Serving the Guests

Photo © by The Dirty Gentleman for Quickies in New York

Photo © by The Dirty Gentleman for Quickies in New York

I like to meet her at the door when she gets home from work. Especially when there are guests over she doesn’t know about, and especially when she drops to her knees the second she walks under the transom. It’s a silly little game, making her beg for my cock with six pairs of listening ears a few feet away, but it’s the small things in life that make it all worthwhile.

The other night she didn’t hesitate for a moment, and her words were loud and clear enough for all to hear. Halfway through, I pulled her up, still in the foyer, and had her take her dress off. I like to think she forgot about work instantly, although in truth it might have taken the applause to really bring her to the present. She turned the corner as I moved to the kitchen, and my guests smiled and clapped as she blushed the nicest shade of red.

The rest of the evening was inevitable from that point on, and we slipped into a lazy ease that felt so very much like summer. After passing out drinks, she moved the coffee table out of the way and knelt on the floor as the rest of us talked about our days and our weekends to come. As we sipped our cocktails, I waved her to an old friend with a flick of my fingers, and we all leaned back to watch her lift a dress and open her mouth against wet sin. The talking continued, but of course we let the pauses grow longer to make room for the lovely sighs of joy coming from the girl on the couch.

After one orgams, she moved back to the center of the room, and the mild conversation continued until I asked her to take the man next to me into her mouth. He toasted me with real affection as she pulled him hard and straining from his pants and took him all the way into her throat with one big breath. The breeze through the window did little to cool us down, but in truth there was no reason to be bothered by the heat. What use is summer if you can’t let go?

An hour later one of the newer couples in the room made use of both her ends as we slipped drunkenly into the couch pillows and watched. He fucked her slowly from behind as she pulled an open mouth between her thighs along with curious fingers and a languid tongue. Their drinks rested neatly on her back eliciting laughs with each small spill.

Later in the evening she knelt next to me, her own drink finally making its way to her lips as I pet her hair and whispered kind words into her ear. My guests let their hands slid under slips and inside undone pants without much effort at all, and the evening passed like all evenings should: with a glorious slowing of sweaty limbs and unbroken hearts. The music danced, the gin drifted, and the lips and faces of friends grew content with simple pleasures.

When we finally found ourselves alone it was to a big soft bed and linen sheets that did little to stifle the heat. We kissed and we whispered words of praise and delight. We touched faces and shoulders in the growing darkness, and when the bells chimed four they found us drifting in and out of sleep as we floated gently in a daze of sweetened dreams.

A Horrible Chaperone


Mr. B. was sleeping next to us in the tent for exactly this reason.

We were quiet, but no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and we definitely couldn’t fall asleep. They had forced us to sleep in separate sleeping bags, put a teacher in the tent with us, and waggled fingers at us while reminding us that one of us had a boyfriend who wasn’t on the trip.

But her kiss was warm in the cold and the rest was impossible. We had hiked all day through the snow, our bodies were exhausted and beaten, and we had talked. Maybe that shouldn’t be enough, but we confessed too many things to hold back. She said she was filthy and I told her I had wanted her for too long. There were secrets shared, desires extolled, and then finally just as we crawled into bed, there were promises made.

He snored beside us as we undid the zippers that cacooned us in our separate places. With the bags open, we slipped into each other’s arms, hands finding skin beneath the layers of clothing. When I got a hand between her thighs she was wet already and when she finally released me into her waiting hand, I was hard in spite of the cold.

“I want you so fucking badly,” I said, fingering her as she jerked me off with slow deliberate strokes.

“I want you too,” she moaned, kissing me again. “I don’t care that he’s here. Let him watch, just fuck me already.”

Before I could respond she leaned down and took me into her mouth, her lips opening around my cock, and for a moment I thought I might come right then. But she didn’t stay there long even as the temperature in the tent went up a hundred degrees. His eyes were still closed, but it was hard to tell about the snoring, and suddenly I didn’t care at all. He should have heard us by now, he should have stopped us by now, and if he hadn’t, then it meant only one thing.

“Do it,” she said, pushing her pants, long underwear, and panties down around her knees. She turned her back to me and leaned forward as she faced our silent teacher. “Fuck me. Just fuck me already.”

I bit the back of her neck as I pulled her hips to me, trying to part her legs enough to get closer. I held my cock in one hand as I rubbed against her, both of us no longer in control of anything. She reached back and spread her lips open, and I tried again, this time finding her entrance with ease. I groaned as I pushed forward and then it was done and I could feel her around me and nothing had ever felt better in my whole goddamn life. Her cunt was warm and wet and nothing mattered but fucking her in the cold darkness.

Her moans were quiet but distinct, and when I finally looked up his eyes were open. She leaned forward even more, and I could barely hear her whisper as she reached out with one hand.

“He’s fucking me so hard, Mr. B. He feels so fucking good.”

I watched in shock as he took her hand and brought it to his lips, sucking two fingers between them without saying a word. We didn’t stop, although I slowed down just enough to keep myself from coming. Whatever was happening, we weren’t getting thrown out of the tent let alone school. He moved quietly but deliberately as he unzipped his own sleeping bag, and it was clear what he had been doing: his cock was out and hard in his hand.

“Oh fuck that’s hot,” she said, letting him suck her fingers deeper into her mouth. “Your cock is so beautiful Mr. B.”

Before I knew what was happening he had one hand is her hair as he pushed her down, and I followed as best I could, holding onto her hips for dear life. I slipped out of her, and just as I tried to reconnect, I was stopped short by the vision of her mouth opening around his thick cock. He thrust his hips up, making her take all of it in one gasp, and then he began to fuck her as he groaned.

