QNY: Winter to Spring

My first collection of stories from Quickies in New York, they range from hot to strange and back again.
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A small collection from the early days of Quickies in New York.

From Amazon: Winter to Spring is a collection of thirty-seven erotic stories from the popular blog Quickienewyork.com. The stories follow the life of Guy New York as he navigates the sexiest city in the world with his friends and lovers. From dive bars to underground parties, the book explores the emotional, intellectual, and often graphic sides of love, sex, and relationships.

Moving between polyamory and Buddhism, and from bondage to first love, the stories move from the cold snows of a New York winter to the final blossoming of Spring. Sometimes explicit, and sometimes heartbreaking, Winter to Spring is the story of real sex between real people (often two or three at a time).

"Have you ever walked through the streets of your town and glanced over to see a little something sexy through an open window, the gap left by an almost-closed door, the chink in a drawn curtain? It makes your eyes widen, your breath catch, and your pulse pound. For Guy New York, the town is Manhattan and the "something" is glimpses into the every-day eroticism of the people around him. "

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Five Star Amazon Review