Short Story Collections

From four stories to one thousand, these books all contain multiple short stories, usually around a theme.

Just 1,000 short stories in one giant book ($26.99)

The culmination of seven years of daily blogging, QNY: The Complete Stories is possibly the largest collection of erotica by a single author. From sweet and lovely to sad, erotica, kinky, taboo, and everything in between the stories are short and beautiful.

Please don’t do any of these things. ($4)

The Ortolan Hunters and Other Disturbing Tales is a collection of three short stories and one novella. Occasionally funny, often erotic, and frequently twisted, the collection dives into sexual desires, erotic oneupmanship, and more than questionable ethical behavior.

Two dudes and one girl. Obviously. ($3)

MMF, Short Stories of Boy Boy Girl Love, is a collection of 50 short stories about threesomes with two men and one woman. Ranging from hotwives to swingers and one night stands, these stories are always hot, occasionally sweet, sometimes funny, and so incredibly real you’ll feel like you’re in the center of the action.

One pill cured everything. Stories of condom-free sex. ($3)

It all started when a big drug company released Pill X, curing the world of every known sexually transmitted disease. These three books each contain four or five stories of hot unprotected sex, set on the day the pill was released.

Super short stories for getting warmed up for bedtime ($3)

Dirty Bedtime Stories are short, dirty, and hot, letting you fall to sleep with horrible thoughts running through your head. Kinky, sometimes taboo, and always explicit, each story will get your mind–and fingers–going.

With over 100 pages to peruse, you should have many nights of tossing and turning in all the best ways.

Cheating cheaters who cheat. But in a hot way. 


Everyone Cheats is a compilation of sixteen short erotica stories about cheating wives and husband, girlfriends who like to stray, and boyfriends who can’t keep it in their pants. Let out your inner slut with these steamy tales of lust, love, and desire so strong it can’t be held back by something as simple as morality.

Get a little fall in your life ($3)

A small collection of very short stories about the coming of fall. Some sweet, some erotic, and some whimsical, each vignette will make you taste the cool wind, smell the apple cider, and long for a warm fire with someone you love.

Weird, strange, out of this world, and also kinda hot 


Drunk fairies, chain-smoking mermaids, and wise bartenders are just some of the characters you’ll find in this collection of strange tales of New York City. Time stops, windows open into other worlds, and on occasion, people transform in marvelous ways.

Dirtier stories from the early days of Quickies in New York ($3)

Simply Smut is just that: a collection of terribly filthy and deliciously erotic stories from Quickies in New York. There are forty-five stories (around 25,000 words) in the collection, and they range from threesomes to anal, to fountains, parks, rooftops, orgies, and even a few very tender moments.