“Don’t stop,” he growled, and it took me a few moments to realize he was talking to me. I grabbed her ass and pushed back inside her. I swear the tent vanished as we fucked, and I couldn’t stop to even think about what was happening. I fucked her as she sucked his cock, and not once did he let go of her hand, her tiny fingers buried so deep in his mouth I thought he might gag on them.

“I want you to fuck me too Mr. B.,” she said, looking up for just one moment and I knew it was done. “Please, I want this cock too.”

I grabbed her hips even as he pushed her head back down around him. I pushed deeply inside her as I started to come, and he didn’t let her go for an instant. I could hear her choking even as she clenched around me, and he thrust his hips faster as he used her mouth by one hand in her hair. He finally let go of her fingers and bit his lip, closing his eyes as he came too.

I rolled back and looked up at the roof of the tent, wondering what the fuck had just happened, but they weren’t done. His hands were all over her, and someone they both managed to get her clothes off in the darkness.

“Come here,” he demanded, and I rolled back to her side as his hands slid up and down her naked body. “Kiss her again, and touch her. Let me watch you two freaks until I’m hard again.”

“Are you serious?” She asked, opening her legs to my fingers one more time.

“Why do you think I offered to watch you two?” he said, his hand on his cock as he watched me kiss her neck and her chin.

“To keep us from doing anything stupid?” I asked looking up as he crawled between her legs. She looked down, her eyes open wide as he rubbed against her, his cock nearly hard once more.

“Yeah, that was it,” he said. “To keep an eye on you two. To make sure nothing happened.”

“You’re not doing a good job of it,” she said, reaching down and taking him in her hand.

“No,” he said, plunging into her waiting cunt. “I’m really not.”

A Not-So-Secret Fetish: Erotica from QNY


My first girlfriend in college told everyone the secret that I had only told her.

Drunk and in bed one night, I confessed to her that the thought of going down on her after she had been fucked by someone else turned me on. At the time she played along, she even seemed to enjoy the fantasy, but three days later it was suddenly clear that the cat was out of the bag.

Our guy friends called me all sorts of names that don’t bear repeating and our girlfriends simply shook their heads and occasionally muttered the word gross under their breath. I put up with the teasing, climbing into my shell a bit deeper, and promised never to share anything that personal again. It was just a silly fantasy, but that didn’t seem to matter because suddenly I was the weird one with a fetish.

But after a little while, I began to notice that the shaking heads started to come with a raised eyebrow of curiosity, and less than a week after the story spread things began to change. Tina was the first, and I’ll never forget the morning she knocked on my door just ten minutes after my girlfriend left for class. She fidgeted as she stood next to my bed, and she mumbled something about her own boyfriend.

“Sorry, what did you say?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I was lying in bed covered by just a light blanket, underneath which I was naked as a winter morning.

“My boyfriend just went to class too,” she said one more time. “But we had some pretty hot sex first. I mean, it was short but still pretty okay.”

“That, um, sounds good?” I said, trying to get at her meaning.

“He never lasts long when we don’t use a condom,” she said, still dancing back and forth between her feet.

“Oh, right, yes,” I said, nodding slowly. “I guess that makes sense. That definitely happens.”

“So, like, was your girlfriend serious about you? I mean, was she lying? Like, do you really…”

“Oh, you mean about the thing?” I asked, wondering if we were really having that conversation.

“Yeah,” she said, standing closer to the bed as her hands moved down to the buttons on her jeans. “I mean, cause he just left, and so it’s all sort of weird but, I’m just saying that if you want to, it might be nice. He was too quick for me to, you know, for me to… for me to come as well.”

“Oh yeah, I see what you mean,” I said nodding faster. “Yeah, sure, I would totally be up for that.”

And then before our painfully awkward conversation could grow more painful and more awkward, Tina fumbled with her jeans as she pulled them off, and then took off her panties as well before standing in front of me in just a blue sweatshirt and green socks. I reached out and tentatively touched the back of her leg as she climbed up onto the bed, straddling me awkwardly.

“So, maybe I can just move up a bit… Sort of like that… I think this is right? Hold on, let me just move my foot…”

And then she was above me, her thighs around my ears and I stopped talking and thinking as I opened my mouth on her. She made a muffled moan as my tongue entered her, but then she was pushing down harder as she grabbed my hair while I ate her recently fucked pussy right there on my dorm room bed.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” she said, as I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, tasting her and her boyfriend as I practically drowned beneath her. I hadn’t lied, though, and it wasn’t just a flight of fancy, so I ate her as best I could with all the enthusiasm of someone getting exactly what they wanted for the first time in their life.

She stayed there, perched on my face for close to twenty minutes, and she came four times. When she finally climbed off of me it was with a friendly nod, a smile, and a thank you as she hurriedly pulled her clothes back on. We hadn’t kissed, hell I hadn’t even seen her with her shirt off, but maybe it didn’t matter. Tina waved goodbye as she picked up her backpack, and I was left alone in my bed with a giant erection poking through the thin blanket.

Two days later, Maggie grabbed me as I was walking by her room, and she was more direct.

“Tina told me what happened. Marco just left, so if you want to do me too I’m all ready. It was a lot, though. Just to warn you.”

I had her on her back a second later, and while it didn’t last quite as long as with Tina it was louder, more frantic, and definitely a whole lot messier. She held my head in place as she clenched her thighs around me and she kept whispering at me aggressively.

“Eat my filthy fucked pussy,” she said over and over again until it began to sound almost like a mantra.

Susan, Mariko, and Rebecca all followed quickly behind, and for a week I moved up and down the hall of my dorm, stopping in every other room sometimes twice a day. The guys all bragged about how much pussy they were getting, and if anyone had told my girlfriend she was being uncharacteristically silent.

