He was the first person I saw when I walked into the party. It had been over five years since I’d seen him last, but when he touched my hand one word ran through my head: obey.

I instinctively thrust my left hand behind my back as I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. We talked for almost an hour and I almost didn’t notice the first time he commanded me.  It was mundane and simple, but when he told me to show him my bracelet I didn’t hesitate.  Ten minutes later he leaned in and whispered to me.

“Make me another drink.”

His words ran straight from my ears to my clit and I got up immediately.  I was completely focused as I walked to the kitchen and for four minutes nothing seemed more important than making the perfect gin and tonic.

There were a few other simple commands until he knew I was not only willing but unable to say no. When he told me to walk to the back bedroom and kneel by the bed I simply nodded and did as I was told.

It seemed like hours until I heard the door close and lock behind me.  He circled me twice and I was terrified that he wouldn’t like the look of me.  Had I gotten too old?  Were my clothes unappealing?  When he finally stood in front of me it took a force of will to not reach up and open his jeans before he asked.  When he finally gave the command my fingers were shaking.

I placed my hands back in my lap (like a good girl, I thought) and looked up into his eyes.  I opened my mouth and leaned in, taking him slowly between my lips and running my tongue over his perfect cock.  My wedding ring felt heavy on my finger and as I took him deep into my mouth and throat I gently pulled off the ring and slid it into my pocket.

For two minutes I didn’t think he’d noticed. After twenty minutes of using my mouth, I was positive he had. The command came quickly and without warning.

“Stand, turn, and put your hands on the frame of the bed.”

I did as I was told and moments later felt the cool air of the room against my bare skin as he slid my clothes down to the floor.  I could feel his cock pressed against me and I closed my eyes as I waited for him.

“How long have you been married?”

I clenched my teeth and my eyes as I let out a whimper.  He was pressing into me, first with his fingers, and then the head of his cock and I tried to speak.

“Three years,” I finally said.

It felt like an eternity waiting for him, but when he finally slid inside me I came.  Just like that.  I screamed and moaned and thrust my hips back against him and he fucked me harder than I thought possible.   When he was ready to cum he had me turn and kneel in front of him.  He pulled my shirt down and had me beg for him.  I looked ridiculous kneeling there on the floor, and I begged and begged until he covered my breasts and chin.

I stayed there on the floor as he buttoned his pants and washed his face in the bathroom.  I didn’t move a muscle as he sat on the bed and tied his shoes and I simply closed my eyes when he leaned over and kissed me long and hard.  He dressed me himself, taking care with everything. He was tender and gentle and I was pained and relieved that it was all over.

As we walked back to the party he took me by the hand and kissed it gently. Just before we got swallowed by the crowd he whispered to me again.

“In exactly one hour, I expect you to be back in the bedroom wearing nothing but your heels.  Leave the door unlocked.”

The Kink Fandom

A slightly bruised bottom. Photo © Guy New York

A slightly bruised bottom. Photo © Guy New York

Sometimes I think that the kink fandom is pretty much like every other. Some people like to dress up and go to cons. They want to be a part of everything, do everything, and they love the social aspect of getting together with other fans to play games in public.

And some people want to enjoy it in the privacy of their home with a few friends, or maybe do some LARPING in the woods near their house. Or the basement as the case may be. They have a few friends they talk about it with, and it’s a fun weekend hobby where they get to nerd out without thinking about the outside world.

And some folks just like to think about it, read about it, watch it, and find their own pleasure in their simple enjoyment of the thing. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure, or maybe it’s just something they come back to on occasion like an old friend they adore, but don’t get to see all that often.

And, of course, some folks want to argue about it, fight about it, and tell you that you’re not a true fan and you have it all wrong.

Don’t listen to those people.

“There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground…”

From Sharing the Wrong Girl: A Road Trip with my Best Friend’s Daughter

Sharing the Wrong Girl

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“Do you want to know my kink?” she finally asked.

“Obviously,” I said, stealing another glance of the pink cotton showing beneath her shorts. Her thighs were smooth and inviting, and I pictured a thousand things all at once. If she was going to tease, I was prepared to call her bluff.

“It’s pretty simple,” she said, her hand moving down to her thigh as she tugged on the hem of her shorts. “I just like to feel like a slut. It’s a cross between objectification and submission, I guess. It’s mostly about feeling wanted. Like really truly wanted in filthy ways by all the wrong people.”

