Hotwife and Cuckold Erotica

Novellas and short stories about wive's who sleep around and the men who love them.

Emily is on a mission to fuck as many men without her husband knowing 


While on vacation, Emily takes every chance she gets to cheat on her husband. From a waiter in a restaurant bathroom to college boys on the beach, her only requirement is that they’re all strangers. She is relentless in her pursuit of pleasure, often finding herself in compromising situations with her unaware husband just a few feet away.

Sarah fucks the groom’s best friends. On her wedding day. ($2)

Sarah knows that the second she gets married she’ll never get laid again. And that’s a problem.

She’s had a fantasy for as long as she can remember, and it’s the one thought she can’t get rid of before her wedding night. Sarah wants to be taken by men. Six of them, and all at once. She wants to be used and abused, and no matter how hard she tries, it’s always by exactly the wrong six men.

150 pages of Peter watching his wife do it all 


“As soon as I told her I wanted to watch her with someone bigger than me, the gloves came off. I thought I was in control, at least at the beginning, but my wife had other ideas.”

A more loving and sweet hotwife story 


“After five years of marriage, I had yet to watch my wife with another man, but I had hinted at it enough times that I thought it was clear. It wasn’t until Fiona (our twenty-year-old Irish exchange student) arrived that everything changed.”

Kelly always gets what she wants 


Kelly and Mark have always used condoms, but she has a secret that’s about to come out.
After Mark confesses that it might turn him on to watch her with another man, she quickly jumps into teasing him about his little fetish. And then some.

A fun Mexican vacation with some hung men 


While on vacation in Mexico, Clara confesses that she misses her wanton college days, and the couple begins to fantasize about her past and her future. As they push harder and harder, they begin to realize they both want the same thing: For Clara to sleep with other men while Chris watches.

Susanna Part One 


Susanna and Nicholas have a delightfully open marriage in which they promise to keep no secrets. But after a brief tryst on the train back to New York, Susanna finds herself longing for someone she barely knows.

Susanna Part Two 


During their weekend vacation by the beach, the couple decides that a friendly competition might be in order, and they quickly set out to seduce and be seduced by as many people as possible with little regard to morality.

The Big Collection of Hotwife and Swinger Smut

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