It wasn’t until late one Friday evening as I was coming back to my room that the shit hit the fan. Four guys caught me by the back entrance to the dorm where they pile the garbage near the loading dock. I didn’t realize what was happening until the first one pushed me so hard that I fell, and then the yelling and the accusations began.

“We know what you’re doing with our girls, you little faggot. And we don’t fucking like it, you perv.”

“Well maybe if you made them come once in awhile, they wouldn’t have to come to me,” I said, my voice thankfully not cracking in the middle.

I didn’t stand a chance as they kicked me and pushed me back down every time I tried to get up. Luckily for me, they were pretty scared of getting caught by someone walking by, so I was left with just one broken rib, a hell of a black eye, a swollen lip, and some minor scratches and bruises everywhere else.

I let the nurse at the school medical office put a few bandaids on me along with some bacitracin and an ice pack for my eye, but I wouldn’t tell her what had happened. There was no point, and besides, I didn’t need the whole story getting out again.

I stayed in my room for three days, cutting classes, ignoring my phone, and not letting anyone in, including my girlfriend. I hurt all over, but more importantly, my days as the hall pussy eating gigolo had been cut short when I had just been starting to really get into it. The girls were nice, I made them come, and they never made fun of me at all. But it was a dream, and even then I knew that dreams didn’t last.

On the third day, Tina came to the door and convinced me to let her in. She brought along Maggie and Susan as well, and they crowded around me as they looked at all my bruises with sad eyes full of guilt.

“It’s not your fault,” I said, trying to smile in a way that didn’t hurt.

“You didn’t deserve it anyway,” Susan said, leaning in and kissing my swollen eye. “We want to make it up to you.”

I watched, somewhat in awe, as the three girls undressed, this time losing their tops as well until all of them were on my bed in nothing but their hair ties and glasses. They pulled the sheets back, and for the first time in as long as I could remember I let someone take care of me. They kissed me up and down, being careful with the damaged bits and friendly with the naughty ones. Each girl took a turn sucking my dick as I watched in awe and adoration. After nearly two weeks of me doing just one thing, it was a new sensation.

Maggie was the first to climb onto me and let me fuck her, and the other two girls kissed me gently as she rode my cock nice and slowly. They whispered how sweet I was into my ear as their friend rolled her hips, and there were tears in my eyes by the time she started to come. Susan went next and then Tina, both of them taking me inside them with a smile and a laugh.

“Let’s give my boyfriend another surprise,” she said, as I started to tense and warn her about my upcoming release. “Keep fucking me and don’t stop until you’re done. This is all for you.”

I came harder than I had in a long time, and the girls collapsed onto me with kisses and laughter, telling me how sweet I had been and what a nice guy I was. I wasn’t sure how that all fit in with the big picture, but it sure felt good at the time.

After that, we mostly stuck to ourselves, and I went back to my normal life of school, friends, and only the occasional morning visit from one of my hall mates. They never told my girlfriend, and so we continued on for another month or two before she left me for a guy named Ricky who was a junior and a philosophy major. He had a goatee, but she said it looked good on him.

I didn’t mind being alone, especially going into that first Christmas break, but it was still an emotional visit home all the same. I found that I missed Tina’s laugh and her constant struggle to get out of her jeans without falling over. I missed Maggie’s expensive sheets and her grunts and moans as she held me more tightly than any of the others. And I missed Susan’s freckles and her pussy. But I sat through dinners and presents, and if I lay awake each night thinking about them, then that was okay too.

In fact, maybe it was even better than okay. Maybe missing them for a thousand different reasons was the nicest, sweetest, most tender thing I would ever do. At least until the next semester started.

Erotica from Disgusting Beautiful Immoral


When I got up to piss a few hours later, I saw the redhead making out with a guy in the kitchen. I sat back down just as Spider and Rachel got up to go smoke on the fire escape, and it was just me and Kelly the face-sitter left.

I leaned back against the bed and she moved over next to me and stole a sip of my drink. The bartender was still making gin and tonics and they were absolutely delicious. It took me a few moments to realize she was staring at me, and I wondered what she was thinking. Her face didn’t tell me much, but I couldn’t look away. Finally, she leaned in and whispered:

“Did you really tie that girl up?”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“And she struggled and kicked as you tore off her clothes?”

“Basically,” I said.

“And then you fucked her? You held her down, her hands tied above her head, and you fucked her. Did she stop fighting then?”

“Sometimes. I guess it depended on her mood,” I said. “I think it turned her on most to never stop fighting. She would swear at me and scratch as we fucked, and if I moved to untie her she would try to escape.”

She stared at me, but the look in her eyes was much clearer. Her short dress had ridden up as she tucked her knees under her arms, and I had to resist trying to confirm her status as a Vassar girl. She was shorter than Rachel by at least a foot, and her feet were smaller than I thought possible. I pictured her kneeling over my face as I opened my mouth between her legs, and in spite of all the drinking I had done, I found myself getting hard in my jeans.

“That is so fucking hot,” she said. Kelly was so close to me by then that we were touching, but neither of us moved a hand. She leaned her head down onto my shoulder for a brief moment before turning around and pulling a small blanket off the bed behind us. She covered both our legs, and I stared at her, unsure of what she was doing. Even when her hands vanished beneath the blanket I was still unsure of what was happening.

“Tell me more,” she whispered, her breathing faster and her voice deeper. “Tell me about fucking her all tied up. Tell me what you did to her.”

My hand brushed her bare leg, but rather than move it away she pressed against me. Her other foot was pulled up beneath her, but this one was almost on my lap, which meant that just beneath the blanket she was practically naked. She placed my hand on the inside of her thigh, still looking into my eyes, and I finally started talking.

“One time she told me to grab her in the hallway. She said she didn’t even want to know it was me when I pulled her into my room. I was scared someone would see us, but it didn’t matter at that point. I always did whatever she asked, and there was no way I was going to back out. I waited until she was almost at my door before I grabbed her.”

