Boardwalk Affairs (Susanna part two)

I have a new book out, which is the sequel to Susanna’s Affairs. It’s just as fun, filthy, and retro. It takes place down at the beach in a small boardwalk town, where Nicholas and Susanna get into a friendly competition over who can have the most (and best) liaisons. As always, things get a bit out of hand for the swinging couple as they struggle to communicate and connect throughout the extra-curricular activities.

You can find it on all the big retailers here. 

And here’s a bit from the book:

“Look, maybe we can start over?I know we’ve both had stressful weeks–months if we’re honest–and we each decompress in different ways. I love you Susanna, and I don’t like being this way. We’re here, and the house is lovely, the ocean is beautiful, and I have the most incredible wife in the world. Can we start over and let everything be alright?”

“I suppose,” Susanna said looking over at her husband with a sly grin. “Under one condition.”

“And what’s that?” Nicholas said, bracing for more complications.

“Only if you open another bottle of wine and tell me the truth about your visit to the beach.”

“It’s a deal,” he said with relief. “But only if you promise to tell me about your walk. We’re too close to keeping secrets again. And besides, you know how I love your stories.”

“Just remember it’s not a competition,” she said, standing up and embracing him. He hugged her back, and they pecked each other on the lips before he vanished into the house to fetch a new bottle of wine. Susanna sat back down again and let her hand fall between her legs. Luckily she had not gotten excited enough for it to show through her thin dress, but her heart was still beating quickly and she felt more alive than only an hour before. And if Nicholas was going to make an effort, then she supposed she could as well. After all, what was the point of being on vacation if not to let go?

“Well then,” he said, sitting back down with an open bottle of Pinot Noir. “Which one of us should go first? Should we toss a coin for it?”

“No, I’ll go because I was the one being a brat about it, and you know me better than I do myself. I’m sorry about all of it. I suppose I didn’t realize how much pressure I’ve been under. All that I’ve been able to think about these past weeks has been arriving here, and now that I’m here I’m just looking for something to make it feel real.”

“And did you find that on the boardwalk?” Nicholas asked with a grin. He moved his chair closer to hers, and reached out and took her hand. His smile was familiar and welcoming. With just one look Susanna knew she could tell him anything in the world and he would love her all the more for it.

“It was a start,” she said leaning in closer. “Mostly it was full of teenagers in skimpy swimwear and old timers out for their constitutionals.”


“Well, a rather handsome man did seem to find me somewhat quickly as soon as I sat down. He owns one of the restaurants in town, although come to think of it, I never did get its name. Anyway, he offered to take me for a short walk, and I have to say I did underestimate him at first. Once I told him I was married, I thought he might back off, at least to a respectable distance, but instead, it seemed to fuel him all the more.”

“I can hardly imagine. And where, pray tell, did he take you?” Nicholas did love hearing her stories, and while it was true that they had not had sex in more than two weeks, they always found themselves more amorous after discovering someone new. While he felt some jealousy, it also stirred in him a sudden and nearly uncontrollable desire for his wife.

“Would you believe he has a small cottage just a block from the beach?”

“Well, that does sound like he was direct!”

“It wasn’t all that, to be honest. We sat on his porch for a few moments, and I suppose I let him kiss me.”

“Just a kiss, my dear?” Nicholas asked.

“Well, since I was so stubborn and refused to admit that you might be correct, not all that much was on the table. Why is it you know me so well?”

“You can’t stop there!” Her husband exclaimed. Susanna had a tendency to toy with him and he found that his imagination was often far more extravagant than the troubles she usually got into.

“We kissed on his porch as I said, and he did manage to get a hand under my dress.”

Susanna got up and slid over to her husband’s lap before continuing her story.

“He was quite talented with his fingers,” she whispered as she touched his cheek. “He parted my thighs and kissed me right there on his porch where anyone could see us, and I nearly came. In less than a minute he had pulled himself from his trousers and placed my hand on his erection. It was difficult to focus, but I managed to toy with him through our kisses and his finger work.”

