The Summer I Watched My Wife

After years of wishing and waiting, is Marc finally going to watch his wife with another man? It all depends on their 20 year old exchange student...
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Maria didn’t fully understand my obsession, but that was about to change.

After five years of marriage, I had yet to watch my wife with another man, but I had hinted at it enough times that I thought it was clear. It wasn’t until Fiona (our twenty-year-old Irish exchange student) arrived that everything changed. Because unlike Maria, Fiona understood what I wanted without me saying a word. And she also knew what to do with it.

So began The Summer I Watched, as our houseguest quickly and effortlessly began twisting our lives about until we all got just what we wanted and exactly what we feared the most.

A fun and dirty romp through one filthy summer, the book is less about cuckold humiliation and more about a husband obsessed with watching his slutty wife get exactly what she wants. Hot, smart, and funny, The Summer I Watched is a hotwife tale that celebrates freedom, exploration, and desire all the way to its glorious and messy conclusion.

(This is a 25,000 word novella, coming in at just over 100 pages.)

Praise for The Summer I Watched My Wife

"A delightfully tantalizing novella bringing to life the taboo thoughts we all have in 'a boy next door' way. This book left me hot, breathless and wondering......could it be this easy? Thoroughly enjoyable!"