Kelly moved my hand further up her thigh until my fingers were just where she wanted them. I looked at her in surprise when she pressed my hand against her wet pussy, but she blushed again and closed her legs around me, holding me in place.

“Keep going,” she whispered.

“I threw her on the bed, and locked the door behind me, but she was up by the time I turned around. She screamed at me and asked me what the fuck I wanted with her, but I had her back on the bed a second later with my belt around her wrists. I tied it to the headboard and knelt over her, holding her legs still as I tore her shirt off. She struggled and tried to kick, but I pulled off her jeans, and then finally ripped her panties off with my bare hands.”

Kelly’s breathing grew faster and faster, and she was so wet I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to fuck her or kiss her, but I couldn’t stop. She moaned into my ear, but her entire body tensed up whenever I stopped for even a second.

“I was so fucking hard,” I whispered, my fingers moving in and out of her as she circled her clit with her own. “As soon as I saw her lying there naked on the bed, struggling and spitting, I was as hard as rock.”

“And then you fucked her?” She was right in my ear, her lips against my skin. “Then you just slid your big cock inside her even as she told you no, right? Please tell me that’s what you did. Please?”

I quickly moved her so she was between my legs with her back to me, and I opened her thighs again and brought my hand right back to her pussy. I pushed her hair away from her ear as I reached both arms around her, and opened her as widely as I could.

“I leaned down over her, my clothes still on, but my cock hard in my hand. I told her I was going to fuck her as I rubbed against the lips of her pussy, and she tried to bite me. I kissed her mouth, as I opened her legs wider–just like this–and then I finally did it. She screamed again, but she clenched around me all the same. And then I just fucked her as hard as I could. I slapped her face and slammed into her without stopping.”

“And she never stopped, right?” The small woman between my legs was breathing so quickly I thought she might pass out. My fingers were still inside her and she was drenching my hand and the carpet beneath us. She lifted her ass off the floor, pushing harder against me even as she leaned back and kissed the side of my face. “She didn’t stop, and you kept fucking her. You fucked her so hard, and…”

“And she kept trying to get away,” I said. “She fought until suddenly she was coming so much she couldn’t hide it any more. I didn’t stop as she shook around me, but I kissed her mouth and pulled her to me until I was as deep inside her as I could go.”

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” she moaned, my fingers now a blur as she started to shake in my lap, clenching and bucking her hips as I wrapped my arms around her. “Tell me you came inside her. Tell me you came in her slutty, little cunt.”

“So much,” I said, my lips on her ear and neck. I pulled her to me, my cock hard against her back as she came. “I filled her over and over again, and I’ve never come so hard in my life.”

Kelly finally collapsed in my arms, her legs going slack and her shoulder slumping down against me. I was still throbbing, and it was all I could not to jerk myself off against her ass. It had been months since I wanted anyone that badly, but her breathing slowed down and she moved my hands to her legs as she returned to the world. She ran her fingers up and down my arm, and I continued to kiss her hair and hold her tightly.

Eventually, she turned just enough to look me in the eye. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and it was a long, slow kiss with just enough of her mouth for me to know she tasted divine.

“Thanks for the story,” she whispered. She folded the blanket, flattened her dress, and stood up. She stared at me for a moment longer, then walked out of the room and into the kitchen as I sat there alone, adjusting my hard on on through my tight jeans.

–An excerpt from my full length novel Disgusting Beautiful Immoral. 

Christmas Sex on the Balcony


Photo by Guy New York

“Do you mind if he listens?”

The small balcony looked fifteen floors down to 5th Avenue, and the whole town was bursting with red and gold. New York City was celebrating as best it could, and behind us, in the apartment, our friends and colleagues were getting drunk enough to only think of the good parts. When she turned back to the railing, I wrapped my arms around her in an embrace that was less than chaste.

“Is that what you want?” I asked, my lips against her neck. She nodded as she placed her phone down on the stone ledge in front of us. The dim light didn’t offer much illumination, but it was enough for me to know that we already had an audience.

“Tell me what else you want?” I asked, louder than I might have otherwise. I had shut the door behind us, but the chance of being interrupted was still high. Especially by curious colleagues who didn’t quite understand the whole “open marriage” thing. She mumbled quietly, but of course, that wasn’t enough. I lifted her dress and pushed her down, her mouth just inches from her phone.

“Say it again,” I demanded. “Louder.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she finally said, and I could only imagine the blush that spread across her cheeks as she finally said the words out loud.

“Right here? You want me to fuck you on the balcony while your entire office is drinking behind us?”

“Yes,” she moaned again, pushing back against me.

“Take off your panties,” I said. She didn’t pause for a moment, and seconds later she was standing again, her now bare ass beneath my hands.

“That’s better, slut,” I said, eliciting another moan from her lips. “Do you like being called names? Does it make it hotter?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “Call me anything you want. I feel so fucking filthy right now, but all I want is your cock inside me. Please, I haven’t fucked anyone but him in so long.”

“How long?” I asked, quietly tearing open the condom wrapper.

“It’s been almost a year,” she said, nearly too quietly.

“And how long have you wanted me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Too long,” she moaned, her mouth inches from the phone as I pressed myself against her ass. “Since I met you. I’ve wanted to fuck you for two years. Since before…”

“Before what?” I said, teasing her with the head of my cock.

“Don’t make me say it,” she said as I opened her with two fingers. She was beautifully wet, and I wasn’t sure how long I could keep playing their game because the truth was I had wanted her as well. Since the second I met her I wanted to do impossibly horrible things to her and waiting another minute for her to admit her desires to her husband was almost too much.

“Tell me,” I growled, positioning myself in exactly the right spot. “If you want me to fuck you, tell me the truth.”

