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Delightful Review of MMF

mmf“Whatever you can imagine happening between two guys and a girl, the book has it. BDSM, kink, roleplaying, a couple living out their hot fantasies, friends who are trying a threesome for the first time, a couple seducing a stranger… it’s all there in the book.”

“And, quite unexpectedly, I found that you can learn a lot about characters in 2 minutes. Guy New York is very good at building character information into an erotic scene, and you feel as though you’ve been reading about the characters for an hour, when in reality it’s only been a minute or two.”

You can read the whole review over on Joe’s Tumblr.

Reviews of Susanna’s Affairs

“Guy, as always, weaves a surprisingly believable tale of sex and relationships. The action hits that best-of-both-worlds zone, where it is fantastic enough to thrill without leaving the realm of the plausible.”
– Justin on Amazon (five-star review)
“Sexy and intriguing and beautifully built up. The finale is exquisite and tormenting. I have No idea how Guy manages to write such love and beauty into his smut.”

Driving Lisa: Five stars!

tumblr_oa82vz35WA1qzd94lo1_1280“Kudos to the author. I’ve been reading his stories for years and this is hands down the hottest thing I’ve read of his (and I’ve read some really great smut from him). Show him your “interests” and he’s sure to please, so even if this plot doesn’t grab you, go find something that will. But try this book. It’s short (though you’ll be taking a few breaks…), creative and extraordinarily sexy. You’ll find kinks you didn’t know you had.” – J.M. five star Amazon review.

Pill X: The Cure

“This book was a fun concept for an erotica novel, it sets the stage for promiscuous behavior and inhibited adults. We meet students, teachers, bosses and assistants along with business clients and of course strangers. All of whom are doing it with each other and in some cases everyone. Wild, wicked short. If it had a sequel I read that too. Lots of fun scenarios and flirting with taboos.”

-Luv, Four Star Amazon Review

Erotica Review: Camping With the Guys

“When I downloaded this book, I thought it would be just another overly simplistic weekend of threesomes. What I got was so much better. Witty dialog, realistic characters, and reasonable situations. I really enjoyed it and wondered where the story would go after the last word, I was so interested in the characters.”

Four Star Amazon Review

Review: QNY The Complete Stories

tumblr_nx7q539ws11qzd94lo3_500“The stories have a wide range of feeling, from sweet to hot and always full of longing.”

“I like to imagine the characters are always around the corner or through the wall, so close in this same NYC. I’m glad to have them all collected in one huge book, too huge to devour in one sitting.”

G, five star Amazon review

“All of Guy’s work is fantastic and having all of QNY in one collection is brilliant. He has a deft command of erotica and you should probably also pick up a copy for your more… intimate friends as well.”

AG five star Amazon review

Review: The Ortolan Hunters

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.52.21 PM“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Guy read two of the stories in this collection at readings in NYC- “The Ortolan Hunters” and “The Elevator”- and then immediately went home and bought the book. He’s an incredible writer– willing to explore the darkest corners of human desire while grabbing your heart. He’s delightfully descriptive, and immerses you into the world of his stories from the first sentence. Get this book. Get it now.” — A.G five star Amazon review.

“Was happy to finally get my hands on a Guy New York piece, and it did not disappoint! This book is very well written, with vivid imagery and very unique storytelling from different perspectives of the characters. A very hot read! ;)” —Trisha, five star Amazon review

A very generous blurb from Chris Ryan

“If Henry Miller were alive today (and had a visual sense as acute as his intellect) he’d be doing something like this. What I particularly love is that this is erotica that appeals to my mind and spirit as much as my blood and balls. In both words and images, Quickies in New York finds eroticism everywhere from street-level vulgar to penthouse sublime. It doesn’t shy away from the chaos and emptiness that sometimes comes on the heels of ecstasy. The work is classy, gorgeous, and thoughtful.”

—Christopher Ryan, New York Times Bestselling Author of Sex at Dawn

Playboy Espanol

tumblr_luz248joiI1qzboch“Nueva York sigue siendo la ciudad más sexy del mundo. Y lo demuestra algo tan sencillo como esta especie de diario fotográfico de un tipo de la ciudad que se dedica a reflexionar sobre el erotismo, el desnudo, la sensualidad, el sexo y sus conquistas, menudo campeón, y lo ha bautizado como Quickies in New York…”

In English:

“New York keeps its name for the sexiest city in the world,and it’s shown with some- thing as simple as this photographic diary about a guy in the city who reflects on eroticism, nudity, sensuality, and sex.”

Read the article on


tumblr_luz2504zzV1qzboch“Quickies In New York: Bite Size Servings Of Sexy Stories And Photos:Though we know quite a few blogs that offer up a selection of (usually reblogged) erotic photos, and another handful that offer readers quality erotic tales, it’s the rare blog indeed that manages to deftly combine both erotic photography and erotic writing into one seamless, sexy package…”

Read the article on

Violet Blue’s Tiny Nibbles

tumblr_luz25i3wLt1qzboch“I found Quickies in New York back in February, and felt it was finally time to share this fun project with you – I wanted to wait to see if it kept its direction, or lost steam (as sadly so often happens with cool sex blogs like this). Quickies in New York is a delightful original content Tumblr that features erotic photos and stories showcasing aspects of New York sex.”

Read the article on

Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan

tsA few months back I recorded a podcast with Chris Ryan for his show Tangentially Speaking. And it just went live last night!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what I sound like, how I started writing, what sex with a tree is like, or how I feel about death, then have a listen. The whole show is a little over an hour.

You can hear it on iTunes or on Feral Audio.

Hana: Polyamory and Kink in NYC

Hana: And erotic story about Polyamory and open relationships“Did I really read this all in one sitting? I promised myself I’d make it last!

“As with his previous collection, Quickies In New York, Stories: Winter to Spring Guy New York’s stories sucked me in and spat me out with a huge grin on my face. Unlike the previous collection, this book followed a continuous storyline of Guy’s interactions with his friends and lovers. Featuring textured, believable characters, I found myself really able to empathize with the motley crew of participants in love, drinks, and schenanigans. If you’re in open relationships (or are curious about them) these stories give lovely & hot examples of what that can be like. I particularly enjoyed the combination of tasty sex and actual human interactions – this is no simple suck & a-four-letter-rhyming-word-Amazon-won’t-let-me-include-in-this-review*, including the messy and joyous emotions that come with the territory.”

Zalsoa (five star Amazon review)

Love & Kink

“I absolutely love this. This writing is so approachable, honest, realistic. It is inspirational to say the least, as a writer myself, I find Guy’s words are chosen well and don’t come off as cheesy, or overly graphic. Very well done erotica.”

(Five Star Amazon Review)


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