Pill X

When Pill X came out it changed everything. Suddenly unprotected sex was no longer risky and the world went wild.
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It all started when a big drug company released Pill X, curing the world of every known sexually transmitted disease. But what they didn’t say was it also heightens libidos and lowers inhibitions.

These three books each contain four or five stories of hot unprotected sex, set on the day the pill was released. From a high school classroom to an orgy on the beach, each story is hot, filthy, and of course messy as hell.

Taboo and boundary-pushing, the Pill X series is perfect if you just want something hot to get you off.

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Praise for Pill X

" The Pill X series of books are all ridiculous fun. The third installment (Spring Break) is in particular especially crazy hot. I liked that all the characters are friendly, relatable people (who do some dirty, dirty things). "