“Since before,” she sighed again. “Before we were open. I used to make myself come thinking about you. Even when I was fucking him sometimes. I thought about you so often, please don’t make me wait any longer. I can feel you against me, but it’s not enough. I need more.”

“Beg,” I said.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, pushing back on me as I slid halfway inside her before holding her hips still. “Please fuck me. I’ll do anything for you, christ it feels so good. Give me more. Let me feel all of you inside me.”

“Is that better?” I asked, pushing her forward as I thrust all the way into her.

“Yes,” she moaned over and over again as I began to move. “It’s perfect, god you feel just like imagined. Better even. Please don’t stop. Tell me you won’t stop. Tell me you’ll fuck me tomorrow too and then the next day.”

“I’ll fuck you whenever you like,” I said, beginning to lose track of everything as we fucked faster and harder, the cold air blowing against my face and stinging my eyes.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come. You feel so damn good inside me. I love your cock. I love you and I’ll do anything.”

“Come for me, you little whore,” I moaned, thrusting into her as hard as I could, even as she clenched around me. Her sighs turned into something deeper as she pressed her lips to the phone, whispering something just to him that I couldn’t understand. And then she was shaking as she cried quietly in the night, and I was so close that I couldn’t find words.

I pulled her to me once more, feeling myself come in spite of the cold, and I held her there as I gripped the base of my cock, holding the condom on tightly before slowly withdrawing. She gasped ever so slightly as I fixed myself along with her dress. When I looked down, I realized the phone had gone dark, and it was just us on the balcony, the noise from the party finally returning behind us.

“You are amazing,” I said, pulling her in for a kiss. She kissed me back before taking my hand in hers as we turned and looked out over the city. I wondered for a moment how many parties just like this one were happening all over town. And of course, then my mind drifted to how many couples had just done what we had done with or without the permission of a third party.

“Let’s go back in and get drunk,” she said. “Because if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate I don’t know what is.”

“After you,” I said, turning for one last glimpse of the city. Downstairs her husband would be waiting eagerly, and I knew the second we were back inside I would lose her. It was a simple loss and one that I always expected, but a loss just the same. I smiled at the flickering lights below, turned around with a deep breath, and then opened the door to face the music.


A Perfect Vision

Photo by The Dirty Gentleman

Photo by The Dirty Gentleman

She was sitting across from me on a chair that looked like someone’s grandmother had lost their virginity on it. Her smile was playful, and I imagined a straw hanging from her lips, one end chewed to a pulp as she toyed with it and me at the same time. As her legs parted ever so slightly, I sat up directly and slid one hand down to my right thigh, my palm just barely brushing against the head of my cock beneath the tight fabric.

Less than six feet away she might as well have been a mile, but it didn’t matter. I watched her dress ride up slowly, pulled by a firm but lazy hand. I felt myself slip down as I watched, and she nodded as I released the button to my pants. By the time I could see the black fabric between her legs, my zipper was down, my fingers were wrapped around my cock, and I could feel the blood pumping beneath my fingers.

When her skirt was finally about her waist, she stopped her teasing and simply leaned back in the chair, her thighs wide and her arms relaxed in her lap. I stared at the fabric that covered her even as I pulled myself from my jeans, letting her watch as I grew harder by the second. Her smile was the only indication of her appreciation, but it was enough for me to keep going. I closed my hand tighter, feeling the resistance now as I began to move in the only direction imaginable.

My breathing was the only real noise in the room, other than the soft sound of skin against skin as my hand moved faster. I paused on occasion to gently rub myself, reveling in my own desire even as I struggled to temper it for just a moment. When her hand finally slipped lazily down between her things I was back to full speed through, and that time she laughed just loudly enough for me to moan.

She knew I was close by the tightness around my eyes, the muscles straining in my forearm, and the way my feet stretched out like an awkward and giant ballerina. She smiled as I gasped, and when her fingers touched the edge of the black lace, I nearly lost myself. It felt like years that she toyed with it, never once letting me glimpse what was beneath, but always leaving my hope in tact all the same.

My own body was getting close to the point of no return, even as I struggled to wait for the things I desired most. The rest of the room was a blur as my vision honed in on her and nothing else, and for all our distance I might as well have been inches from her. I could feel my near release gently wet my fingers, but I knew I didn’t have much control left at all. Staring at her hands, her thighs, and the tight fabric beneath which I imagined I could see the shape of her pressing into the lace, I could only revel in awe as I struggled to find words for so much glory.

And then, just when I wasn’t sure I could hold on much longer, she leaned her head back and moved her fingers for no more than a second. I remember it lasting far longer, and I swear I can still see the tiny muscles of her hand move as she gently, laughingly, nearly absentmindedly, moved the fabric to one side giving me a glimpse of what lay beneath.

My moans were no longer quiet as my body tightened, my fist paused, and my cock tensed as it slid past the point of no return. With my eyes still wide and still glued to her, I was moving again, pulling my skin back, tightening around myself, and then finally releasing everything as I came and came without an ounce of shame or regret. Her smile was big and her eyes bright as I trembled on the couch in front of her, but when I looked down once more her skirt covered everything even as I lay back as exposed and undone as a creature in a cage that was far too small.

She laughed again, this time all warmth and joy as she watched my soften all over again. My chest rose and fell, my hands slipped to my side, and I resisted every urge I had to hide myself. I watched her stand before straightening her skirt and then approaching the couch. She brushed one strand of hair behind my left ear as she leaned in and said nothing at all. But she kissed me on the forehead with affection that bordered on love before pressing one finger against my lips.

I smiled as well, still unmoved and still undone, as she turned and walked towards the door. A moment later I was alone in the warm room with nothing but a memory which I knew I would recall again and again. I heard her footsteps for a moment, and then the sound of another door closing.

