Teacher's New Toy

When a high school senior confesses his desires to his gay teacher, things snowball quickly to a very hot week.
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I had just turned eighteen, was about to graduate, and I wanted my English teacher to do terrible things to me.

When I finally confessed to him that I wanted to be used like I had done with the one girl I ever dated, his eyes opened wide and he gave me a knowing smile. It didn’t take long before he took me to his apartment and began giving me lessons that started with me kneeling on the floor.

But being with him alone didn’t satisfy my cravings to be a complete and utter slut. And just the thought of his friends watching us and wanting me too made me harder than I have ever been. After a week of him teaching me how to take all of him, it was time for some company. It was time to prove to him that I had learned something, and it was time for me to finally be used like I desperately needed and wanted.

Teacher’s New Toy, is a short erotic story of submission. It’s quick, kinky, and incredibly filthy.