Watching My Wife

Kelly and her husband have always used condoms. But when she thinks about fucking other men, it's always a different story.

Kelly and Mark have always used condoms, but she has a secret that’s about to come out. After Mark confesses that it might turn him on to watch her with another man, she quickly jumps into teasing him about his little fetish.

And when Kelly’s best friend invites her out with some hot young guys, everything changes in an instant. Mark quickly turns into a willing and eager cuckold as his hotwife begins to learn how to get exactly what she wants without asking.

This is a cuckolding hotwife tale full of humiliation, cuckold cleanup, and well-endowed bulls who refuse to keep things safe.

From Watching My Wife

“Kelly, don’t do this. Did you just dance with him? Come on, you have to tell me.”

“Oh, Mark. Don’t be silly. You know what happened.” She leaned on my shoulder and for a moment I thought she might be sleeping.

“I need you to tell me. Did you fuck him?”

“Of course I fucked him, Mark. You told me to. You told me this morning that you wanted me to fuck him. I remember everything. You told me to do it because you love me.”