The Queen's Gentleman

A fun and filthy fantasy tale set in the mythical city state of Whiskeytown
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As a Gentleman, Finn’s job is to sleep with the highest ranking and most beautiful nobility in all of Whiskytown, learn their secrets, seduce their daughters, and make them smile and laugh throughout all of it. Of course, on occasion, his clients also include old married couples, toothless Duchesses, an awkward aunt who is being left out of her inheritance but deserves something nice, and possibly a palace guard or two who are going through some things right now and just want to explore their options.

But when Finn gets called to the palace for an incredibly discreet liaison, he quickly realizes he’s in over his head. While he knows he should be paying attention to who his clients are, politics just really aren’t his thing. Especially when there are pretty people to seduce, lots of good whisky to drink, and of course his best friend Brochan the thief to hang out with.

As the two best friends get into some lovely trouble with a strong and beautiful mountain woman–who may not be what she seems–trouble begins to catch up with them both until they’re thrown into a dangerous game of murder, incest, and intrigue.

The Queen’s Gentleman is a short story of 10,000 words intended for a somewhat open-minded audience who don’t mind a little naughtiness mixed in with their fantasy.

"This definitely needs to be added onto! Such a luscious tease. Loved the sauna scene. I wanted to stay there a long time!"

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