“There’s my girl,” Nicholas said, sliding his hand beneath her dress, up her thigh, and then against her warm sex. She wore nothing under the thin cotton and he parted her lips with a practiced familiarity.

“All the while he kept whispering in my ear about how he wanted me. He told me he would take me right there by the street, and he would make me scream until the neighbors complained. He said he wanted to fuck me a hundred times, and when I dropped to my knees, I suspect both of us were close to finishing.”

“And did he?” Nicholas asked, touching her with more and more force and attention. “Did you let him fuck you right there? Did you let him have his way with you?”

Christmas Sex on the Balcony


Photo by Guy New York

“Do you mind if he listens?”

The small balcony looked fifteen floors down to 5th Avenue, and the whole town was bursting with red and gold. New York City was celebrating as best it could, and behind us, in the apartment, our friends and colleagues were getting drunk enough to only think of the good parts. When she turned back to the railing, I wrapped my arms around her in an embrace that was less than chaste.

“Is that what you want?” I asked, my lips against her neck. She nodded as she placed her phone down on the stone ledge in front of us. The dim light didn’t offer much illumination, but it was enough for me to know that we already had an audience.

“Tell me what else you want?” I asked, louder than I might have otherwise. I had shut the door behind us, but the chance of being interrupted was still high. Especially by curious colleagues who didn’t quite understand the whole “open marriage” thing. She mumbled quietly, but of course, that wasn’t enough. I lifted her dress and pushed her down, her mouth just inches from her phone.

“Say it again,” I demanded. “Louder.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she finally said, and I could only imagine the blush that spread across her cheeks as she finally said the words out loud.

“Right here? You want me to fuck you on the balcony while your entire office is drinking behind us?”

“Yes,” she moaned again, pushing back against me.

“Take off your panties,” I said. She didn’t pause for a moment, and seconds later she was standing again, her now bare ass beneath my hands.

“That’s better, slut,” I said, eliciting another moan from her lips. “Do you like being called names? Does it make it hotter?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “Call me anything you want. I feel so fucking filthy right now, but all I want is your cock inside me. Please, I haven’t fucked anyone but him in so long.”

“How long?” I asked, quietly tearing open the condom wrapper.

“It’s been almost a year,” she said, nearly too quietly.

“And how long have you wanted me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Too long,” she moaned, her mouth inches from the phone as I pressed myself against her ass. “Since I met you. I’ve wanted to fuck you for two years. Since before…”

“Before what?” I said, teasing her with the head of my cock.

“Don’t make me say it,” she said as I opened her with two fingers. She was beautifully wet, and I wasn’t sure how long I could keep playing their game because the truth was I had wanted her as well. Since the second I met her I wanted to do impossibly horrible things to her and waiting another minute for her to admit her desires to her husband was almost too much.

“Tell me,” I growled, positioning myself in exactly the right spot. “If you want me to fuck you, tell me the truth.”

“Since before,” she sighed again. “Before we were open. I used to make myself come thinking about you. Even when I was fucking him sometimes. I thought about you so often, please don’t make me wait any longer. I can feel you against me, but it’s not enough. I need more.”

“Beg,” I said.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, pushing back on me as I slid halfway inside her before holding her hips still. “Please fuck me. I’ll do anything for you, christ it feels so good. Give me more. Let me feel all of you inside me.”

“Is that better?” I asked, pushing her forward as I thrust all the way into her.

“Yes,” she moaned over and over again as I began to move. “It’s perfect, god you feel just like imagined. Better even. Please don’t stop. Tell me you won’t stop. Tell me you’ll fuck me tomorrow too and then the next day.”

“I’ll fuck you whenever you like,” I said, beginning to lose track of everything as we fucked faster and harder, the cold air blowing against my face and stinging my eyes.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come. You feel so damn good inside me. I love your cock. I love you and I’ll do anything.”

