Hotwives and the Men Who Love Them

Seven books of wild and crazy wives finding pleasure in the arms of other men.
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“Such a sexy read. Finished the book almost as quickly as it helped me finish!”

-Five Star Amazon review for The Summer I Watched.

A Young and Faithless Wife
MF, MMF, BJ, Creampie, Exhib, Voy, bdsm,


About the Book

Let’s talk about Clara.

My wife, my love, my life, and my poison. Don’t get me wrong, there is no one sweeter and kinder than her, but sometimes love doesn’t look like we imagine it should. Sometimes love makes us wants things we barely understand.

So begins A Young and Faithless Wife, the story of Chris and Clara discovering the joys of an open marriage. While on vacation in Mexico, Clara confesses that she misses her wanton college days, and the couple begins to fantasize about her past and her future.

But before too long, the game changes from one of fantasy to a new reality that excites and terrifies them both. As they push harder and harder, they begin to realize they both want the same thing: For Clara to sleep with other men while Chris watches.

Sweet, kinky, and sexy as hell, A Young and Faithless Wife is a hotwife tale without the humiliation that often comes with a story like this. The couple is kind and honest with each other as they expand their world to their mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

The Places They Come
MF, MMF, M+F, Ff, Creampie, Exhib, Anal, Voy, bd,


About the Book

As soon as I told her I wanted to watch her with someone bigger than me, the gloves came off. I thought I was in control, at least at the beginning, but my wife had other ideas.

Within just one week of sharing my fantasy, she was upstairs in the bathroom at a party doing things I never believed she would do. And when she invited a friend from work over, promising me that I could watch, things got completely out of control.

Especially after she promised him that the next time he could do away with the condom and take her in the one place I had never been.

Jessica went from my sweet faithful wife to the filthiest hotwife imaginable, letting her new lovers do things to her I had never thought possible.

A twisted tale of a one man’s descent into cuckoldry, humiliation, and dreams come true, The Places They Come is a filthy novella full of group sex, bareback bulls, and twisted fantasies, that culminates in one crazy evening where every single rule is broken at the same time.


The Summer I Watched, a hotwife erotica novella

The Summer I Watched
MF, MMF, Creampie, Exhib, Voy, Rom


About the Book

Maria didn’t fully understand my obsession, but that was about to change.

After five years of marriage, I had yet to watch my wife with another man, but I had hinted at it enough times that I thought it was clear. It wasn’t until Fiona (our twenty-year-old Irish exchange student) arrived that everything changed. Because unlike Maria, Fiona understood what I wanted without me saying a word. And she also knew what to do with it.

So began The Summer I Watched, as our houseguest quickly and effortlessly began twisting our lives about until we all got just what we wanted and exactly what we feared the most.

A fun and dirty romp through one filthy summer, the book is less about cuckold humiliation and more about a husband obsessed with watching his slutty wife get exactly what she wants. Hot, smart, and funny, The Summer I Watched is a hotwife tale that celebrates freedom, exploration, and desire all the way to its glorious and messy conclusion.

(This is a 25,000-word novella, coming in at just about 100 pages.)

Watching My Wife
MF, Creampie, Rel Cuck, Voy


About the Book

Kelly and Mark have always used condoms, but she has a secret that’s about to come out. After Mark confesses that it might turn him on to watch her with another man, she quickly jumps into teasing him about his little fetish.

And when Kelly’s best friend invites her out with some hot young guys, everything changes in an instant. Mark quickly turns into a willing and eager cuckold as his hotwife begins to learn how to get exactly what she wants without asking.

This is a cuckolding hotwife tale full of humiliation, cuckold cleanup, and well-endowed bulls who refuse to keep things safe.

All The Groom’s Men
M+F, Anal, Creampie, Cheat



About the Book

Sarah knows that the second she gets married she’ll never get laid again. And that’s a problem.