I finally let myself sigh as I closed my eyes. My hand moved from my knee back up along my thigh as the room grew darker. And then I saw her once more, her head arched back as she teased me with a glimpse of beauty.

I felt the blood beginning its journey once more as my hand squeezed gently into a lovely embrace, the memory a perfect vision that would forever be mine.

A Hundred Ways to Share: an erotic short story

a threesome with two white men and a white woman

Photo by The Dirty Gentleman for Quickies New York

I like watching her fuck. I don’t think it’s all that complicated, but I do occasionally realize that the world doesn’t look at everything the same way I do. But in this case, I suspect more people lie about it than anything else. I mean come on, it’s hot as hell to watch people get it on, and if one of those people happens to be my girlfriend, it’s even hotter. She gets what she wants, I get what I want, so what’s the big deal?

There are a hundred ways to do this, but we’ve found the one that works for us. Some people need the thrill of cheating, some want to be tied up and forced to watch, and some want to get drunk at a swinger party and just see what happens. Some guys like the humiliation of watching a dude with a big cock bang their wife while they watch from the corner and some guys prefer to hold their girl down and direct all the action.

Which is where we come in. We have a pretty typical relationship, at least for the times, which involves me generally telling her what to do. At least in the bedroom. Look, we’ve unpacked all our patriarchal training, we’ve passed our good feminist exam with flying colors, and we’re damn good at communicating. And we know what we like, which in this case is me telling my girl to fuck other people. Most often while I’m there doing other horrible things to her. Honestly, I think it’s pretty damn romantic, even if I understand not everyone feels the same which. Which is fine by me. You do your shit, and I’ll do mine.

The first time wasn’t perfect, but it never is, so don’t judge me by that one time. We had only been dating for a few months, and we were in that in between stage where we hadn’t really talked about being committed but also weren’t talking about other people. At least not to each other. We hung out three of four nights a week, sometimes more, and we went out for breakfast on the weekends after late night parties with mutual friends. It was a good relationship, even if it was new, and we laughed our asses off, fucked like animals, and drank through our hangovers when necessary. Like I said, we were good.

Normally I would have found a better way to bring up my turn-ons, but I had already grown so used to just saying what was on my mind, that I didn’t really bother to do the grunt work. We were hanging out one night at my place, just drinking a bottle of wine and watching Netflix when I mentioned that my buddy Marcus thought she was super hot. She raised an eyebrow at me, but she didn’t say anything, which I thought was probably a good sign. So I kept on going.

“Do you think he’s cute too?” I asked, totally casually.

“He’s alright, why?”

See, she was super blunt about it, so there was no use beating around the bush. There was no use hemming and hawing as if I hadn’t basically already asked the damn question.

“He wants to chill some time,” I said, with a shrug. “And I thought if you were into it, you guys might want to fuck.”

“I didn’t know you were into that,” she said, more quietly than I expected. I was nervous for a moment, but I wasn’t terrified. If she said no then we’d move on, although to be honest, I have never had a girl say no to that. I don’t mean specifically Marcus, I just mean the offer in general.

“It could be fun,” I said, trying to keep it nonchalant. “But it’s not a big deal. Just thought I’d offer since he can’t stop talking about you, and I’ve seen you flirt with him.”

“Are you jealous?” she asked without even a hint of accusation in her voice. Sarah was an odd duck, I already knew that, but she never reacted exactly the way I expected.

“Maybe a little?” I said, going with complete honesty. “But that’s not really what it’s about. You two flirt, he thinks you’re hot, so I thought I’d offer. Besides, I think it would fun to watch.”

“Okay,” she said, and that was it. There was no more conversation, no more negotiation, and no more communication. And you know what? I was fine with that. I didn’t need a huge conversation about it, and I didn’t need it to turn into some big ordeal. It was a simple question and she had answered it. Sure, she had told me. She’d bang my friend if I wanted her to. Why the hell not?

Two days later I invited him over, and the rest is history. It wasn’t the least awkward threesome I’ve ever had, but it worked out alright in the long run. We all took our time that night, and I realized within the first hour that if shit was actually going to happen, then I was going to be the one to do it. So, after we had all had a few drinks, I stood up, smiled at them both and invited them to join me in the bedroom. Sarah shrugged, Marcus smiled, and the three of us left our glasses on the coffee table as we made for the sanctity of my king size bed.

“Why don’t you sit,” I said to him, resting my hands on Sarah’s shoulders. He sat down like he was told, and she didn’t say a damn word as I held her firmly. She was used to me being in control when it came to sex so why should this be any different?

“You’ve been staring at my girlfriend for the last two months, so I figured I’d show you more,” I said, pulling her shirt off over her head before either of them could respond. He sighed as her bare breasts came into view, and I’m pretty sure I felt her shiver for a moment. As for me, I was hard as a rock and there was no hiding it. I undid her jeans slowly as he looked her up and down, and I could instantly feel the tension in the room grow to the perfect level.

“What do you think?” I asked when she was standing in front of him in just her panties.

“She’s so fucking hot,” he mumbled, unable to look away.

“Do you want to see more?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, as he stood up almost like he couldn’t help himself. He was only inches in front of her, and there was no going back. I slid the cotton down over her ass until she was wearing nothing at all, and Marcus instantly reached one hand out to touch her hip. I pushed them ever so slightly closer together, and I could hear her breathing get quicker with each second.

“Tell me, Sara,” I whispered, as his hand moved up to her breasts. She arched her back and her nipples hardened in a second. “Do you want to fuck my friend?”

She nodded, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to hear it, and I knew he did too.

“Tell him then,” I said, my hand sliding down her back, over her ass, and then between her legs. She was soaking wet already, and I knew it was done. There was no going back now.