“Come for me, you little whore,” I moaned, thrusting into her as hard as I could, even as she clenched around me. Her sighs turned into something deeper as she pressed her lips to the phone, whispering something just to him that I couldn’t understand. And then she was shaking as she cried quietly in the night, and I was so close that I couldn’t find words.

I pulled her to me once more, feeling myself come in spite of the cold, and I held her there as I gripped the base of my cock, holding the condom on tightly before slowly withdrawing. She gasped ever so slightly as I fixed myself along with her dress. When I looked down, I realized the phone had gone dark, and it was just us on the balcony, the noise from the party finally returning behind us.

“You are amazing,” I said, pulling her in for a kiss. She kissed me back before taking my hand in hers as we turned and looked out over the city. I wondered for a moment how many parties just like this one were happening all over town. And of course, then my mind drifted to how many couples had just done what we had done with or without the permission of a third party.

“Let’s go back in and get drunk,” she said. “Because if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate I don’t know what is.”

“After you,” I said, turning for one last glimpse of the city. Downstairs her husband would be waiting eagerly, and I knew the second we were back inside I would lose her. It was a simple loss and one that I always expected, but a loss just the same. I smiled at the flickering lights below, turned around with a deep breath, and then opened the door to face the music.


Susanna’s Affairs is out!

My newest novella is out and it’s a dirty ride. I think I said before that it started as an homage to Emmanuelle and it still has some of that feel. It takes place in New York in the 1960’s, and it’s decadent, lush, and redefines the meaning of tension.

Susanna returns to the city after spending much of the summer in the country. After a quick encounter on the train home, however, Susanna finds herself unsatisfied yet completely intrigued. As she settles in once more to home life, she helps her husband seduce a new friend and quickly takes the young woman under her wing. But even amidst all her games and liaisons, she is still searching for her “man in the gray suit.”

But what will happen if she finds him?

The book includes group sex, seduction, edging, true love, bisexual men and women, an eighteen-year-old ingenue, unprotected sex, and probably a bunch of other dirty things I can’t list. What I mean to say is, it’s a very fun and very dirty book with some smart insights thrown in for good measure.

Here’s a snippet from the book that’s especially fun:

“Come here my dear,” she said in her most demanding tone. The girl sighed and finally got up. She had quickly become used to doing as Susanna asked, although it was still sometimes a struggle that played out between them, much to the delight of her husband and Jack. She took her shoulders in her hands and stood the girl directly in front of the startled man who could do nothing but look at her with a clear expression of both terror and lust on his face.

“My young friend here is quickly learning the pleasures of love and also the love of pleasure, isn’t that right, Kitten? Now if you’d like to help me with her education, I’m sure we might find a way to thank you for carrying this letter down in such nasty hot weather.”

“That’s not necessary,” he said, as Teresa squirmed in her hands, not actually protesting, but clearly beginning to pout.

“But of course it is,” she said, pushing the girl even closer to him. “And besides, think of it as doing me a favor. I’ve become worried that our little friend here is closing herself off to new experiences, and hoarding her charms in the grip of just one man, which as we all know isn’t healthy for anyone. Now hold still.”

And with that, she removed the last vestige of the girl’s modesty, leaving her perfectly naked in front of the messenger, who was clearly and visibly impressed. Without another word, Susanna pushed the girl to her knees, before gently combing her hair with her fingers.

“Now there’s a good girl,” she said, even as her friend whined just a bit. “You know what to do.”

Teresa, to her credit, reached up her hands and opened the man’s trousers, to find him already quite hard and ready. She played with him in her hands for just a moment, pulling the skin back and forth, exposing his thick head, before she opened her pink lips around him and took him into her mouth. She had practiced considerably with Jack, but taking the entire thing into her throat was still something of a challenge. But Susanna was impressed with the girl’s effort all the same, and the messenger was immensely pleased by what was happening.

After three or four minutes of watching the girl take him into her mouth, it became clear that Teresa was doing everything she could to bring about his release. She must have assumed that if she finished him there, she might be spared other indiscretions and therefore remain somewhat faithful to her new lover. Since that was the exact opposite of what Susanna wanted, she immediately pulled the gasping girl up to her feet and brought her to the couch where she pushed her to her back and opened her legs.

