She likes to get fucked without seeing my face.

I’m happy to indulge her, because I enjoy fifteen minutes of sex followed by a drink. We’ve played out the same scene all over town, and it varies only in what she wears and what I drink when we’re done.  She waits for me somewhere. The where is up to me, but she waits and she knows if she’s late it won’t happen.

Last week she waited in a dressing room—the third from the right on the top floor.  When I walked in she was already breathing hard, and her hands were against the wall with her back to the door.  I locked it behind me and didn’t say a word as I lifted the back of her dress.  Her bare ass caught me by surprise and I smiled as I slid fingers across her skin.

She leaned forward at my touch and opened her thighs ever so slightly.  When I touched her she was already wet and she struggled to keep quiet.  I pushed two fingers inside her and wrapped my other hand around her slim neck.  I squeezed hardest each time my fingers entered her, and her moans were audible with each thrust.

She let out a sigh when I stepped back and I could see her body tense as she waited.  I paused for a moment and looked at her standing there with her head down and her eyes closed.  I wasn’t sure if she was pretending I was someone else or she was.  But it didn’t matter.

Seconds later I was inside her and I didn’t stop or slow down once.  I fucked her with just one purpose, and despite my lack of focus on her, she was coming almost as soon as I entered her.  I gripped her tightly and watched her body in the mirror.  She stood there bent over–her thighs open and her lips begging–and for a moment I was almost disgusted by the sight.  I refocused on what I was doing and minutes later I was coming as well.

I tried to be quick when I was done.  I didn’t bother with her dress, but I zipped up my pants, straightened my collar and unlocked the door in less than thirty seconds.  I didn’t bother to look back or close the door when I left.

Ten minutes later she walked into the bar on the first floor where I was drinking a gin and tonic.  Her hair was perfect and her dress look neatly pressed.  She kissed me on the cheek as she sat down next to me and I ordered her favorite.

“How was your afternoon?” she asked before taking a sip.