“I want to fuck you,” she said so quietly he almost couldn’t hear her. But instead of throwing her down, he looked up shyly and smiled at us both.

“I want you too,” he said, before leaning in and kissing her. I watched as I fingered her, and it was sweet and tender. Not exactly what I was looking for, but what can you do? Some people are just sweet and there’s no use trying to avoid it.

“Why don’t you suck his dick for me,” I said, pushing her down and breaking their kiss in an instant. And then it’s all a bit of a blur, to be honest. Maybe it’s because it was the first time and my adrenaline was pumping so hard there was nothing left to do about it, and maybe it was the wine going to my head. But she knelt on the floor and took him into her mouth before doing the same to me. We eventually climbed onto the bed, and we took turns going down on her, kissing her up and down, and fingering that perfect pussy as we bit her neck and squeezed her nipples until she moaned.

Marcus eventually got a condom on and climbed between her legs, and I reached down and rubbed her clit as he slid inside her. She actually looked up at me, her eyes wide with surprise and joy, and I smiled back down at her as he moved faster right next to my fingers. They fucked for only a few minutes before he came, but she was right behind him nonetheless. Maybe it was my mouth just inches from her ear asking her if she liked getting fucked and maybe it was my fingers on her clit, rubbing her just the right way while Marcus pounded into her. Whatever it was, she came just before he pulled out, and the room was a sweaty and glorious mess.

I didn’t fuck her until after he left, but even then it was almost like he was still there. She wrapped her legs around me and bit my neck as we took our time, and this time it was Sarah whispering the horrible things.

“Did you like watching me fuck him?” she asked as I pinned her arms above her head.

“You know I did,” I said, thrusting into her faster and faster.

“You like me being a little slut?” she asked, the teasing in her voice nearly overshadowed by her own want.

“You are the perfect little whore,” I said, my hand moving to her throat just as she liked it. “You’re my perfect little whore, and I’m going to use you and fuck you until you can’t remember your own name. I’m going to fuck you and then let my friends fuck you, and you’re going to come so many times you lose track of everything. You’re mine, do you understand?”

She screamed yes and I came inside her, and together we let out everything all at once in a glorious release that didn’t need any explanation at all. In fact, we curled up next to each other, and once again we didn’t really talk about it. After all, what was there to say? We had a lovely threesome, everybody got to come, it was generally safe, and we had a good time. In fact, the only thing she said before rolling over and falling asleep was a few words of gratitude.

“Thank you,” she whispered as I kissed the back of her neck and wrapped my arms around her.

“I love you,” I said, pulling her closer. She nodded and smiled in the dark.

“I know,” she said, gripping my hand.

And then we slept.

Grown-up Sex (Erotica from QNY)

“What the fuck is grown-up sex?”

“I don’t know,” I mumbled, trying to wrap my mind around the words I was hunting for. “I just mean we should fuck like adults. Without the… You know… Without the stuff…”

“We should fuck without the stuff?” she asked skeptically.

The night was not going as I had planned, but maybe that was part of it. Grown-up sex meant we talked even when it wasn’t easy and it meant we didn’t get exactly what we wanted. We were adults and we understood sacrifice and delayed gratification. We knew that every relationship was a complicated dance of compromise, emotional navigation, and empathy; sex was no exception. Consent meant we talked through everything no matter what that felt like. It meant we worked out the logistics and settled into the necessity of agreement. We were adults, and we could fuck like adults.

“You know what I mean,” I finally said.

“You mean grown-up sex is negotiated?” she whispered, moving until she knelt over me. She reached down between my legs and took me gently in her hand. I nodded in affirmation.

“Grown-up sex is something we talk about and don’t jump into without consent?” she asked, squeezing harder as I wiggled beneath her. Somehow the blankets were gone and her thumb was doing something to the head of my cock that made me lose focus.

“Yeah,” I muttered. “All of that.”

“It’s dignified,” she whispered, as I arched my back in frustration each time she let go. “It’s safe and it’s beautiful. Grown-up sex is neat and tidy and it doesn’t leave room for mistakes.”

“I mean, I don’t know about all that…” I said as she moved up until she was just inches away from my mouth.

“It’s clean and it’s sober and it’s all about taking care of each other,” she whispered, lowering herself down until all I could do was open my mouth. With fingers in my hair, she pulled me to her, my lips and tongue opening her as she pulled harder and didn’t let go.

“It’s kind and it’s polite, isn’t that right you filthy little slut?”

My hand was on my cock and the other on her ass as every word I had struggled to grasp left me in an instant. My body was so hard it nearly hurt, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to fuck her where my mouth was. All I wanted was to fill her, fuck her, and finish inside her, and there wasn’t a damn thing else that mattered.

I rolled her to her back with a squeal, and she bit my lip in reply to my kiss. In less than a second I was in her and her legs were wrapped around my back as we fucked on the bed without any words at all. One hand pinned her arms above her head as the other moved to her throat, and her eyes opened wide in amazement and surprise. Her hips arched up against mine as I thrust harder and faster, and for a brief moment the only thing I wanted, the only thing that mattered at all, the only thing in the entire world that I needed, was to come until I couldn’t see, and nothing was going to hold me back.

“Fuck me!” she screamed as her nails raked my back and my fingers clenched tighter. She choked and she coughed, her face turning red in an instant, and then we were both shaking as we came, and the waves rolled through us again and again. I kissed her lips, my breath lost with every thing else, and she held me tightly, her spasms still holding me inside of her.

“Was that what you meant?” she finally asked, letting me roll to one side. All I could do was shake my head.

“Not at all,” I said, kissing her nose as I brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “It was so much better…”


“Do you want to watch us fuck?”

I nodded my head, but the truth is I wasn’t sure. I like watching sometimes, and I like being there, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to really enjoy it.

