Pill X: Spring Break (five stories of messy unprotected sex)

Pill X: Spring Break is live! You can find it on all the big retailers via my Pronoun page right here.

It’s one of the messiest collections of hardcore unprotected sex stories out there.

It all started when a big drug company released Pill X, curing the world of every known sexually transmitted disease. But what they didn’t say was it also heightens libidos and lowers inhibitions.

Which brings us to Emily, a young blonde college girl on her way to Miami Beach with her two gay best friends for Spring Break. It is certain to be the messiest, sluttiest, and most indulgent spring break ever.

As Emily takes on Miami, she finds a married man desperate for her ass, a cheating wife looking to get back at her husband with two hot (and well-endowed) young men, a hot young bartender who’s willing to play rough with her, and a shy redheaded virgin who is desperate to let go of her inhibitions and forget about her boyfriend back home.

Filthy, sloppy, and hilarious, this book is a must have for anyone who fetishes unprotected sex with strangers.

And if you’d like to read a few pages first, check out the sample below. If you click “Buy” down there it will take you to Amazon, just FYI.