I was living there for three months when I got the note.  It was a good arrangement where I had a free room in an amazing brownstone in the west village.  Our deal was simple:  I had a free room in a gorgeous apartment as long as I wore nothing when I was home.

The couple that owned the brownstone was friendly, polite, and kept their hands to themselves.  I sometimes had a drink with them in the evening, or coffee in the morning and as a poor NYU student, it was somewhat ideal.  Mostly we just watched movies on the couch: I would sit between them and we’d laugh or cry or cringe and I would sometimes forget that I had nothing on.

The note changed things significantly.  It was fairly straightforward, but I read it five times over to make sure I understood it.

Sarah, if you’d like to earn $1000 in pocket money tonight, please join us for martinis on the second floor.  You will not be expected to have sex with us.  Just our guest.  We completely understand if you’re not interested.

p.s.  You will be expected to serve.

It was the p.s. that had me nervous. And wet.

I had been planning on going out that night, with the hopes of getting drunk and laid, so staying home for the same thing seemed like a decent plan.

I was nervous when I hopped in the shower, soaped up, washed my hair, and shaved.  I shaved as required by my lease: smooth below the neck.  I put on light makeup, my best heels, took a deep breath and walked down the stairs to the living room.

My landlords, Mark and Ariana, greeted me with a martini and a smile.  We chatted about nothing in particular under the doorbell rang.

“Answer the door please,” Mark said.

I took a deep breath as I walked across the room.  I unlocked the door, and slowly opened it.  He handed me a jacket and walked in without so much as a hello.  He was impeccably well dressed and damn hot, but he barely seemed to notice that I was standing there dressed only in heels.

The three of them chatted and talked and I served him a martini, which he took without saying a word.  He knocked back the entire thing in one gulp and suddenly turned to me.

“So,” he said to my landlords.  “What can I do with her?”

“You know the rules,” Ariana said.  “You can do what you like so long as you don’t leave this room. And you can’t leave marks.”

Whatever he likes?  Oh shit, I thought to myself.  What I had I gotten into?

He looked at me for a long time before he reached a hand out to touch my cheek.  His touch was light and his fingers were warm.  He traced the lines of my chin and then ran his fingers down my neck to my breasts.  He brushed my nipples lightly with the back of his fingers and I was trembling.  His hand moved down to my stomach and he grasped one of my thighs firmly.  Still looking into my eyes he reached two fingers between my thighs and slid them easily into my soaking wet cunt.  I think I saw him tremble for a moment before he pulled his hand away.

He turned to Ariana.  “Have her suck my cock please.”

She walked over to me and gently pushed me down to my knees on the floor.  Her voice was firm and commanding and completely exciting.

“Take out his cock and suck if for us.”  I looked up at her for a moment and quietly whispered “for us” over and over again in my mind.

I opened his belt, his button, and zipper, and pulled out a deliciously thick cock. He was mostly hard, but when I took him between my lips he jumped to full attention. I kissed him and circled the head with my tongue before I sucked him deep into my mouth. I felt someone’s hand pushing my hair out of the way and realized it was Mark. I looked up at him for a moment and then sucked as much of him as I could into my mouth and throat.

I only had him in my mouth for a few minutes before he told them to put me on the couch.  I sat between them and this time he kneeled between my thighs.  His fingers were inside me before I let go of the hands on each side and so instead I gripped them tighter.  He kissed all around me, his tongue caressing my smooth skin.  He kissed my thighs and pushed them open so wide that I blushed.  When he opened his mouth on me and pressed hard against my clit I almost came.  When he circled me with his tongue and worked his fingers inside me I did.

When he finally pulled away from he told Ariana he was ready.  He stood as she rolled a condom down over him. He lay me down so my head was resting on Mark’s lap and he climbed between my legs. He rubbed the head of his cock against me and I tried to push down against him. His eyes were riveted on my cunt as he pressed against me and I think he almost came as he watched his cock slide into me.

He was gentle then and kissed me for the first time.  He played with my hair as he slid slowly in and out of me, and he caressed my breasts with affection and wonder.  He was almost painfully slow until I begged him to fuck me harder.  His eyes changed as if he remembered where he was and he leaned up on his arms.  He pulled me to him and began to slam into me hard and fast.

He didn’t last long once he started on me like that.  I squeezed his thick cock with every muscle I have and kept begging louder and louder. Ariana was kneeling next to him and encouraging him almost as much as I was. Mark lay still, cradling my head perfectly in his lap, my cheek pressed firmly against his confined erection.

When he was finished he didn’t take much time.  He stood and refastened his pants.  He downed another martini and kissed me on the cheek as if he hadn’t just fucked me.  He thanked them both and walked out the door into the warm night air.

I was still lying on the couch with Mark when Ariana lifted my legs and sat down as well.  She pulled a light blanket over my body and kissed me gently on the cheek.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” she asked me.