We made the perfect mimosas.  In our pajamas.

There were fifteen of us with pillows on the floor, and our drinks were in plastic cups rather than champagne glasses. There we nine pairs of slippers, four sets of footie pajamas, three teddy bears (one was a rabbit), and one union suit with a butt flap.

For the first hour, we were only allowed to make out.  It was one in the afternoon though and we mostly drank and smootched as we tried to build a blanket fort.  “Who even remembers how to do this?” someone asked as we pulled books off the shelf for weights.

We sipped our drinks, undid buttons on pajama tops, and slipped our knees between each other’s thighs.  We rubbed flannel against flannel and by the time I felt skin against skin I forgot about the fort altogether.

My shirt was hanging off the back of the couch and I have no idea where hers was, but we kissed as our bodies pressed together.  She was warm and soft, and I was more excited to touch a breast than I had been in years.  Maybe it was the drinks and maybe it was music, but I wanted to kiss her for hours.

When the clock struck two we were allowed to be naked and we were allowed to put fingers inside each other and press our lips into anything we liked.  We still couldn’t fuck though, and the tension in the room was delicious.

My friend and I spent at least twenty minutes sliding our hands beneath the elastic off our bottoms, and every once in a while her arm would brush against my hard cock. Whenever my fingers touched her pubic hair I pulled away in surprise with a happy question.  Could I? Could I really touch her?

By the time the clock struck three, we were surrounded by people on the pillow-strewn floor with our hands firmly buried in each other’s pants doing wonderful things.  She was as wet as I was hard, and we kissed and bit as we jerked each other off.

The ringing of the bell triggered a shower of condoms, gloves, and lube, and you’ve never seen so many people start fucking at once.  What little clothes were left came off, and the giggles and sighs changed instantly to moans and grunts.

My friend was under me as I tore her bottoms off, and we didn’t bother to tease anymore. I was inside her and moving before we could count to five.  I kissed her as bodies smacked into ours and there was only one concern in the room.  All around us people started moving, thrusting hands, cocks, and toys inside one another, until you could hear us on the street outside.

We didn’t last more than five minutes before we both started to come.  Our kisses were sloppy and wet, and our bodies were covered in sweat.  I could feel someone moaning into my thigh, and I watched a head press up against my partner’s breast as they were pushed across the floor by strong thrusts.

With the orgasms, the giggles came back. There were sighs of release and joy throughout the room, and we were shaking with laughter as the desire and need left our bodies in the best way possible.

I pulled a blanket up over us as we lay down to listen to the room.  We stared up at the light pouring through the window, and we nipped each other’s ears and noses as we watched.

“I can’t believe that we orgied before it got dark out,” she whispered to me.

“Cutest. Sex party. Ever,” I replied.

And then we kissed some more.