“I think you’ll find this a better fit,” she said to the man, who was eagerly kneeling and nodding his agreement. Susanna reached out and stroked him herself, eventually leaning in so she might taste him for a moment, before she rubbed him against the open sex of her blonde friend. There is always a beautiful thrill in taking a new man within you, but the thrill of helping two others accomplish the same task, was one that Susanna was quickly finding herself attached to. She had so far only watched her husband and Jack take the girl, and this third man, a perfect stranger, was somehow more delicious just for that fact alone.

Teresa squirmed once more, but finally allowed her friend to guide the messenger inside her, her body easily accepting him. She was more wet than she would have liked to admit, and while he was by no means small, he slid inside her with one thrust and held himself there against her, trying to catch his breath. He finally leaned in further, and began to kiss the girl on the mouth as he moved faster and faster, his goal clear and quickly approaching. Teresa moaned through their kisses, especially when Susanna worked her hand between them, rubbing her clitoris as the man fucked her, until both participants were close to finishing, in spite of someone’s initial resistance…

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Susanna: A Scandalous Account of One Woman’s Indiscretions


I’m working on a new book which will hopefully be out soon. It’s a bit different than my normal fair, but I think you’ll enjoy it. It takes place in NYC in the 60s and has a somewhat vintagey feel. It started as an homage to Emmanuelle but turned quickly into a GNY story.

You can see my two working covers above, and here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the book:

For a moment she thought of simply opening her mouth and letting him use it for his pleasure, and yet for some reason the thought of staying as they were, without any actual contact, was far more enticing. Just inches from her mouth, he moved slowly, and she stared at the head, red and tinged with a single bead of come; it made her mouth water. But after just a few moments he moved back, eliciting an uninvited sigh of regret from her lips. Instead of simply waiting longer however, Susanna decided he had played her far too well for her comfort, and it was her turn to take control of the situation. She stood and slid past him until she faced the small mirror with her back to the man in the gray suit.

Leaning forward she lifted her dress once more, parting her legs ever so slightly as she bent down. She reached between them and began to touch herself far more fiercely than he had done for her.  He moved closer once more, his eyes now glued to her as he watched her fingers move faster. With her head down, she was unsure how close he was, and for a moment she was unsure what he would do and even of what she wanted. Would he simply fuck her, taking her posture as a clear offer, or would he continue to simply watch as he touched himself?

She knew he was close because she could hear his breathing, and every once in awhile his hand bumped into her backside as he continued moving it up and down his thick shaft. On occasion she was sure she felt his cock bump against her sex, and the thrill sent shivers down her thighs as she pictured him entering her in an instant. She sighed as she grew closer to the edge, knowing she would come in just a few more seconds unless she stopped herself. There seemed to be no reason not to though, and soon she was letting go, her body tensing and releasing as she moaned into her arm, trying to contain at least some of her excitement.

He watched her come, her lips swallowing her fingers as she did, and now he touched her more and more frequently while still never entering her. Susanna could feel him against her lips, sometimes his manhood and something his hand as it moved faster, and she wondered how soon he would come and if she should move. His groan was the only thing that gave him away, and before she could make a decision, she felt him come, warm and wet against her cheeks and the small of her back. She stood still as she felt it slowly slip down the crack of her ass before running in between her lips and her still nestled fingers. Horrified and excited, she made a decision without thinking at all.

Leaning forward even more, Susanna pushed a finger inside her, feeling his release all around her. She began to rub it into her skin, over her lips, and even within her, and her second orgasm followed quickly. He made no sound at all as she made herself come once again, and she wondered if maybe now he would finally take her. She pictured it as she came, his thick cock entering her until he finished once again, but she no longer felt even the brief touch of his skin against her. When she finally let go and adjusted her skirt, she saw the door open and close, his heard his footsteps vanishing down the hall.