Photo by The Dirty Gentleman


“What do you think she wants?” he asked.

“I think she wants to be fucked. Hard.”

Our hands were on our dicks already, although it’s safe to say we didn’t need much help. Her fingers slipped into her cunt, wet with her saliva, and she was practically fucking herself before we could move. I didn’t wait a second longer, and she screamed out when I entered her. I lifted her knees up, spreading her legs wide as I watched Brent move to her mouth, leaning over until she wrapped her lips around his thick cock.

“Oh fuck,” we both said, catching each other’s eyes as the words slipped out. I pounded into her, not caring about anything other than fucking the woman I loved. I watched her choke on Brent’s cock, sucking him deeper into her mouth each time I thrust into her. Her moans were primal and her body responded without thought.

After just a few minutes of fucking her, I grabbed his shoulder and motioned for him to switch places with me. Even more than wanting to fuck her, I wanted to see it again. I watched him rub against her pussy as she pulled me towards her mouth with a moan, and then he was fucking her once more and she was coming for the first time that night. She let go of me just long enough to scream, and her hips bucked up off the bed as he slammed inside her, filling her all the way to the hilt.

“Fuck me, Brent,” she moaned. “Fuck me with that big, gorgeous cock, and then come in me. Oh god, do it.”

He slammed into her without stopping, and my hand was on my dick, jerking off into her mouth as much as she was blowing me.

“Let me get on top,” she said, pulling Brent down. She leaned up and kissed him, their mouths and tongues full of want, and then he was on his back and she was guiding him back inside her. I moved behind her as she rode him, and watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy; it was a beautiful thing. My best friend and my girlfriend were fucking once more, and this time there was no question at all. There was no doubt, no fear, and nothing but pure lust in the room.

I climbed up behind her and lifted her ass, sliding my cock into her pussy the second he pulled out.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she moaned, pushing back onto me as she kissed his mouth and wrapped her hand around his cock. I finally let her go once more, watching him fuck her again, and my body was pulled in so many places at once. I wanted everything, and I wanted it all at the same time. He fucked her as I worked my finger into her ass, and then I fucked her again, as she cried out my name. Back and forth, we continued, her body shaking as she came over and over again.

When I grabbed the lube out of the table, I heard her gasp, but she didn’t hesitate to push back onto my fingers. I coated her insides, pushing them deep inside her ass and he never once stopped fucking her.

“Slow down,” I said. “Just for a second. Just long enough for me to fuck this ass.”

“Oh, fuck, I don’t know if I can do it,” she said. “Not both of you at once.”

“You can,” Brent said, kissing her as he held her head in her hands. “You can do anything because you are the hottest little girl in the whole fucking world.”

I positioned myself against her, my cock also wet with the lube, and she closed her eyes and held her breath as I pushed against her asshole. She cried out when I finally entered her, and as I slid inside her, another orgasm ripped through her body.

“Holy shit,” she cried. “Holy fucking shit, just stay there. Let me feel you both. Damn, that’s intense. That is so fucking intense, I can’t believe it.”

We tried to hold still, but it was nearly impossible. I could feel Brent’s cock through her body, and it was pulsing and trembling like he was ready to come. Each time I moved at all she screamed out again and bit his mouth with her kiss. After what felt like far too long she took a deep breath and pushed back onto us both.

“Okay,” she said. “Do it. Fuck me, both of you. Fuck me ass and my cunt, and don’t stop until you’re coming.”

(From my full-length novel Disgusting Beautiful Immoral)