Hot Summer Nights

We didn’t sleep all night.

It was hot, but we found our bodies touching over and over again, each time lasting longer than the time before. She pulled away when I caressed her arm, and I rolled over when her knee slid too high up my thigh. Early in the morning, I watched, not feeling connected to my body or actions, as I leaned in and kissed her bare shoulder. When she turned to her back, her legs parted and her hand on her stomach, I didn’t look away.

When my hand replaced hers, neither of us moved it. When my fingers traced the edge of elastic neither of us said a word. Her leg pushed against mine, her hand felt my skin with intention, and I didn’t stop. She moaned when I touched hair, and she parted her thighs wider, seemingly holding her breath as I leaned forward until my hand was hovering above her wet skin. I kissed her cheek, my fingers barely tracing her, and she opened her eyes.

“Kiss me,” I whispered.

When her lips touched mine, my hand dropped, fingers opening her even as our tongues did the same. I pulled her to me, kissing her harder as she struggled with my boxers, pushing them down until her hand was around my cock. We moaned and squirmed, losing our few items of clothing until finally our sweaty bodies were just skin against skin and it was too much.

“I want you,” I said, climbing between her legs and pinning her arms above her head. “Now.”

“Yes,” she said, lifting her hips off the bed. “Yes, yes, yes.”

It took effort to penetrate her, and I finally had to reach between our legs and guide myself inside her. But when it was done, when we were as close as it was possible to be, time held still right along with us. I stared into her eyes, she slid her hands down to my ass, and then finally we kissed once more before we started to fuck.

She came within minutes, her legs wrapped around my body, her teeth pulling on my lip, and my cock buried inside her. I breathed her orgasm, never letting go of our kiss, even as she shuddered beneath me. I slowed down only enough to feel her around me, clenching and trembling as she came, and then I was fucking her once more, needing to join her in her release more than anything I had needed before.

When I came she was laughing, her body still in convulsions as I closed my eyes and arched my back, thrusting inside her over and over again as my orgasm ripped through me. My toes tingled, my hands went numb, and it felt like every ounce of life, soul, and heart filled her at the same time. I gave over completely, letting go of the world, and for a few glorious seconds, I didn’t exist.

We kissed for a long time, my body growing soft inside her. Her giggles spread to me as I pushed her hair from her face and stared at her knowing eyes. She was prettier than should be allowed, and I loved her impossibly.

“Do you feel guilty?” I finally asked.

“No,” she whispered, touching my lips. “I feel stupid.”

“Why stupid?”

“Because you silly boy. If we had done that earlier, we might have fucking slept.”

Couples that Porn Together


couple kiss laptop“Okay, this one is kinda creepy in a good way, but the voices are horrible,” she said. She hit play and I watched a girl climb into her “step-father’s” bed and slowly start to seduce him. We only listened to two lines of dialog before turning the sound off, but it was enough to set the scene. They were young and cute, and of course, he had a huge dick that he didn’t really hesitate to fuck his “step-daughter” with in spite of his initial protests.

“This one is kinda gross and kinda hot,” I said when hers was done. I turned my laptop so she could watch the video I had found the night before when I couldn’t sleep.

“Ugh, that is gross. But yeah, kinda hot,” she said. I kissed her cheek as we leaned in closer, the bright screens on our laps full of more images of cocks, cunts, come, and perfect manicures. She showed me another as I scrolled through the dirtier side of my tumblr dashboard, and the images we somehow less important than the sharing.

“Would you suck that cock?” she asked, and I only nodded.

“Would you go down on that girl?” I asked, and she looked at me like I didn’t know her. “Obviously.”

But then the laptops were on the floor next to the bed, and our hands were all over ourselves and each other as we stayed lost in the neon glow of impossible naked bodies. I was already hard, but still I jerked myself off as she pushed the covers down so both of us could watch. Each scene–perverted in its own way–played through my head as we kissed, and when I climbed between her legs I couldn’t settle on one story.

“I’m thinking about everything at the same time. I want to go down on my little sister after her date, and then I want to fuck you as you tell me daddies aren’t supposed to do that. I want to break into the apartment and cover your mouth as you scream, and I want to watch you in the bath with that girl with pink hair.”

“Daddies aren’t supposed to fuck their little girls,” she whispered, her hand guiding me inside her before I could even start to tease.

“But you’re my little girl, aren’t you?” I asked, instantly letting the rest of them fall away. “I own this pretty little mouth and these perfect little tits, and this tight cunt belongs all to me, isn’t that right?”

“Oh god,” she moaned, as I fucked her faster, her arms now pinned above her head. “Yes, Daddy. It’s all yours. All of me belong just to you.”

And then our words stopped as we kissed and moaned, the poetic side to our sex replaced by the sweat and come as fucked on our bed in our warm and cozy apartment. I could see nothing but her eyes as I thrust into her, and she scratched her nails down my back in perfect symmetry. When she started to come she said the words we don’t share, and I kissed her again as I felt myself follow quickly behind her.