“That doesn’t sound simple,” I said, trying to focus on my driving as I inwardly groaned. Of course, she had to get turned on by exactly the things I was trying to avoid.

“Well, it’s not like I’m into piss or knife play. I don’t want to wear a pony mask or get put in a cage with a dog bowl. I just like it when men want to fuck me and are really obvious about it. Like how you got when I told you I let that guy finger me.”

“You are fucking intense, Lisa, do you know that? There is no way in hell I would ever tell Brendan any of this, and please tell me the same is true for you. He’d fucking kill me.”

“We’re just talking,” she said, her hand still fumbling with her tiny shorts.

“That’s true,” I said, knowing how big a lie that really was. “We’re just talking. For now.”

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything, right?”

“Well, it’s good that we have that settled,” I said with a smirk.

“But I guess watching isn’t really a crime, though, is it?” She asked, my eyes following hers as they looked down at her lap. “I mean, what happens in the car isn’t important. And besides, it’s not my fault if you happen to look.”

And then, as I looked at the road with one eye, and the girl with the other, she did just what Molly would have done. Never looking up, she pulled the thin fabric to one side, her legs opening wider until I could see her perfectly smooth cunt just two feet away from me.

“This is where he touched me,” she whispered. “He had his fingers all over and inside me, and I got so wet. Almost as wet as I am now.”

She reached down with her other hand and gently touched the lips of her pussy as I tried not to crash the car. When I finally stole another glance at her, she pushed one finger inside herself before pulling it out–slick with her excitement–and licking it clean.

(This is an excerpt from Sharing the Wrong Girl, a rewrite of Driving Lisa after Amazon banned it. If you purchased Driving Lisa and would like a free copy of the new version, just drop me a note and I’ll send you links to download it.)

Review of Punishing Alice: Spanking and Seducing the Babysitter

Punishing Alice: spanking and seducing the babysitte“Punishing Alice” is a quick, sexy, & mysterious 30-minute read about a young 18-year-old named Alice, who is a long-time babysitter for a wealthy family, Mr. & Mrs. Richards.
It is the second book I’ve read by the author, Guy New York, and by the 2nd page I was flipping through it and didn’t stop until I reached the conclusion.

-Five Star Amazon Review

Couples that Porn Together


couple kiss laptop“Okay, this one is kinda creepy in a good way, but the voices are horrible,” she said. She hit play and I watched a girl climb into her “step-father’s” bed and slowly start to seduce him. We only listened to two lines of dialog before turning the sound off, but it was enough to set the scene. They were young and cute, and of course, he had a huge dick that he didn’t really hesitate to fuck his “step-daughter” with in spite of his initial protests.

“This one is kinda gross and kinda hot,” I said when hers was done. I turned my laptop so she could watch the video I had found the night before when I couldn’t sleep.

“Ugh, that is gross. But yeah, kinda hot,” she said. I kissed her cheek as we leaned in closer, the bright screens on our laps full of more images of cocks, cunts, come, and perfect manicures. She showed me another as I scrolled through the dirtier side of my tumblr dashboard, and the images we somehow less important than the sharing.

“Would you suck that cock?” she asked, and I only nodded.

“Would you go down on that girl?” I asked, and she looked at me like I didn’t know her. “Obviously.”

But then the laptops were on the floor next to the bed, and our hands were all over ourselves and each other as we stayed lost in the neon glow of impossible naked bodies. I was already hard, but still I jerked myself off as she pushed the covers down so both of us could watch. Each scene–perverted in its own way–played through my head as we kissed, and when I climbed between her legs I couldn’t settle on one story.

“I’m thinking about everything at the same time. I want to go down on my little sister after her date, and then I want to fuck you as you tell me daddies aren’t supposed to do that. I want to break into the apartment and cover your mouth as you scream, and I want to watch you in the bath with that girl with pink hair.”

“Daddies aren’t supposed to fuck their little girls,” she whispered, her hand guiding me inside her before I could even start to tease.

“But you’re my little girl, aren’t you?” I asked, instantly letting the rest of them fall away. “I own this pretty little mouth and these perfect little tits, and this tight cunt belongs all to me, isn’t that right?”

