We used to sneak into the gym after school to make out on the high jump mats. It was usually pretty empty and the mats were thick and soft and all the way in the back corner. Sometimes we’d stay there for an hour kissing, feeling each other up, and jerking each other off.

And then we got caught.

I had her shirt off late one hot afternoon, and my hand was in her shorts as I kissed her neck and pulled on her hair. I guess she saw them before I did because she covered her chest with her arm and grabbed my hand. There were two seniors standing right next to us, and they looked like they had been enjoying the show.

“Don’t stop on our account,” one of the guys said.

“We can just leave,” I said, grabbing her shirt.

“I said don’t stop,” the guy said.

I looked down at Claire and she smiled shyly and sort of shrugged. So instead of running out, I kept fingering her as the guys moved closer to us. She arched her back and pulled me in for a kiss and if I noticed she was more wet than usual, it wasn’t until I thought about it much later.

“Take off her shorts,” the second guy said as he knelt next to us on the mat. I started to push them down and he told me to take her panties off too. When they were around her knees, she kicked them off the rest of the way as all three of us stared at her naked body.

“Fuck that’s hot,” one of them said.

“Were you two gonna fuck?” The other asked.

“Maybe,”Claire said to my surprise. We had only fucked a couple of times, and never in the gym. “Why, do you want to watch us?”

“Damn, you’re not shy at all, are you? I think we want to do more than watch. Why doesn’t your boyfriend go down on you for a bit to get you nice and wet.”

She pushed my head down, and I didn’t complain. Hell, I loved eating her pussy, and if she didn’t mind the audience, then who was I to complain? I opened her thighs and started kissing her and licking her as I worked two fingers inside her, and I almost forgot the guys were there until I looked up to see her sucking one of their cocks.

“Oh shit, that’s good. Get me nice and hard for you.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, looking up at her taking the guy all the way down her throat.

“Same thing you’re about to do unless you want us to tell the coach what we found,” the second guy said. I turned to look at him and he had his cock out in his hand as he knelt over her. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me closer, and before I could say anything I was sucking his cock instead of eating her pussy. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I had certainly thought about it enough to do an okay job. I wrapped my hand around him and took as much of him as I could. He got hard pretty fast.

“You’re gonna get me nice and ready so I can fuck your girlfriend,” he said, pushing further into my mouth as I choked. He leaned down and started fingering Claire at the same time, and suddenly I realized she was moaning and begging like I had never seen before.

“Do you want this?” The guy she was blowing asked her.

“Yes,” she, said, opening her legs wider. “Please…”

“Damn, I like this girl,” he said looking over at me sucking off his friend. He moved down the mat, grabbedClaire’s legs, spread them open, and then without pause, he shoved his cock inside her and started fucking her. She kept on moaning, until the guy I was blowing moved over to her mouth instead.

“You like watching your girl get fucked?” He asked as she sucked him too. I just nodded because, of course, it was hot as hell, even if I didn’t know how it had happened so quickly.Claire kept on moaning, but only a minute or two into it, the guy fucking her pulled out and started coming all over her.

“Guess it’s my turn,” the other one said, moving between her legs. He pulled me down again and made me get him nice and wet in between rubbing against Claire’s pussy. Finally, he started fucking her too as he pushed my mouth down to her clit. She grabbed my hair as I licked her, and in no time at all, she was coming louder than ever. The guy started mumbling about what a slut she was, and she came and she came as he fucked her while the other guy just watched.

Right in the middle, the guy pulled out again and shoved his cock into my mouth just as he started to come. I gagged for a second and he laughed before he slid into her again to finish. She pulled him down and kissed the guy as he came inside her, and I didn’t know what the hell to do. He pulled her legs up and thrust even deeper into her as he groaned, and he kept telling her how tight and dirty she was.

When he finally finished, he pulled out and stood up. Both of the guys got their shorts back on and stood over us looking down at her messy body. I thought they were going, but they waited until Claire pulled me in for a kiss as her hands tugged my shorts down.

“There you go,” one of the guys said, as she pulled me to her. I wasn’t going to complain, and since I was the only one who hadn’t come yet, I fucked her for all I was worth as they watched. I pinned her arms above her head and kissed her mouth and her neck, and somehow I lasted longer than I should have. By the time I finally came, the guys were gone, and Claire was panting as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Holy shit that was hot,” she said, kissing me on the mouth. “I’ve never fucked a senior before.”

“I’ve never sucked a dick before,” I said, smiling at her. We finally found our clothes and snuck out the back door of the gym. There was no place else we could go, so we finally had to go home and get ourselves off again as we talked on the phone about it.

We went back to the gym almost every day for a few weeks, but the guys never came back. Things got a little awkward because it was all we talked about, even when we were doing it just the two of us. We broke up right before summer, but we mostly stayed friends.

When I saw her years later at our tenth reunion, she dragged me into the gym and we stood looking at the mat as we remembered that fucked up afternoon. We kissed for a while, but she was married and I had a boyfriend I was trying not to cheat on again, so we didn’t go any further. But just standing in the room with her, I was hard in an instant.

“I still can’t believe we did that,” she said as we finally made our way back to the reunion.

“I’m glad it happened,” I said, kissing her on the cheek one last time.

“Me too,” she said. “Thanks for the reminder.”

We didn’t keep in touch after that, and I guess it’s just as well. But I still think about it sometimes when I need to get off real quick, and I have a feeling she does the same thing.

And to this day, I still love the smell of a gym mat on a hot spring afternoon.