Love & Kink

For three days we drank wine, crawled in and out of bed, and went to the most fabulous parties.
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We slept with each other, we slept with our friends, and we walked The High Line in the early afternoon.

Love & Kink is the story of a perfect weekend in New York City. When Maggie comes for a visit after a long time apart, she and Guy move quickly from love to ecstasy, and almost every place in between. From an incredibly kinky party to a threesome with a dear friend, the story follows the two lovers as they find themselves once more enthralled with each other’s company.

Full of power play, love, and eroticism, the story is a deeply personal tale of profound connection.

"I often find erotica to be cheesy, unrealistic sex scenes forced into an un-relatable plot that I quickly lose interest in. Well done erotica takes balance and Guy nailed it. Love & Kink has the perfect blend of back-story, emotion, and hot sex to easily make it one of the best I've read."

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