“Oh god,” she moaned, as I fucked her faster, her arms now pinned above her head. “Yes, Daddy. It’s all yours. All of me belong just to you.”

And then our words stopped as we kissed and moaned, the poetic side to our sex replaced by the sweat and come as fucked on our bed in our warm and cozy apartment. I could see nothing but her eyes as I thrust into her, and she scratched her nails down my back in perfect symmetry. When she started to come she said the words we don’t share, and I kissed her again as I felt myself follow quickly behind her.

And then, in the darkness, the laptops gone, the games vanished, and the words that are better than toys put away, we held hands as we looked up at the ceiling, our chests rising and falling as our hearts beat to the same rhythm.

Erotica from Disgusting Beautiful Immoral


When I got up to piss a few hours later, I saw the redhead making out with a guy in the kitchen. I sat back down just as Spider and Rachel got up to go smoke on the fire escape, and it was just me and Kelly the face-sitter left.

I leaned back against the bed and she moved over next to me and stole a sip of my drink. The bartender was still making gin and tonics and they were absolutely delicious. It took me a few moments to realize she was staring at me, and I wondered what she was thinking. Her face didn’t tell me much, but I couldn’t look away. Finally, she leaned in and whispered:

“Did you really tie that girl up?”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“And she struggled and kicked as you tore off her clothes?”

“Basically,” I said.

“And then you fucked her? You held her down, her hands tied above her head, and you fucked her. Did she stop fighting then?”

“Sometimes. I guess it depended on her mood,” I said. “I think it turned her on most to never stop fighting. She would swear at me and scratch as we fucked, and if I moved to untie her she would try to escape.”

She stared at me, but the look in her eyes was much clearer. Her short dress had ridden up as she tucked her knees under her arms, and I had to resist trying to confirm her status as a Vassar girl. She was shorter than Rachel by at least a foot, and her feet were smaller than I thought possible. I pictured her kneeling over my face as I opened my mouth between her legs, and in spite of all the drinking I had done, I found myself getting hard in my jeans.

“That is so fucking hot,” she said. Kelly was so close to me by then that we were touching, but neither of us moved a hand. She leaned her head down onto my shoulder for a brief moment before turning around and pulling a small blanket off the bed behind us. She covered both our legs, and I stared at her, unsure of what she was doing. Even when her hands vanished beneath the blanket I was still unsure of what was happening.

“Tell me more,” she whispered, her breathing faster and her voice deeper. “Tell me about fucking her all tied up. Tell me what you did to her.”

My hand brushed her bare leg, but rather than move it away she pressed against me. Her other foot was pulled up beneath her, but this one was almost on my lap, which meant that just beneath the blanket she was practically naked. She placed my hand on the inside of her thigh, still looking into my eyes, and I finally started talking.

“One time she told me to grab her in the hallway. She said she didn’t even want to know it was me when I pulled her into my room. I was scared someone would see us, but it didn’t matter at that point. I always did whatever she asked, and there was no way I was going to back out. I waited until she was almost at my door before I grabbed her.”

Kelly moved my hand further up her thigh until my fingers were just where she wanted them. I looked at her in surprise when she pressed my hand against her wet pussy, but she blushed again and closed her legs around me, holding me in place.

“Keep going,” she whispered.

“I threw her on the bed, and locked the door behind me, but she was up by the time I turned around. She screamed at me and asked me what the fuck I wanted with her, but I had her back on the bed a second later with my belt around her wrists. I tied it to the headboard and knelt over her, holding her legs still as I tore her shirt off. She struggled and tried to kick, but I pulled off her jeans, and then finally ripped her panties off with my bare hands.”

Kelly’s breathing grew faster and faster, and she was so wet I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to fuck her or kiss her, but I couldn’t stop. She moaned into my ear, but her entire body tensed up whenever I stopped for even a second.

“I was so fucking hard,” I whispered, my fingers moving in and out of her as she circled her clit with her own. “As soon as I saw her lying there naked on the bed, struggling and spitting, I was as hard as rock.”

“And then you fucked her?” She was right in my ear, her lips against my skin. “Then you just slid your big cock inside her even as she told you no, right? Please tell me that’s what you did. Please?”

I quickly moved her so she was between my legs with her back to me, and I opened her thighs again and brought my hand right back to her pussy. I pushed her hair away from her ear as I reached both arms around her, and opened her as widely as I could.

