MMF: Threesome Erotica

Two guys and one girl can get into a whole lot of trouble. In a whole lot of ways.

“Whatever you can imagine happening between two guys and a girl, the book has it. BDSM, kink, roleplaying, a couple living out their hot fantasies, friends who are trying a threesome for the first time, a couple seducing a stranger… it’s all there in the book.” -Five Star Amazon Review

MMF, Short Stories of Boy Boy Girl Love, is a collection of 50 short stories about threesomes with two men and one woman. Ranging from hotwives to swingers and one night stands, these stories are always hot, occasionally sweet, sometimes funny, and so incredibly real you’ll feel like you’re in the center of the action.

Praise for MMF

"Guy New York’s MMF compilation of vignettes is almost otherworldly in its eroticism; this is a book to be enjoyed with a glass of wine, in the privacy of a candlelit bedroom. Every short story evokes the reader’s basest fantasies, feeding visceral needs you never knew you had."