“Are you ready?” I asked.

“For what?” Kelly replied, trying to kiss me again.

“For this,” I said, pulling her shirt off over her head. She gasped, but didn’t stop me. I dropped it to the floor behind her and moved my kisses down to her breasts, sucking her left nipple into my mouth and running my tongue over it. I licked it and sucked it as her moans grew louder and the whispers around us were frantic.

Without waiting for anything at all she reached down and undid my jeans, her hand pressing hard against my cock as we kissed. The couple next to us were lying down, and I could see hands beneath clothing, and skin slowly starting to appear. I moaned when Kelly pulled out my cock, but the mood in the room had changed in an instant. When she slipped down onto the floor, taking me in her hand and drawing me into her mouth, we suddenly had at least six people standing around us watching. She sucked me into her throat and suddenly people were losing clothes all around us.

“Fuck it,” I head from the couch next to us, and a pair of black lace panties landed on the pillow beside me. I looked over as Kelly sucked my cock to watch some guy I didn’t know open his partner’s legs and bury his mouth against her beneath her skirt. Her moans were far louder than my own, but it hardly seemed to matter. As he sucked her pussy, she moved closer and closer to me on the couch, until her head was nearly against my thigh, and it was only then that she looked up at me, her eyes glazed over in pleasure. I smiled at her, as I pulled Kelly up, undoing her shorts in a heartbeat.

“I want to fuck you,” I whispered, pulling them down around her knees. “Right here. While they watch.”

“Anything,” she said. “I’ll do anything you want.”

The girl next to me watched intently as Kelly sat back down on me, and her eyes were glued to my cock as one small hand guided it inside her shaved cunt.

“Holy shit that’s hot,” the girl moaned, pulling the guy’s head harder between her thighs.

When I looked back there were a couple of guys standing around the couch, adjusting themselves through their pants and watching us fuck. When the pussy eater next to me slid up and started fucking his date, I realized the party had officially changed. I looked around the room to see people kissing, undressing, and groping. Even the bartender had lost her tanktop.

“Can I watch?” asked the closest guy to us. Kelly looked up, and without a word she reached out one hand and grabbed a hold of his cock through his pants. She unbuttoned his jeans without even looking at him, and a second later she was jerking off a stranger as she fucked me; she was moaning louder than ever.

“Do it,” I said to her, knowing she probably would anyway. “You know you’re going to, you little slut. Just do it.”

He groaned as she leaned in and took him into her mouth, but he didn’t complain. Her fingers were wrapped around him, jerking him off as she blew him, and I slammed into her, leaning forward to suck on her tits. I felt a hand on my thigh as the girl next to me arched her back and lifted her hips up, taking her partner deeper inside her…