“I leaned down over her, my clothes still on, but my cock hard in my hand. I told her I was going to fuck her as I rubbed against the lips of her pussy, and she tried to bite me. I kissed her mouth, as I opened her legs wider–just like this–and then I finally did it. She screamed again, but she clenched around me all the same. And then I just fucked her as hard as I could. I slapped her face and slammed into her without stopping.”

“And she never stopped, right?” The small woman between my legs was breathing so quickly I thought she might pass out. My fingers were still inside her and she was drenching my hand and the carpet beneath us. She lifted her ass off the floor, pushing harder against me even as she leaned back and kissed the side of my face. “She didn’t stop, and you kept fucking her. You fucked her so hard, and…”

“And she kept trying to get away,” I said. “She fought until suddenly she was coming so much she couldn’t hide it any more. I didn’t stop as she shook around me, but I kissed her mouth and pulled her to me until I was as deep inside her as I could go.”

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” she moaned, my fingers now a blur as she started to shake in my lap, clenching and bucking her hips as I wrapped my arms around her. “Tell me you came inside her. Tell me you came in her slutty, little cunt.”

“So much,” I said, my lips on her ear and neck. I pulled her to me, my cock hard against her back as she came. “I filled her over and over again, and I’ve never come so hard in my life.”

Kelly finally collapsed in my arms, her legs going slack and her shoulder slumping down against me. I was still throbbing, and it was all I could not to jerk myself off against her ass. It had been months since I wanted anyone that badly, but her breathing slowed down and she moved my hands to her legs as she returned to the world. She ran her fingers up and down my arm, and I continued to kiss her hair and hold her tightly.

Eventually, she turned just enough to look me in the eye. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and it was a long, slow kiss with just enough of her mouth for me to know she tasted divine.

“Thanks for the story,” she whispered. She folded the blanket, flattened her dress, and stood up. She stared at me for a moment longer, then walked out of the room and into the kitchen as I sat there alone, adjusting my hard on on through my tight jeans.

–An excerpt from my full length novel Disgusting Beautiful Immoral. 

From Punishing Alice (Spanking/bdsm erotica)


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“You broke my rules twice just now, Alice.”

It wasn’t a question so I remained silent. He reached one hand up and handed me his glass of scotch. I took it and held it as he watched me. He took my other hand and pulled me towards him, directing my body with his arms. He slowly lay me down across his lap with his glass still in my outstretched arm.

“If you spill anything at all I’ll be rather upset with you, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Richards,” I replied, trying to steady myself.

The first slap came as a complete surprise. In fact, I heard it before I felt it, but the sting it left on my ass spread throughout my entire body. Somehow, I managed not to spill his drink.

“You did want to be punished, didn’t you? You wouldn’t have forgotten the rules otherwise. Isn’t that so, Alice?”

“No, Mr. Richards,” I started to say before his hand came down the second time. Before I could say another word he hit me three more times in exactly the same spot and I cried out. I could feel a fire between my legs as I tried to hold still, and yet as soon as the blows stopped I felt alone. I felt empty and strange, and for a second I wondered if maybe I had upset him enough to stop.

“I mean, yes, Mr. Richards. I needed you to punish me. That’s why I made a mistake.”

His hand was soft and gentle on my skin once more and he touched the tender places where he had struck me. Even the lightest touch sent shivers through my body and brought back the pain of his hand. He moved up and down, and without warning he pushed two fingers inside of me.

“Ohhh,” I screamed out, as he easily entered me. I was wetter than I had ever been before, but I still felt empty inside. I felt like there was a part of me missing and I didn’t know what it was. He pushed his fingers deeply inside of me, and I tried not to squirm on his lap. I tried even harder not to come at his touch.

From Punishing Alice


Where We Could Fuck: Short Erotica

“Can you hold these?” she said, handing me her panties.

Without thinking, I folded them and put them in my inside jacket pocket. They were blue and they were wet. She smiled at me with a grin that I hadn’t seen in a week, and I quickly realized that our plans had changed. There would be no dessert. There would be no after dinner drink. Most importantly, there would be no time to wait until we were home.

Alley, park, taxi, roof. The list shot through my head as I tried to figure out where we could fuck on our way home. What was the closest, safest, and cleanest place I could lift up her skirt and work myself inside her without anyone catching us? Correction, without anyone stopping us.

