’re just a fucking cunt for me to come in.”

She moaned and pushed back onto me, but her gasps lacked any clarity even as my vision blurred. Her once cold body was covered in sweat and I forgot every good thing I had ever known. I was angry, I was afraid, and I was done with being nice even if it wouldn’t last. But the harder I fucked her, the tighter I squeezed her, and the rougher my hands were, the louder she moaned. Pushing her head into the pillow to silence her I shut out everything else and focused on just one thing. I was going to fuck her until I came.

“You’re mine, do you understand?” I groaned again. “Your cunt is mine and your ass is mine, and no one gets to fuck you without my permission. I’m gonna come in this filthy pussy and you’re going to beg me to forgive you.”

“Yes,” she cried out, as she began to clench around my cock. I somehow managed to work two fingers up her ass as we fucked, and all she could do was scream and shake as she came around me.

I followed close behind her, filling her cunt again and again even as I held her to the bed. My mind was empty, my body exhausted, and still, I thrust into her, wanting to hurt her and love her all at the same time. And in the final moment, in the last second, before my body was given back to me, every word and every ounce of anger was true and real and I had not a single regret.

“You’re mine,” I mumbled one last time as I collapsed onto her back, my cock still pulsing within her as I untangled my arm from her throat. I kissed her neck and her hair, but I didn’t move as I wrapped my arms around her. She knew me better than I did, and maybe that was love and maybe it was something else. But maybe that didn’t matter.

“You’re mine,” I said one more time.

“I know,” she said quietly. “I know.”