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I recently published a new book called The Yes Rule! It’s an incredibly filthy and debaucherous tale about two young New Yorkers who decide to say yes to everything. More importantly, they make a pact to never say no to each other not matter what they ask. They think it’s love, but they push and they push, forcing the other into the depth of depravity until they can’t climb back out again.

They start off with simple dares: blow a guy at the bar, fuck me in the fountain, but they quickly move on to more intense, and more messed up things. Nobody is really safe from their path of destruction, including Jane’s family and Jack’s best friend.

There is tons of group sex, some hot gay shit, plenty of manipulation, and some violence. It’s definitely not a book for the faint of heart. Hopefully, you find it hot and disturbing at the same time and can’t always tell the difference between the two.


The book has some dubious consent (to say the least) and there are some twisted family/incest themes going on as well, mostly with Jane’s little sister and step-father.