On the street my hand found her ass through her thin dress while she rubbed me through my linen pants with a purr. Phone booth, doorway, staircase. Suddenly my list of acceptable places was changing faster than I could think. I felt like a drunk who didn’t mind pissing in the street. Hell, I felt like a drunk who didn’t even know there was a street.

I pushed her down four steps, around a corner, and into a somewhat darkened doorway just below street level. She managed to unzip me on the way down and I managed to lift her skirt. I turned her over the cold iron gate and I was inside her so quickly I had to cover her mouth. I pulled her to me with both hands, completely forgetting about the rest of the world, and her cunt was overwhelming. She was tight and warm, but more importantly I could feel her fucking heartbeat through my cock. I could feel her blood pulsing and her muscles tensing. Her lungs expanded, her toes clenched, and for the briefest moment there was no difference between us at all.

It was her cock and my breasts against the black metal. Our lips, our fingers, and our mouths tasted and touched as our one whole body shook with hope. When we came there was no air between us and no names to distinguish us. She groaned with my chords, and I held on with her hands as we exploded in light, cum, and love.

Back on the street the rest of the world didn’t appear to understand anything at all.

Disgusting Beautiful Immoral: The Dirtiest Book in the World

The Dirtiest Book in the World

The Dirtiest Book in the World

Amazon "Barnes%20and%20Noble/a "iB custom

“I have to start by saying this is a really dirty book. But I mean that in all the best ways. It’s visceral, smart, sexy, and strangely honest.” – J.S. (Amazon review)

“I’ve read plenty of smut and lived just as much, if not more but none compares to this book.” – Deacon (Amazon review)

“Christ on a cupcake. I’ve read six chapters online and I’m enthralled.” – L.L. (Amazon review)

“What a gorgeous story, woven with intense and complex relationships with the best smutty sex scenes ever. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something well beyond the standard erotica” – Neets (Amazon review)

Book Description:

Disgusting Beautiful Immoral is no doubt, the dirtiest book in the world. It also happens to be smart, funny, sweet, and kinky as hell. From ageplay to spanking and threesomes to moresomes, the story speeds through New York City on a filthy bender of love, desire, and twisted passion.

Here’s what the narrator Thomas has to say about it:

Nobody has ever loved a woman the way Brent and I loved Kelly.

I met her first, and for a while, I thought that mattered. We hooked up at a party, crawled into bed a few days later, and before I knew it she was calling me Daddy as we did everything filthy thing we could dream up. The time after college was the most messed up fuck-fest of a summer I have ever had, and it didn’t stop there.

But love comes in different packages, and when Brent finally came back to the city everything changed in an instant. Maybe it was the first time I undressed her in front of him while our roommates watched, or maybe it was that early morning when he parted her legs as I lay next to them on the bed. Whatever it was, the three of us were thrown into a love that couldn’t be defined or controlled no matter how hard I tried.

Messy, glorious, and hot as hell, Disgusting Beautiful Immoral is a kinky thrill ride through New York City just as the millennium was ending. We did things to Kelly I didn’t know where possible, and together we forged something entirely new.

(MMF, M/F, FF, D/s, DP,  MMMMM/F, Anal, Spanking, and some more you’ll have to read to find out)

Amazon "Barnes%20and%20Noble/a "iB custom

Read the first few chapters:

Authors Note:

I hear from readers that they often devour this book in a night or two, which always brings me back to writing it. I spent two weeks furiously scribbling this down, letting my imagination and my memory intertwine into one long story which you now see as Disgusting Beautiful Immoral. I wrote in the morning, I wrote at my desk at work, and I stayed up late writing again, and it felt more like a possession than anything else. This book had to come out.

It explores many of my favorite kinks and turn-ons (threesomes, daddy/lg, age play, jealousy, spanking, etc) but the friendships are almost as important if not more so. And the characters journey to communicate, both with each other and even with themselves, is what made it so much fun to write.

I was on a similar journey to Thomas, in that I was struggling with my kinks, my turn-ons, and moving away from “everything being just fine” all the time. Because the truth is things are often not fine, and we all need to learn to how to not just survive but strive when life throws us curveballs.

It’s been gratifying to see this book resonate with so many people, so thank you again for reading, for writing me sweet notes, and for staying up so late with my characters getting lost in this city that I love.

– Guy New York