“Close the door,” she said, as she stood looking at me with her glass of wine in one hand and the other on her hip. I shut it behind me and walked in quickly, stepping up in front of her so I could take her all in at once.

“You look incredible,” I said, kissing her gently. “If I had known you were wearing that under your dress, I would have suggested we come upstairs sooner.”

“I thought I should be prepared,” she said, leaning her head down against my own. She kissed me lightly on the lips before pulling back. “You know, in case anything happened.”

“It looked like something was happening in the kitchen,” I whispered, hoping I wouldn’t ruin the moment. I had no illusions that we could return to the night before, and half of me expected her to never mention it again. I suppose it just shows you how crappy a psychologist I must be.

“It wasn’t much of anything, but that boy is incorrigible.”

“What did he say?” I asked, putting my wine glass down on the table before returning to wrap my arms around my wife.

“It’s not what he said,” she whispered, her face blushing the lightest shade of red. “Well, not just that.”

“What did he do?”

“He stood behind me and told me I looked lovely.”

“That doesn’t sound too forward,” I said, trying not to sound disappointed.

“At first,” she said, looking up into my eyes. “But then he stepped closer to me, and I could feel him against my ass. I don’t know what he was doing in the bathroom, but he was hard as a rock.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. I had seen him adjust himself, and he had been standing close enough to Maria to touch her, but I hadn’t believed Fiona’s claim that he was genuinely interested.

“He was so hard,” she sighed, kissing me again before lying back on the bed with her legs barely open. “Come onto the bed, and I’ll tell you the rest.”

She opened her legs wider as she said it, and I didn’t have to be asked twice. I lay down on my stomach and kissed her right leg from the calf all the way up to her thigh before moving to the left one. She sighed as she adjusted herself, but she was otherwise silent as I moved back up. I kissed her gently through the black satin, and she arched her back and moaned before I pulled it to the side and opened my mouth on her wet skin.

“That’s it,” she said, reaching down and grabbing me by the hair. “Just like that.”

“Tell me more,” I said pausing just long enough to look up at her beautiful face.

“He grabbed my hips at first,” she moaned, pushing me back down. “And he pushed against me, letting me feel his big cock against my ass as he whispered in my ear.”

I slid two fingers inside her, turning them up so I could rub her g-spot, and she sighed even louder as she spread her legs wide. My mouth was on her clit as I pictured him holding her, and she was wetter than I had seen her in months. I licked her up and down, teasing her lips and thighs before opening and fucking her faster with my fingers.

“I could barely hear what he was saying, but my god could I feel it. And just when I thought he would leave, he reached one hand around me and slipped it into the front of my dress.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, pausing just long enough to ask the question.

“He slid it under my bra and cupped one breast in his hand before pinching my nipple for just a second. He was still hard against me, but I couldn’t say a thing. I couldn’t believe he was so forward and for a moment I thought you might be upset.”

“Never,” I moaned into her pussy, my tongue nearly frantic as I felt her clench around my fingers and lift her ass off the bed. She was close to coming, and I didn’t stop as she held me where she wanted me most.

“It was only for a second, but it was enough. His hard cock was against my ass, his hand was inside my dress, and when he said the words, I practically came right there. That insanely hot young man told me…”

“What?” I said, practically begging her to continue. I kept going, my cock close to bursting at the thought of his audacity and her clear response to it. I was rubbing against the bed as I ate her and fingered her, and I could picture everything that I had only glimpsed from the couch.

“He told me he wanted to fuck me. Just like that. It was only a whisper in my ear, but it was so clear that I’ll never forget. I want to fuck you, Maria, he moaned, and then he was gone, and I was left shaking in front of the sink with a soaking wet cunt and…”

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