We met at a sex party. She was across the room getting fucked from behind by my wife’s boyfriend’s girlfriend’s husband as I was getting blown by a blonde whose name I didn’t know but who used to go out with my girlfriend’s wife’s ex-husband.

The moment I saw her I knew it was meant to be. She looked up and opened her eyes just as my partner took me all the way down her throat. I winked at her just as her partner slammed into her so hard she fell onto her elbows and she smiled back at me.

I leaned down into the blonde’s lap and opened her legs so my new love’s face was framed between thighs and decorated by a perfectly shaved cunt.  As I opened my mouth and slid my tongue over soft lips she mouthed, “I’m Jessica”.

“I’m Guy,” I mouthed back before I pushed my tongue deep into the blonde’s deliciously tight pussy. She was doing amazing things to my cock and it was hard to focus, but I managed to mouth, “what are you doing after?”

She was suddenly turned over and thrown down onto a pillow. She tilted her head back as her partner slid into her again and she made it clear she didn’t understand.

“What are you doing later?” I tried again, before sucking the blonde’s clit softly and sliding two fingers inside her. She pressed her thighs around my head and it was all I could do to keep from breaking eye contact.

Someone else had crawled over to her and like a good sport, she sucked his cock as we stared deeply into each other’s eyes. She pulled the new boy out of her mouth and jerked him off as she mouthed “I’m free” to me with a wink.

The blonde and I untangled from our sixty-nine and she crawled onto my lap telling me to fuck her hard and slow. I pulled a condom on and positioned her so her back was to my new love. She reached down and pulled me into her as I wrapped my arms around her hips and held her tightly. She felt wonderful as I pulled her hair to one side so I could see the bright green of my darlings’ eyes.

I kissed the blonde on the neck as I watched Jessica take the cock back into her mouth. She held him in one hand as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft and she watched me the entire time. The man inside her was starting to moan that he was coming, and I pulled the blonde hard onto my cock as my fingers twisted a nipple firmly between them.

“Wanna get coffee?” I asked silently.  She nodded as she continued sucking and I trembled at the thought of her dedication. The man fucking her started to come and so did the lovely woman on my lap. I squeezed the nipple harder as I bit gently into her neck and pulled her pelvic bone against mine. Jessica kept sucking as her new friend began to grunt and in seconds she was holding his cock firmly as he exploded over her perfect breasts.

She looked over at me and whispered: “meet me downstairs in 10?”

I smiled and nodded as I felt the blonde’s cunt squeeze me hard. I screamed loudly as I pulled her to me and I kissed her hard on the mouth as I began to come harder than I had in weeks.

Five minutes later I found my wife lying between a couple I had never met, and I kissed her and told her I was running out for a cup of coffee and I’d see her at home. Moments later I walked out into the cool summer night and saw my lovely angel standing on the corner. I walked up and took a hand gently in mine. I kissed her softly on the cheek and we walked hand in hand down the street and into the night air.