And then, in the darkness, the laptops gone, the games vanished, and the words that are better than toys put away, we held hands as we looked up at the ceiling, our chests rising and falling as our hearts beat to the same rhythm.

HoldMyHand, an Epic Journey of Love Lost (and Found)


The finger

This is how it started. With five simple words I’ll never forget: I’m not doing that shit! I had simply reached out my hand, asking to follow her, promising to be lead, never falling behind (unless I needed a better camera angle). The rejection bit hard, like a bike chain on acid washed denim, tearing into my pant legs on a short trip to the deli.

And so, with a tear in my eye, I donned my imaginary fedora and went in search of someone who would love me for the man I will never be.


Wild Turkey 101

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this one. She was dark, cold, and strong – and she went down easy. I held on as long as I could, but like all good things in life, I swallowed her too quickly.

The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

I thought a jaunt in the country might heal my wounded heart (and ego) and so off I went, quickly finding a blue-green beauty to touch my hot lips. She was a breeze on a hot summer afternoon and a rain storm on a dark night. She was sweet and delicious, and she was from outer space. But alas, all things must pass, and so with my head spinning I fell asleep wondering if love would be there in the morning.

Hot coffee

Hot coffee

In the morning she was gone, but I quickly found a new love, who while less intoxicating was invigorating all the same. At first she was bitter, but a splash of cream changed everything, and by the time we had seconds I was in love. Sadly, she grew tired of my frequent trips to the bathroom, and I was once again left to my own devices.

Water on the High Line

Water on the High Line

As I made my way back to the city, I decided a long stroll down the High Line was just what I needed to heal. But the sun was hot and with sweat on my neck (and everywhere else) I found the tall glass of water I had been looking for.


Blue Gatorade. Obviously.

Blue Gatorade. Obviously.

This time it was me who left. While satisfying and refreshing, I found him a bit boring after a few refills and decided I need something with a bit more flavor. So I hustled downtown for a game of minigolf with this blue beast, only to find that no one was impressed with my mad skills.


Allagash Tripel at the Blind Tiger

And so, once again, with my head hung down I made my way back to the bar where I knew I could always find a friend. I sat back with a smile, reached out my hand, and let out a sigh, knowing that some things just keep getting better. Like beer. When it’s hot out. And the bar is well air conditioned.

So, that was my weekend of love lost and love found. Of whisky drunk and Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters imbibed. So next time you reach out your hand looking for love, remember it’s not what’s on the outside that counts.

It’s simply about who feels good in your hand.

-Guy New York
June, 1015

A Love Fetish

Photo by The Dirty Gentleman

Photo by The Dirty Gentleman

“I have a bit of a love fetish.”

I took a sip of scotch and slipped my hand into hers between our bar stools.  She looked up at me with a smile, and I brushed her hair behind a perfect ear and kissed her on the cheek.

“How does it work?”

“It’s simple really.  You convince me you love me and I’ll come like a librarian on Henry Miller. Come home with me, kiss me softly, and tell me you’ll be there forever. “

“That’s it?” I asked.

“It helps if I know I won’t see you again.”

An hour later we were half way through a bottle of Sin Zin, and I had been trying to tell her for at least thirty minutes.  She asked me again what I wanted to say and I leaned in closely and finally whispered it in her ear. She was kissing me before I said “you” and I kissed her back without constraint.

I actually carried her to her bedroom and undressed her slowly marveling each time something dropped to the floor.  I kissed her neck and told her she was perfect.  I circled a nipple gently with my thumb until she moaned into my ear and asked me what I wanted.  I responded by pulling her body against mine and pressing myself between her thighs.

“Tell me something,” I whispered as I rubbed myself against her.  “Do you love me?  Do you really love me, because I can’t imagine being apart from you?”

“I just met you,” she said.

“And I feel like I’ve known you forever. You’re beautiful and brilliant, and you make me feel safer than I have in years.”

She just kissed me and pulled me close to her.  She screamed when I entered her and told me to go slowly.  I whispered I love you over and over again in her ear as I slowly moved inside of her.  I told her ridiculous things as we made love on her bed, and I honestly don’t remember half of them.  I would take her away and marry her.  We would raise children together in the south of France and nothing would come between us.

As she got close she stopped me and looked up into my eyes.  I stayed perfectly still, our bodies still connected, as I looked down into her eyes.  Finally she pulled me to her once against and told me she loved me too.  As the words came out of her mouth her body began to shake and tremble and she tightened around me over and over again.  She kissed me painfully hard and wrapped her arms tightly around me and wouldn’t let me go.

Hours later I asked her if I could see her again.

“Of course not. We’re already in love,” she replied.  “What else is left to do?”