I republished Babysitter under the name Punishing Alice. I made sure it was clear that the character was over 18, and I took the near nudity off the cover.

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Here’s a short bit from the middle:

“This is very disappointing,” he said.

“I was just–”

“You don’t need to make excuses. I understand. When you don’t do what I ask, I assume it’s because you’d like me to ask in another way. Maybe punish you for not listening? Is that what you’d prefer?”

“No, Mr. Richards,” I whispered, just barely getting the words out.

“Undress. Now. And lie on the couch.”

This time I didn’t wait. I undid my bra and pulled down my panties, trying not to cover myself with my hands. The urge to run and hide was enormous, but somehow I managed to fold my clothes before laying on my stomach on the white leather sofa. I put my head down and closed my eyes. It was almost too much.

I could hear him walking around me, but I didn’t dare look. I could hear the ice in his glass, and his footsteps on the carpet as he walked, and I swear I could feel his eyes digging into me. Warmth touched every inch of my body and for a moment my biggest fear was that I’d ruin his couch with my excitement.

He finally stopped near my head, and I twitched when I felt his fingers in my hair. He brushed it gently to one side, pulling ever so slightly before taking my chin in his other hand and holding me. I couldn’t help but look into his eyes.

“Alice, for the next few minutes you’re going to suck my cock. Don’t think of it as a punishment, but rather an incentive. While I was mostly amused by your antics yesterday, my wife was not. And so I think a small lesson in humility may be called for. Of course, there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy it. Well, at least me.”

Without ever setting down his glass, he unzipped his slacks, reached in with one hand, and before I knew what was happening he was growing hard in my mouth. He held my chin in his hand as he pulled my lips around him, and I tried not to choke as he grew bigger and firmer.

“I suppose some men would ask if you had done this before. They might wonder how many times and with how many boys, but the truth is that I don’t care, Alice. I don’t care if you’ve fucked the whole football team or if you’ve never kissed a boy. I’m only concerned with right now. Do you understand?”

I tried to nod as I sucked, but I was afraid to take him out of my mouth. I reached one hand up and wrapped it around the base of his cock as I worked my lips up and down his length…