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My New Daddy

I have a habit of fucking the wrong men. To clarify, habit is probably not the right word. I should have said passion, compulsion, or addiction. That works better. I’m addicted to fucking the wrong men, and I’ve long since lost any regret or shame I might have once felt. We can only struggle with ourselves so long before we begin to collapse, and for me, it was easier to accept who I am than to justify or explain it.

The fantasies started long before I did anything about it. There were babysitters I wanted to catch me in the shower, teachers whose attention I’d do anything for, and friends of my parents who made me wet when they walked into the room. And the more wrong it was, the bigger my fantasy. I didn’t want any of dad’s friends, I wanted his boss. I didn’t want all of my teachers, just the married ones, and when it came to my babysitters, let’s just say none of them lasted very long in our household.

The first time I did more than flirt, tease, or spend hours in my bed with a vivid imagination, was a week before I graduated high school. I had just turned eighteen, and my mother was finally marrying her long-term boyfriend. For weeks my plan kept on getting worse. At first, I just wanted to fuck him because he was marrying my mom. For a while, I wanted to call him Daddy and fuck him on mom’s bed, but my fantasy kept on getting more intense right up until the day of their wedding when I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Mom’s best friend came to pick her up early in the morning to get their hair done. I was going to join them later, but for a few brief hours, I would be home alone with Jeff. There was no way I was going to pass up on my one chance to do the worst thing imaginable. Up until then, it had been a fantasy that got me off plenty but didn’t need to go anywhere else. But then it all fell together, and I suddenly knew I couldn’t go back. I was going to lose my virginity to my mom’s boyfriend on the morning of their wedding. Just the thought made me come before I even got out of bed.

When I walked into their bedroom in just a pair of panties and a teddy bear covering my tits, he didn’t know what the fuck to do. I smiled as I tiptoed over to the bed, and before he could say a thing I had the blanket off him, and I was straddling his naked body.

“What the hell are you doing Kaity?”

“I have a wedding present for you,” I whispered, my cunt now pressed against his already hard cock. This was going to be too easy.

“A teddy bear?” he asked, one eyebrow raised. I dropped it to the floor giving him his first glimpse of my tits, and his mouth just hung open. He was staring at me, and I knew he wanted it as much as I did. In fact, he had been staring at me for months, and that was just adding to my own fantasy. He was a good guy. A nice guy. But he wanted me all the same, and the idea of making him do something he was both terrified of and excited by made it so much better.

“Don’t be silly,” I said in my best little girl voice. “It’s my virginity.”

He was still staring at me as I rocked my hips back and forth, and I was already so wet I could have had him inside me in seconds. But there was no need to rush. I had waited long enough, and I could wait a bit longer. Especially if it meant seeing the expression on his face move from horror to desire no matter how hard he tried to fight it.

“Babe, this isn’t really funny. You’re a pretty girl, but the joke is over. Let’s get up and pretend this never happened, okay?”

He was straining against me, his cock so hard he was trembling, and even his words were starting to sound hollow. I pushed back against him, and I leaned down until his face was inches from my own. I could see him struggling not to move his hands up to my body, but no matter what he did I was going to win.

“It’s just my little gift to you,” I whispered, my lips now against his ear. “I’ve waited for so long, but now I can’t wait any longer. Besides, today is your special day, and I want it to be perfect. I want it to start with you getting fucked so hard you can hardly walk. You should have everything you want today, no matter what it is. Don’t you want me?”

“Fuck, I can’t even answer that,” he moaned, his hands finally moving to my hips. He dug his fingers into my skin and he twitched beneath me at the touch. I watched the muscles in his arms as he tried to pull away and touch me more all at the same time.

I was going to have to step it up.

“And later,” I continued. “At the wedding? I want you to look across the room at me as you stand there taking your vows, and know that your cum is dripping out of my tight little pussy. I want you to know that I was the last girl you fucked as you stand there next to my mom, and when you fuck her tonight, I want you to be thinking of me.”

When I slid my panties to one side he moaned so loudly I knew it was done. His eyes were glued to my smooth pussy, and I knew then that he had to have it. When I rubbed the head of his dick between my lips, I thought he might pass out.

“Kaity, please,” he groaned, as I opened myself with two fingers. He couldn’t look away, and neither could I. There was no going back for either of us and in just a few more seconds I was going to have a cock inside me for the first time. More importantly, I was going to have his cock inside me for the first time.

“Please what?” I asked. “Don’t you want to fuck me, Daddy?”

