Underwater couple having fun in swimming pool.

“Guys, if I don’t get laid the second we get to the beach, I’m going home.”

“You are such a slut!” Maco said, turning to look at the blonde girl in the backseat of the convertible. “We’re not even there yet, keep your clam in the bag.”

“Oh come on, like you two aren’t going to be getting the D all over the fucking place.”

“Hey, we are a very nice couple who only do nice couple things,” Danny said, reaching a hand over to his boyfriend’s knee and giving it a bit of a squeeze. “Of course, now that we took the pill…”

The three friends were just a few hours away from Miami, and already they could feel the pill starting to take effect. At first, it was just a feeling of warmth along with the realization that they no longer had to worry about STI’s, but it didn’t take long for the side-effects to kick in. Marco and Danny were practically bursting from their shorts in the front seat, and Emily in the back was about to start stripping she was so turned on. Not that she wore much to begin with, but somehow even her bikini top and short pink skirt were starting to feel like too much. Maybe she was a big slut, but wasn’t that the point? Not only were they about to hit spring break in Miami Fucking Beach, but they had all taken the damn pill. Shit was going to get crazy.

“I can’t believe it’s actually happening,” Emily said, leaning forward between the two front seats. “You guys aren’t really going to stay faithful are you?”

“I don’t know,” Danny said, turning to face his boyfriend with one eye still on the road. “But I’m about ready to lose my shit. I don’t know what is in that pill, but I’m gonna come in my pants if the wind blows any harder.”

“Well, I can help with that,” Marco said, turning to wink at Emily before leaning over the driver’s seat. He undid Danny’s shorts with deft fingers, and a grabbed his nearly hard cock in one hand. Sliding his fist up and down, he leaned forward until it was almost in his mouth. Danny had to lift his arms up, and the car swerved to the left as he sped down the highway.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Emily said, still watching. “Assuming you don’t kill us all.”

“He’s so goddamn hard. He never gets this hard at home.”

“Well, maybe it’s because you talk too much!” Danny said, pushing the other boy’s head down. Marco didn’t need much more convincing before he started to suck that cock like a pro. With one hand on his shaft and his thick lips wrapped around it, he worked his boyfriend over with well-practiced skill. Danny moaned and pushed his head down, and Emily was surprised they didn’t crash instantly. But somehow Danny kept on driving as he received the most epic blowjob she had ever seen.

Emily leaned back as she watched, and slid her panties off under her skirt. This was way too much, and besides, if they were going to fuck around, why shouldn’t she? She pulled up the pink fabric and spread legs as she leaned back and started to touch herself slowly. With the roof down anyone who drove by could see, but none of them cared. It was fucking Pill Day, and it was perfect.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,” Danny said, as his boyfriend took him all the way into his throat. Marco tightened his hand around the base of his cock, came up for air once, and then swallowed him again as Danny started to fill his mouth over and over again. “Holy shit, I can hardly see the road!”

“If you kill us, I’m going to be so angry,” Marco said, finally sitting up and wiping his mouth. He looked back at Emily with a grin, and she kept on rubbing her bare pussy as trucks drove by and honked.

“It’s so not fair,” she whined, moving her fingers more frantically. “I need some dick too.”

“Marco will help, won’t you? He’s been dying to play for the other team.”

“Oh right, and you’ve been so supportive of my little desire to explore that side of my sexuality.”

“Hey, if you want to go straight, don’t let me stop you. Besides, look at poor Emily back there practically begging for it.”

“Practically?” She said, leaning forward. “I am begging for it.”

She took Marco’s chin in hand and kissed him, tasting the come on his lips and wanting so much more. To her surprise, Marco kissed her back before reaching down to feel her up over the top of her bikini. He didn’t know what he was doing, but he sure was enthusiastic about it.

“That’s actually kinda hot,” Danny said, reaching down and grabbing his dick which was already growing hard again. “Go back there with her. Come on; you know you want to.”

Marco didn’t need any more encouragement before he undid his seatbelt and climbed into the back. Emily moved to one side and put her left foot up on the seat as she leaned back and opened her legs again.

“You want some of this?” she asked, rubbing her swollen pussy.

Marco unzipped his shorts and pulled out a thick cock that was almost ready to burst. He slid his hand up and down it two or three times, before licking his palm and then coating himself with saliva.

“Oh my god, Marco, why haven’t you shown me that before? I would do such horrible things to you if you liked girls.”

“Who said I don’t?” he asked, leaning over her and kissing her again. In the front, Danny adjusted the rearview mirror so he could watch his boyfriend kiss their best friend while he jerked off.

“Have you ever… You know…. Tried it?” Emily asked, reaching down and wrapping her hand around his cock. He shook his head but moved closer until the tip pressed against her wet lips.

“You’re so pretty though, and I’ve thought about it…”

“Just fuck her!” Danny yelled from the front seat. “Come on; you two are driving me crazy! Do it already.”

Marco looked up at the mirror, gave his boyfriend the finger, and then before any of them could say a thing, plunged his cock into Emily’s tight body in one quick thrust. She grabbed him by the shoulders, arched her back, and took him in as far as she could, screaming out as he stretched her open. She was wet and ready, but his cock was still big, and the instant shock was overpowering.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” she moaned, pulling him to her. He started to move slowly, fucking her in long strokes as she leaned against the door with her legs in the air. “Fuck, your dick is perfect.”

Cars honked, truckers yelled, and people cheered as they drove by, but not one person in the car heard a damn thing.

(From Pill X: Spring Break, Five Stories of Hardcore Unprotected Sex, available everywhere.)