She’s had a fantasy for as long as she can remember, and it’s the one thought she can’t get rid of before her wedding night. Sarah wants to be taken by men. Six of them, and all at once. She wants to be used and abused, and no matter how hard she tries, it’s always by exactly the wrong six men.

When the six groomsmen walk in on her getting dressed the day of her wedding, she’s not sure if she can resist. And when they approach her one at a time to offer her gifts from her husband she knows it’s over. As Sarah gives in to her lust and desires (that means she has sex with them all right before the ceremony) she finds her heart may be stronger than she thought.

Full of passion, love, and hardcore unprotected sex, All the Groom’s Men is a very dirty book intended for adults who like this sort of thing.

Susanna’s Affairs
MF, MMF, MMFF, Mf, Ff, Creampie, Anal, Swing, Rom


About the Book

Susanna and Nicholas have a delightfully open marriage in which they promise to keep no secrets. But after a brief tryst on the train back to New York, Susanna finds herself longing for someone she barely knows. While she confesses part of her affair, she leaves out the details that she quickly obsesses over.

Back in the city, she and her husband return to their hedonistic lifestyle full of champagne, new lovers, and games of one-upmanship, but Susanna can’t get the man from the train out of her mind.

As she begins to educate a new young female friend on the merits of taking multiple lovers, Susanna herself goes down a path of discovery as she searches for the one person who left her wanting more. Unsure of where it will lead her, but knowing she has no choice but to continue the search, the secrets pile up until Susanna begins to question her own motives and desires.

Incredibly sexy, deviously thought-provoking, and often rather funny, Susanna’s Affairs is a delicious romp through an old New York City, full of glamor and intrigue.

Susanna’s Affairs Continue in Boardwalk Affairs!
MF, FF, Creampie, Swing, Anal, Con-noncon, Rom



About the Book

Susanna and Nicholas take the boardwalk by storm in the sequel to the scandalous novella Susanna’s Affairs.

During their weekend vacation by the beach, the couple decides that a friendly competition might be in order, and they quickly set out to seduce and be seduced by as many people as possible with little regard to morality. Whether it’s the handsome man they meet at dinner or one of his two beautiful young daughters, no one is off limits.

But miscommunications, jealousies, and spite lead both of them down dangerous roads as they attempt to outdo one another. And while Nicholas seems to have no trouble enjoying himself, Susanna discovers that no matter how hard she pushes, her bliss somehow remains elusive.

What will she have to do to regain her self and her sexuality? How far will she have to push both herself and her marriage to finally claim her release?

In this steamy tale of love and lust on the beach, everything is on the table as the young couple push past all the rules on their path towards ultimate pleasure.

(CW: con-noncon pg 93-103)

“Sexy and intriguing and beautifully built up. The finale is exquisite and tormenting. I have no idea how Guy manages to write such love and beauty into his smut.”

-Five Star Amazon review for Susanna’s Affairs.

“Such a good story, read the book in only a couple of hours as I couldn’t put it down. You could feel every emotion the main character was having about the situation. Very well written.”

-Five Star Amazon review for The Places They Come.

“It’s possible Sarah upped her fantasy game ahead of her impending wedding. It’s also possible that she just got the best farewell-to-being-single gift a fiance could ever arrange. As always, Guy New York writes terrific contemporary erotic fiction. When you’ve had enough bodice ripping, go find his work.”

-Five Star Amazon review for All the Groom’s Men.

“A delightfully tantalizing novella bringing to life the taboo thoughts we all have in ‘a boy next door’ way. This book left me hot, breathless and wondering……could it be this easy? Thoroughly enjoyable!”

-Praise for The Summer I Watched My Wife.

“Absolutely incredible. It’s erotica in its purest form, and you absolutely do feel a little bit dirty after reading it, in the best kind of way. Not only is the erotic content incredibly written, you really get involved in the motivations and emotions of the characters. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down!”

-Praise for Disgusting Beautiful Immoral.