Full-Length Novels

I have two full-length novels out. Both are sweet, sexy, and emotional, but one of them is filthy as all hell.

The Dirty One ($5)

Disgusting Beautiful Immoral is no doubt, the dirtiest book in the world. It also happens to be smart, funny, sweet, and kinky as hell. From ageplay to spanking and threesomes to moresomes, the story speeds through New York City on a filthy bender of love, desire, and twisted passion.

The Sweeter One ($5)

The first novel by Guy New York, The Island on the Edge of Normal, follows James from New York City to the coast of Maine where he struggles to forget his past by destroying his memories one page at a time. As he settles into his new life, he finds himself falling in love with Issa, the married women whose house he is sharing.

"Absolutely incredible. It’s erotica in its purest form, and you absolutely do feel a little bit dirty after reading it, in the best kind of way. Not only is the erotic content incredibly written, you really get involved in the motivations and emotions of the characters. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down!"

Praise for Disgusting Beautiful Immoral

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