My newest novella is out and it’s a dirty ride. I think I said before that it started as an homage to Emmanuelle and it still has some of that feel. It takes place in New York in the 1960’s, and it’s decadent, lush, and redefines the meaning of tension.

Susanna returns to the city after spending much of the summer in the country. After a quick encounter on the train home, however, Susanna finds herself unsatisfied yet completely intrigued. As she settles in once more to home life, she helps her husband seduce a new friend and quickly takes the young woman under her wing. But even amidst all her games and liaisons, she is still searching for her “man in the gray suit.”

But what will happen if she finds him?

The book includes group sex, seduction, edging, true love, bisexual men and women, an eighteen-year-old ingenue, unprotected sex, and probably a bunch of other dirty things I can’t list. What I mean to say is, it’s a very fun and very dirty book with some smart insights thrown in for good measure.

Here’s a snippet from the book that’s especially fun:

“Come here my dear,” she said in her most demanding tone. The girl sighed and finally got up. She had quickly become used to doing as Susanna asked, although it was still sometimes a struggle that played out between them, much to the delight of her husband and Jack. She took her shoulders in her hands and stood the girl directly in front of the startled man who could do nothing but look at her with a clear expression of both terror and lust on his face.

“My young friend here is quickly learning the pleasures of love and also the love of pleasure, isn’t that right, Kitten? Now if you’d like to help me with her education, I’m sure we might find a way to thank you for carrying this letter down in such nasty hot weather.”

“That’s not necessary,” he said, as Teresa squirmed in her hands, not actually protesting, but clearly beginning to pout.

“But of course it is,” she said, pushing the girl even closer to him. “And besides, think of it as doing me a favor. I’ve become worried that our little friend here is closing herself off to new experiences, and hoarding her charms in the grip of just one man, which as we all know isn’t healthy for anyone. Now hold still.”

And with that, she removed the last vestige of the girl’s modesty, leaving her perfectly naked in front of the messenger, who was clearly and visibly impressed. Without another word, Susanna pushed the girl to her knees, before gently combing her hair with her fingers.

“Now there’s a good girl,” she said, even as her friend whined just a bit. “You know what to do.”

Teresa, to her credit, reached up her hands and opened the man’s trousers, to find him already quite hard and ready. She played with him in her hands for just a moment, pulling the skin back and forth, exposing his thick head, before she opened her pink lips around him and took him into her mouth. She had practiced considerably with Jack, but taking the entire thing into her throat was still something of a challenge. But Susanna was impressed with the girl’s effort all the same, and the messenger was immensely pleased by what was happening.

After three or four minutes of watching the girl take him into her mouth, it became clear that Teresa was doing everything she could to bring about his release. She must have assumed that if she finished him there, she might be spared other indiscretions and therefore remain somewhat faithful to her new lover. Since that was the exact opposite of what Susanna wanted, she immediately pulled the gasping girl up to her feet and brought her to the couch where she pushed her to her back and opened her legs.

“I think you’ll find this a better fit,” she said to the man, who was eagerly kneeling and nodding his agreement. Susanna reached out and stroked him herself, eventually leaning in so she might taste him for a moment, before she rubbed him against the open sex of her blonde friend. There is always a beautiful thrill in taking a new man within you, but the thrill of helping two others accomplish the same task, was one that Susanna was quickly finding herself attached to. She had so far only watched her husband and Jack take the girl, and this third man, a perfect stranger, was somehow more delicious just for that fact alone.

Teresa squirmed once more, but finally allowed her friend to guide the messenger inside her, her body easily accepting him. She was more wet than she would have liked to admit, and while he was by no means small, he slid inside her with one thrust and held himself there against her, trying to catch his breath. He finally leaned in further, and began to kiss the girl on the mouth as he moved faster and faster, his goal clear and quickly approaching. Teresa moaned through their kisses, especially when Susanna worked her hand between them, rubbing her clitoris as the man fucked her, until both participants were close to finishing, in spite of someone’s initial resistance…

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