(CW: Non-con)

“It’s okay,” the foreman said, forcing me down onto a chair. They had a painter’s rag stuffed into my mouth, and they quickly tied my hands behind my back. One of them lifted me and the chair easily, and he positioned me at the foot of the bed facing Jane.

“What the fuck is going on?” she asked, trying to sound as threatening as she could. The foreman sat down on the bed quietly and looked at me one last time before turning back to her.

“Like I said, it’s nothing. We just wanted to make sure your boyfriend here had a nice view.”

“What do you mean?” she stammered.

“He means a nice view of us fucking you,” one of them said, laughing. She hardly noticed the others surrounding the bed until there were five men undoing their overalls and leering at her with clear intentions.

“Look, I have money,” she said. “What do you want? I can give you anything, you don’t want to do this.”

“I think we do want to do this,” the foreman said. “In fact, after your boyfriend here showed us a couple pictures of you, it’s pretty much all we could think of, right boys?”

The other men nodded and grunted as they climbed onto the bed, and before Jane could move, the sheets were pulled from her hands and tossed onto the floor. She tried to cover herself as I rocked in the chair and struggled to scream through the gag in my mouth. She was so perfectly lovely that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Even as the first man grabbed her foot and pulled her towards him I stared. Her hair was long and lovely, and her coffee sat steaming on the bedside table. Someone else grabbed an arm until she was lying on her back getting stretched in both directions.

“It’s okay,” the foreman said, running a finger down her cheek. “I told the boys they each have to pick only two holes. It could really be much worse. Besides, you’ll have Jack her to watch out for you. He’ll be here the whole time watching us fucking his pretty little slut.”

He leaned in close, his fingers now between her legs, opening the lips to her pussy. His mouth was against her ear.

“Personally I’ve only decided on your pussy for now.” His fingers pushed inside her. “But we’ll see how I’m inspired as the day goes on. I could go either way really. Your mouth is sweet, but your ass… Oh, baby, your ass is a fucking peach.”

To say I was hard would be an understatement. To say I was struggling would be to confuse the issue. I was fighting against the ropes that held me to the chair, and I was struggling with the gag in my mouth, but more than anything, I was struggling with the love welling up within me as I watched the five men close in on her, their hands touching every inch. I was devouring the sight with my eyes, and it was all I could do not to come just from watching. They lost their clothes within in minutes, and the first time one of them pried open her mouth and slid his thick cock between her lips, I nearly started to cry.

She looked small on the bed, surrounded by monsters with only one thing on their minds. As she choked loudly there were hands everything. They squeezed her breasts, slapped her thighs, and wet their fingers on her cunt. They pulled her open mouth back and forth between themselves, and their groans grew louder with each passing second. One of them opened his mouth on her pussy, grunting about how good little girls taste, and I strained against my bonds as hard as I could. When the first one fucked her I thought I might die, and when he pulled out seconds later and came on her tummy I was bursting to get free.

Jane struggled for a while, and she tried as hard as she could to keep her eyes on me. I’m not sure if she was looking for strength, or something else, but I stared back. Just beneath the surface, part of her was wondering, and I could see it in her face as she watched me. My erection was clear through my flimsy pajamas, and I could smell Jane’s pussy from where I was sitting. When the foreman threw her onto her back, her head at my knees hanging off the end of the bed as he started to fuck her, I was almost done. She stared at me, never once breaking eye contact, as he moved between her legs and she grew quiet and calm. Someone shoved a cock into her mouth, and still, she watched me, hoping for some betrayal.

They held her there for a long time, once thick cock in her cunt and the other men taking turns with her mouth, and my vision grew blurry. The foreman didn’t seem to require rest, and he fucked her faster and harder with every second. Her legs were held open and her arms were gripped tightly above her head. Someone came in her mouth before instantly being replaced by another man, eager to feel her lips around him.

It wasn’t until she reached one hand up to the cock in her mouth that I gave in. She wrapped her fingers around him before taking him all the way into her throat, and I was in awe. A smile broke out on my face amidst the struggle, and she glared at me with a fierce cat growl that nearly scared me.

“Wait,” she said.

Surprisingly, the men stopped. The foreman, looking down at her, simply raised an eyebrow. His cock was still buried inside her.

“I want to make him really watch,” she said, sitting up on the bed. With another growl she pulled him down and climbed on top of him, her body still facing me. She took his thick cock in one hand and rubbed it against the lips to her cunt. And then she closed her eyes as she sank down onto him. Within minutes the entire scene had changed, and the men were suddenly struggling to keep up with her demands.

(From The Yes Rule, one of my more fucked up novellas)