Sometimes I think that my memory doesn’t work the same way as other people’s.  Even though my last relationship had ended six months earlier – with weeks of tears and nervous breakdowns – I didn’t remember it that way.  To be honest I didn’t remember it much at all.  I was moving on with my life and enjoying myself.  I didn’t keep myself awake at night wondering where she was or what she was doing.  I didn’t worry when I walked into a bar we used to visit that I might run into her.  My mind seemed to have simply moved on and I was happy with where I was.

I hadn’t been dating anyone since the break-up and I was in a good place.  I didn’t feel rushed to find someone, and I didn’t feel the urge to be out playing the field.  I looked forward to slow dinners and I enjoyed spending time with my friends.

This was promising to be a lovely evening.  I had three friends over, a couple bottles of wine and absolutely nothing to do but enjoy a long relaxing dinner and good conversation.  We had moved a table out onto the back porch and were enjoying our supper in the cool night breeze of early summer; it was perfect.

As we sat and talked after the meal I heard the phone ring from inside the house and slowly moved to answer it.  I was surprised when I heard her voice on the other end of the phone, but somehow it almost seemed normal to me.

“Hi, ” she said in a soft whisper.

“Hi Sarah,” I replied.  “Um, how are you?”

“I’m ok I suppose.  I had a late night yesterday and I think I’m still recovering.”

She was good at getting me to ask the right questions.  I hadn’t spoken to her in months and here I was slipping right into it.  What did I have to loose?

“A late night?  Anything fun?”

“Yeah,” she whispered again in a tone that brought back all sorts of memories.  “I went out with Jen to this bar in the city.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“It was ok.  She had some friends there who she wanted me to meet.”

“Sounds like a good time,” I said, unsure as to where she was going and why she was calling me.  

“I met a guy there,” she said.  

This wasn’t a strange thing for Sarah.  She often met guys and she was a good flirt.  She was pretty and friendly and although she would never admit it she was smart and sexy as well.  She was also sweet and cautious, though.  We dated for months before we slept together and while she wasn’t standoffish she preferred moments that were meaningful to those she called “earthy.”

“That’s great Sarah, “ I said.  And then for some reason that I can’t remember I added, “Did anything happen?”

“Yeah,” she said in a voice I almost couldn’t hear.  

It was then that I was stuck.  I had been about to get off the phone to return to my dinner, but she hooked me.  I wanted to know.  I wanted to know what possibly could have happened on one night at a bar with a complete stranger; I wanted to know how much she would tell me.  

“What did you do?”  

It was my turn to whisper.  

“It was after we left.  A group of us went to find a diner.”

“Ok,” I said, unsure what else to say.

“I didn’t have any money though and so I told them I needed to stop at an ATM.  Miguel said he’d come with me just to make sure I was ok.  He said it was late and I shouldn’t go in by myself.”

“Miguel is the guy’s name?” I asked her.


“What happened then?”

“Well, we found a bank on the way to the diner and he told the others we’d be right there.  I swiped my card at the door and we walked in.

As I stood there at the machine I could feel his body right behind me.”

“Was he touching you?”

“Yes. His hands were on my hips and he was slowly pulling me towards him and pushing against me at the same time.  He started to move my hair away from my ear as I pressed the buttons trying to concentrate, and he started to kiss my ear.”

“Keep going,” I whispered.

“Are you sure?”


“I finally got my money and he turned my head enough to kiss me.  His hands were on my head and he turned me around, pulling me against him.  I could feel him hard against me and he lifted me up against the machine.

“His hands were pulling at my skirt; lifting me onto the small counter.  He moved his hands up under my skirt and started to pull my underwear down off of my hips as he held me there.  It all seemed so quick; he was just kissing me and then my underwear was around my ankles”

“What did you do?” I asked her – almost afraid of what she would say.

“I undid his jeans,” she whispered again.  She was silent for a moment and all we could hear was our breathing in the phone; stronger and faster.  “Then I pulled his cock out and held it in my hand.”


“He was so hard and so big.  He was still kissing my mouth and my neck as I pulled him towards me.  He moved forward and held me there until I could feel him touching me.”

“I can’t believe you’re telling me this.”

“Do you want me to stop?”



“I can’t believe I did it. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my hips forward.  He was so hard and I was so wet that he slid right into me.  Oh my God.  He was inside me so quickly and he filled me up so much.  I was kissing him and he was pushing into me; fucking me so hard against the ATM.”

“Jesus Christ,” I said.  “Didn’t anyone walk by?”


“Really? People saw you? Did they do anything?”

“A couple guys stopped.  They watched us for a moment and then kept walking.  One girl stopped too and was watching us but then he moved me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, almost irritated.

“He turned me around and I couldn’t see her anymore.  He leaned me over the machine with my face in the camera, then he lifted up my skirt.  My god, it felt like hours before he slid inside of me again.  

I couldn’t move or say anything but he started to fuck me faster and faster from behind, pushing deeper inside of me. He didn’t even touch me, and after only minutes I started to cum.  I was trying to hold myself up against the ATM and his huge cock was pushing into me from behind.  I was screaming in the tiny room and I couldn’t stand it.  I was shaking and moaning as he fucked me and I think I came harder than I ever have.”

“Ever?” I whispered.

“Yeah,” she said.

Another pause.

“Did he come too?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she replied.

“Inside you?”

“Yes.  He just pushed into me and kept cumming. I could feel him pulsing inside me and I squeezed him as tight as I could as he filled me. His hands were pulling on my hips and he was so deep inside of me. Then he kissed the back of my neck. Just for a moment. I felt him pull out and he kissed me again, moving my hair out of the way.  

I couldn’t move, so I stood there. My panties were on the floor and my skirt was still up over my ass so anyone could see. I looked over my shoulder and the girl was still there. Then I turned back and tried to catch my breath.”

“Wow.” I stammered. “I can’t believe you did that Sarah.”

“He left after that.” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Once I caught my breath I realized that he wasn’t behind me anymore. I turned around and saw the door closing behind him. I left my underwear there on the floor and ran out onto the sidewalk but he wasn’t there.”

“Jesus! Were you mad?”

“No. I got what I wanted.”

“Um listen, Sarah, I gotta get back to my friends, but if you want to talk more you can call me back later.”

“Yeah. No, don’t worry about it. Thanks for listening. Goodnight. Pleasant dreams.”

I could hear her smile.

And then I was back on the porch with a strange look in my eyes. I had been gone for a couple of moments but no one really seemed to have noticed. I looked for signs that things were strange or that someone might understand what I had just heard. Nothing.

I picked up my glass of wine. I took a long slow sip and finished it off.

“Hey, who was that, “ Marcus asked me.

“It was Sarah.”

“Really? What did she want?”

“She wanted to tell me that she fucked some stranger in an ATM booth in Manhattan last night.”

“Are you serious?”


“Huh. That’s odd. Doesn’t sound like Sarah?”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Do you want another glass of wine?”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.”

“So anyway,” Marcus continued. “It was a good movie, but I still didn’t like the ending.”