“I don’t want to sleep with him,” she insisted more than once.  He didn’t offer quite the same assurances, but the denial was similar.

Frankly, I was jealous.  They flirted and talked about each other, and then they had the nerve to deny it. Finally, I decided to rephrase my question.

“Would you fuck him if I invited him over tonight?”

“Um…”  She paused for a minute and lowered her eyes.  “Sure.”

When I asked him later that day he just smiled at me.  He told me he was wondering when the offer would come, and he’d be delighted. When we walked into her apartment later that night there was a surprising lack of tension.  We talked for an hour before she got up to use the bathroom.  I took him into our room and called out to her that we were on the bed.  

“Finally!” she called back.

He sat down on the bed as she walked in, and I pulled her in front of me.  

“Would you like to see her naked?” I asked.  He smiled and nodded.  I pulled off her top and unbuttoned her jeans.  He watched me closely as I unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor.  Her breasts were small and perfect and her nipples were as hard as could be. I slid her panties down onto the floor as well and he gasped when he saw her.  

He finally stood up and they kissed so tenderly that I felt like an intruder.  I kissed her too, and then he and I leaned in as our mouths opened on each other like only old friends can do.  It only took moments for us to lose our clothes and end up on the bed with her body between us.  We kissed her and pulled open her thighs as our hands and fingers worked over her body.  

I held her chin in one hand and his cock in the other as I slowly guided him into her mouth. I pushed her down onto him, forcing him all the way into her throat as she reached her arms around him.  I fucked her as she sucked his cock and she started coming in waves.  

Later, I held her in my lap as he slid into her, and she looked up at me with pure gratitude in her eyes and desire on her lips.  I kissed her as they fucked and he leaned in to suck my cock.  

At one point he fucked her ass while she lay next to me.  At another, she sucked both our cocks at once, and I licked her clit as he slid in and out of her. She took us both at once and she cried and came as we did the same.

We all kissed and held each other, and when we weren’t coming we were laughing.   

Months later when she left me, it wasn’t for him.