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“Great Stories !!!! A+++++++++++ Love the straight men stories. The stories are well written. I have read them over and over and still love them. Great job!!!” – (five star Amazon review for Brorotica)

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Dudes, sometimes being super straight is a little gay.

And sometimes it’s like really gay. Like this book. Which is about bros, dudes, and dudebros getting it on with each other, for each other, and on top of each other.

The Complete Brorotica contains all of the stories in Brorotica, Chicks are for Fags, and Fifty Shades of Gay. They’ve all been published before, but now you can get them in one volume for totally less than buying them separately.

This contains the classic stories Bad Bromance, Bromancing the Stone, A Daddy for Daddy, and of course Fifty Shades of Gay (along with eleven others). If you like getting drunk, playing football, picking up girls, and getting it on with other dudes, then this is totally for you.

This book contains hot explicit sex between consenting dudes. It’s 35,000 words long. And just as thick.


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