“I want to try something different,” she said, taking him by the hand and leading us both to the bedroom. “I’ve never had anyone watch like this.”

My curiosity was definitely piqued, and I sat on the foot of the bed while they undressed each other. Their kissing grew more ferocious as he pulled off her top, and she was biting his neck by the time his cock was hard and in her hand. She knelt for just a few minutes, and while it was perfectly nice to see, it wasn’t anything especially new.

“Get on you back,” she said, pushing him on the bed a few seconds later. He lay down and she straddled him, facing me. She waved me closer with one finger as she sat down, and I leaned in closely as she rubbed the head of his cock against her lips. I had forgotten they were fluid bonded, and as I lay down on my stomach I suddenly realized this was indeed not normally how I watch.

They were inches from me, and I stared with wide eye as she pushed down around him. She leaned back, and the mechanics of their fucking took up my whole frame of vision. They both moaned when he was all the way inside her, and I could see everything. The ridge that ran up the outside of his cock was glistening, and the lips of her cunt opened and closed around him as they moved. On occasion she’d sit up just enough for him to pop out and then slowly she’d lower herself back down around him.

Within minutes my nostrils were filled with their sex, and my hands were on her thighs. She looked down as well, and I couldn’t tell if she was still amazed by her own body or if it was my burning eyes on them that did the trick.

“Do you want to taste me?” she asked, her voice thick and slow.

“Yes,” I said, leaning in even closer.

With one hand she pulled him from her and without pause she rubbing him against my lips. I didn’t wait for a bigger invitation before opening my mouth around him and tasting both of them. I gripped the base of his cock as she fucked him once again, and we began an irregular pattern of me taking him into my mouth or sucking her clit while they fucked. Their moans grew louder and faster, but it was almost as if they weren’t there. All that mattered to me was one soaking wet cunt and one ridiculously hard cock.

When she came the whole building heard. She grabbed my hair, pushed down around him, and clenched her thighs and cunt. She swore and she cried, and at the very last minute she pulled my mouth to her clit. I could feel her trembling, him twitching, and suddenly his balls were tightening, and I swear I could watch the come move up the length of his cock until his cries were mixed in with hers.

Each time I touched them at all their skin twitched and their muscles tightened. And when she sat up once more I leaned in and tasted both of their come. First, I licked up the length of his cock as he clenched the sheets in his hands and cried out. Then I opened her swollen cunt with my tongue and taste them there. I licked and sucked, pausing only to stare at their bodies, amazed at how delightfully messy they were.

They were red, purple, and vermillion. Their flesh was engorged with blood, wet with their own fluids, and trembling with the spasms of their coming. All of my senses were filled, and each one said “more” to my nearly useless brain.

“Well, that was different,” he said, as she rolled off him. They kissed for a long while before looking back at me with sheepish grins.

“Thanks for letting me watch,” I said.

“If that’s how you watch, we might have to do it again.”


Watching Anyone Get Fucked

Photo ©2013 by the Dirty Gentleman

Photo ©2013 by the Dirty Gentleman

“Why aren’t we naked yet?”

We had made our way back to Michelle’s apartment after two hours of tequila, and this was the best idea we had all night. I looked at them, they looked at me, and we giggled as we pulled off our shirts. Steph was naked before I had even started on my pants, and by the time I looked up again they were rolling around on the bed in a tangle of limbs and kisses.

They rolled over towards me as I dropped my briefs to the floor, and I was suddenly aware that my cock was not standing at attention. One of them reached out a hand as the other looked up at my eyes, and I could feel the change come over my body. It ran up my leg, across my thigh, through my gut, and into my chest.

“I love watching men grow hard. It’s like a silent applause.”

They leaned in until I could feel a breath against me, and when I pictured them sucking, I twitched. They giggled and smiled and licked their lips as I twitched again, and all three of us watched in amazement as blood flowed into my cock making it rise to meet their patient mouths. I reached both hands down and ran fingers through their hair as they kissed me, and seconds later I was between them on the bed with legs wrapped around my body.

There was no planning at all as Michelle straddled me, and I didn’t think as I opened my mouth on her smooth cunt. I tried to ignore the lips around my cock and focus on what I was doing, but within seconds I had no attention to give. I was on autopilot as she pushed her hips down around me, and I wanted to drown. Her voice positioned me as much as her thighs, and when she screamed the loudest I kept on going.

“I want to watch you fuck her,” Steph whispered suddenly from the foot of the bed. We all paused in our tracks. Michelle rolled off of me and kissed my mouth as I felt hands and latex on my cock. Two seconds later I was covered and ready, and both of my friends were watching with wide eyes.

“Fuck her for me,” she said as she positioned herself next to us. I climbed between legs and rubbed up against her before looking at the girl next to us. “Do it,” she said again as two fingers slipped into her own cunt.

Michelle opened around me and moaned into my ear as I pushed inside her, but my eyes never left the girl next to us. She was watching and writhing, and despite the fact that I was fucking one beautiful woman, I instantly wanted to be fucking another. I felt nails on my back and I kept on moving as I watched, but my mind was no longer my own. I was picturing Steph’s body beneath me, and her hands on my throat. I imagined her cunt taking me in, and her breasts pressing against my chest.

I started to come the second I heard her and it felt like we never stopped. She clenched her thighs around fingers and screamed out as I shook and trembled. Michelle encouraged us both. She clenched around me as she told us to come, and by the time I collapsed on top of her I was exhausted.

“He was totally eye fucking you,” she whispered to her friend as I kissed her neck and hair.

“And he was totally fucking you,” she said back. “I’ve wanted to see that forever. It’s my favorite thing.”

“Watching her get fucked?” I asked.

“Watching anyone get fucked.” She leaned over and kissed my lips. I sighed into her mouth. “But especially watching people I love.”