The Places They Come

The adventures of Peter Taylor and his hotwife Jessica
As soon as I told her I wanted to watch her with someone bigger than me, the gloves came off. I thought I was in control, at least at the beginning, but my wife had other ideas.

Within just one week of sharing my fantasy, she was upstairs in the bathroom at a party doing things I never believed she would do. And when she invited a friend from work over, promising me that I could watch, things got completely out of control.

Especially after she promised him that the next time he could do away with the condom and take her in the one place I had never been.

Jessica went from my sweet faithful wife to the filthiest hotwife imaginable, letting her new lovers do things to her I had never thought possible.

A twisted tale of a one man’s descent into cuckoldry, humiliation, and dreams come true, The Places They Come is a filthy novella full of group sex, bareback bulls, and twisted fantasies, that culminates in one crazy evening where every single rule is broken at the same time.

Ff, Creampie, Exhib, Anal, Voy, bd,


Praise for The Places They Come

"Such a good story, read the book in only a couple of hours as I couldn’t put it down. You could feel every emotion the main character was having about the situation. Very well written."
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