He thrust up so hard I thought was going to split me open, but I was ready and willing. I guided him into me, my whole body tensing up as he entered me all at once, and I was on fire. After all those years of longing, I finally had a big thick cock inside me, and I would never forget it. I started to moved my hips before kissing him on the lips, and all his hesitation was gone in a second. He moved within me, pulling me down onto him with his strong hands.

“That’s right, Daddy,” I continued. “Fuck my tight little pussy. I want you to come inside me so I know that you were my first. Oh God, it’s so big. It’s so hard and so big.”

I was screaming and moaning, and a minute later he flipped me onto my back and tore my panties off my hips. He sat there above me staring at my eighteen-year-old body, and all his hesitation was gone. All that was left was an animal desire. He bit my neck as he thrust back inside me, and I bucked my hips up to meet him over and over again. Each time he was the deepest inside me, I kissed his mouth and lifted my hips off the bed. His hands mauled my breasts, but even then I didn’t care. He wanted to do things to me that he couldn’t even begin to describe, and I was loving every second of it.

“Oh fuck, you’re so tight,” he moaned.

“Am I tighter than mommy?” I asked as I clenched around him.

“Oh god yes,” he moaned. “So much tighter than your mom.”

“Are you going to come in me? I want you to look at me all day long, knowing that you’re still inside me. Would you like that? When you kiss me after the ceremony, I’m going to whisper in your ear. I’ll tell you how wet I still am, and you’ll remember this moment, right now.”

“Oh god yes, Kaity. I’ll never fucking forget this.”

“That’s right Daddy,” I moaned, suddenly needing him to come more than anything. “Harder,” I moaned. “Please, fuck me harder.”

He closed his eyes and grunted, pushing so far into me I would feel it for days. And then he was coming and screaming, and I wrapped my legs around him as he thrust into me over and over again. The second I felt his orgasm start, my own ripped through my body in wave after wave of pleasure. I had made myself come hundreds of times, but this was something completely new. I clenched around his cock, and I swear I could feel him pulsing inside me. I shook and trembled, and I bit my lip so hard I nearly drew blood. I called out a million times, begging him not to stop, not to ever stop, and he held me so tightly I could hardly breathe.

I held him there for a long time, wanting to make sure it was real, and when he finally pulled out, I covered my pussy with my hand so I could feel the mess we made. I was still shaking and laughing, and I knew nothing would ever be the same. For the rest of my life, I would be looking to come that hard again, and I was completely looking forward to trying. I held his cock against my lips as he grew soft, and I played with the sticky come he left with complete glee.

“I can’t believe I did that,” he finally said, said looking down at my tiny body.

“Well, you better remember it,” I said, “because it’s never going to happen again.”

He frowned but didn’t say anything as I moved to the edge of the bed and struggled to stand. My legs were wobbly and my head dizzy, but I was happy and satisfied in ways I didn’t know were possible. I stopped at the doorway and watched him staring at my little ass, still not believing what we had just done. I waited just long enough to see the look on his face move from relief back into horror.

And then I was out the door, and back in my own room. For a long time, I thought he might come find me, but he never did. We both got dressed like nothing happened, and I kissed my mom on the cheek at the salon when I arrived.

“Did you have a good morning?” she asked when I sat down next to her.

“It was perfect,” I replied. “I am so happy for you. Jeff will be the best new Daddy ever.”

Later that night as I was dancing with him, I secretly slipped a finger into my cunt, still slick with his come. I reached up to his mouth and pushed it between his lips.

“Don’t forget,” I moaned into his ear. “Tonight, when you’re fucking my mother, I want you to think of me.”

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Jane’s Little Sister

“Let’s make a promise,” she said later that afternoon, lying naked against me. I was playing with her hair and she was gently touching my limp cock with a sympathetic look.

“I’m not going to marry you,” I said.

“Fuck you, that’s not what I mean. It’s not that kind of promise. I just think that we have this one chance, do you know what I mean? I’m going back to school in the fall, and you’re going to get a job, grow up, and become super boring, so why don’t we have fun this summer?”

“I was planning on having fun this summer,” I told her.

“Yeah, but let’s do whatever we want.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked dreamily.

“You’re not listening.” She sat up and stared at me. She was deadly serious. “Let’s make a promise that we’ll do whatever we want. I mean, if you want something I’ll do it. And if I want something you’ll do it too. No matter what.”

“So, if I want to spank you until you cry, I can do that?”

“Yeah, if you want to be boring,” she said. “I mean anything, Jack! Like if there’s something you always wanted to try but were afraid of, then we’ll do it. Or we’ll make it happen. It doesn’t have to be just us.”

