The Ortolan Hunters

A collection of three short stories and one novella, all of which push boundaries and explore typically taboo subjects
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The Ortolan Hunters and Other Disturbing Tales is a collection of three short stories and one novella. Occasionally funny, often erotic, and frequently twisted, the collection dives into sexual desires, erotic oneupmanship, and more than questionable ethical behavior.

Beginning in a secret bar serving the delicious, illegal, and sensuous ortolan, we’re brought on a creepy elevator ride, a hilarious threesome, and then finally to a dark room where a blackout has interrupted a couple’s attempted one night stand.

Dealing with consent, kink, fear, and self-discovery, the collection is both erotic and boundary-pushing, often falling off the far end of the spectrum for acceptable behavior. But how we handle our fantasies, whether we chose to live them out, and how much we are willing to sacrifice, are questions we all answer, often poorly and to our own detriment.

The collection includes The Ortolan Hunters, The Elevator, The Unicorn, and ends with the novella, The Day the Lights Went Out.limits.

MF,Mf, MMF, FF, Creampie, Swingers, Anal, Rape, BDSM, 
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"You know whats so great about fiction? Its ok to read about things that it might not be ok to do. A compelling collection of stories that left me wanting more."

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