He was soaking wet by the time he walked in the door, so he stripped down to his briefs, and we brought him tea as we left his clothes out to dry. He sat on our bed next to the open window and we dried his wet hair with a towel.

He grinned when I stood behind her and pulled her shirt off over her head.

“It’s only polite,” I told them. “If our guest is naked, it’s just rude of us to leave our clothes on.”

She elbowed me in the ribs, but she didn’t stop me from pulling her jeans off her legs. She laughed as I lost my shirt and he watched carefully when I undid her bra. She grew quieter when I slipped it off her shoulders, and when it joined our pile of clothes on the floor his eyes were wide open. When I removed her final piece of clothing no one said a word.

She looked over her shoulder with a question in her eye, and I nodded my head. I sat down on the edge of the bed as she crawled towards him, and within seconds their arms were around each other and their mouths were open. She nestled down between us as we slipped out of our shorts, and she giggled when she felt our bodies pressing against her.

“I like having two men in my bed,” she whispered as she lay down on her back. We kissed her neck and we kissed her breasts. Our fingers ran up her thighs, and when he pressed his hand against her she sighed. I watched as he opened her, and she reached down to wrap her hands around us both.

“Are we really doing this?” she suddenly asked between breaths. “Because if not, then we need to stop. And if we are then I want someone inside of me now.”

“She’s your partner,” he said, motioning us together.

“But you’re the guest,” I responded pushing her back to him.

“Sure, but it would rude for me to…”

She cut him off with a kiss as she rolled on top of his body. His hands moved down to her ass as she held him in her hands, and she pressed down against him. He was nearly hard, but she struggled to get him inside her.

“Help me,” she whispered, and without thinking I took him in my hand and opened my mouth. She lifted her hips to give me room, and I sucked his cock between my lips as she watched from between her legs.

“That’s so hot,” she whispered. “Make him hard for me.”

I sucked faster, my grip tightening as he started to moan, and within seconds she was pushing down around him. I didn’t loosen my grip as he entered her, and all three of us were making sounds that were suddenly louder than the rain.

I knelt behind her and put my hands on her hips as they fucked. When she let him slip out I quickly took his place. She moved between us both, and I don’t think it mattered who was who. I watched them kiss as I lay on her back, and when it was his turn I listened to her moans as my fingers pressed hard against her clit.

Neither one of us stayed hard for very long, but it didn’t matter. She came within minutes, and her hips rolled over him as she screamed out our names. She bit his shoulder and she ground her hips against his body and she was shaking as she came.

An hour later she lay between us and told us she wanted to make us come too. She kissed us both and pulled us closer. As the rain grew louder outside, she moved down to take us into her mouth.

He reached over and took my hand.