Hana: And erotic story about Polyamory and open relationships“Did I really read this all in one sitting? I promised myself I’d make it last!

“As with his previous collection, Quickies In New York, Stories: Winter to Spring Guy New York’s stories sucked me in and spat me out with a huge grin on my face. Unlike the previous collection, this book followed a continuous storyline of Guy’s interactions with his friends and lovers. Featuring textured, believable characters, I found myself really able to empathize with the motley crew of participants in love, drinks, and schenanigans. If you’re in open relationships (or are curious about them) these stories give lovely & hot examples of what that can be like. I particularly enjoyed the combination of tasty sex and actual human interactions – this is no simple suck & a-four-letter-rhyming-word-Amazon-won’t-let-me-include-in-this-review*, including the messy and joyous emotions that come with the territory.”

Zalsoa (five star Amazon review)