“You mean anything at all?” It was my turn to sit up and look at her. “Like if I want to fuck Rachel while you watch, then I should do it?”

“You don’t want to fuck Rachel, but yes. I mean, we don’t need to make a list, but if suddenly you want to fuck me on the street then you do it. If you want to piss on the subway track then you do it. If I want to blow the next bouncer who won’t let us in, then I do it too.”

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something to say that would shock her. It was a good idea, but it was a high school idea. It was one of those things you thought up at eighteen to make yourself feel like a rebel. It was like a bad game of truth or dare where all the players can think to do is kiss each other and feel like they’re breaking a rule.

“What if I want to fuck my ex-girlfriend?” I asked.

“Then fuck her. I get to be there though. That’s part of the deal. Everything we do, we do together.”

“So, you want to watch?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I want to hold her down as you do it. Maybe I want to beat her ass with your belt as she rides your cock, and then make her eat my pussy.” Jane was quiet as she said it, but there was a grin on her face that I loved. I pulled her closer to me until she was sitting on my lap facing me. Her legs wrapped around me, and I pressed my chest against hers before kissing her lips.

“I could push her head into your cunt as I fuck her from behind, and you could pull her hair.”

“I could fist her as she sucks your cock, or you could fuck her ass while I slap her face and call her a whore.”

“You are a very dirty girl,” I whispered as I felt myself growing hard again. “What do you want to do?”

“I want to fuck my senior year English teacher,” she whispered. “I want you to bring me to his apartment when his wife is away, and I want you to watch me fuck him until he’s just about to come. I want to stop when he’s almost there and then make him watch you eat my pussy on his bed without touching himself.”

“You’re mean, too,” I said, lifting her enough to drop her back down onto my now hard cock.

“You don’t seem to mind too much.” She circled her hips and kissed me again. “Now, what else do you want?”

I understood the game then, and that’s just what I thought it was. She was going to push until she found something I didn’t like, and I was supposed to do the same. It was foreplay or fantasy, and I could get as creative as anyone, but I had to step it up.

“I want your ass,” I said.

“Lame,” came her response.

“I want to fuck you in a cab while the driver watches,” I tried.

“Better,” she said, fucking me faster. “But still somewhat pathetic.”

“I want to steal your father’s suit and listen to you call me Daddy,” I said, this time digging my hands into her skin as I thrust up into her cunt.

“You’re almost there.”

“What the fuck do you want from me?” I yelled as I bit into her shoulder.

“Something better,” she said. “Something harder. Something true.”

“I want to fuck your little sister,” I blurted out. “I’ve never even met her, but I don’t care. I want to fuck her tight pussy until she cries.”

Jane began to come instantly. She wrapped her arms around me and screamed, and there was no holding back at all. I had only recently realized she had a sister, but that didn’t matter either. In this fantasy, I could do anything. She ground into me, scratching my back so hard that I screamed as well, and she bit my ear before whispering into it.

“I get to watch,” she said as she came around me. “Oh fuck, I get to watch you pound her tight little cunt and call her a whore and slap her face, and oh my God!” She screamed as she came, and I didn’t let go. I pulled her to me and thrust up inside her with all the strength I had left.

“I want to taste her on your cock when you’re done, and then leave her covered in your come on her pretty princess bed. Jesus, I want to taste her pussy on your dick.”

For a moment I thought she might have passed out. She wrapped her arms around me, her head on my shoulder, and her whole body spasmed. He arms and legs shook, and I could feel her heart beating against my chest. I started to come as well, and I couldn’t honestly say if it was her body or her words that did it. I kissed her shoulder as I held her, and my body was a complete wreck. Her breathing was fast and loud, and her nails dug into my back. When she sat up there were tears in her eyes which she brushed away with her hands before pulling her hair back in a knot.

“Are you okay?” I asked. She nodded before kissing me on the nose.

“Don’t get weirded out, but I think I love you.”

“Because that’s what would weird me out? Not that whole thing about…”

“Shhhhh…” she said, with a finger to my mouth. We sat for a long while staring at each other, and I’d like to say I was present. I’d like to say that my mind stayed there with the girl in whom I was slowly growing soft inside. I’d like to say I wasn’t thinking about a baby sister I didn’t know, and what it would feel like to push inside her cunt as I stared into Jane’s beautiful eyes.

(From The Yes Rule, the story of one very fucked up summer.)

The Seniors

We used to sneak into the gym after school to make out on the high jump mats. It was usually pretty empty and the mats were thick and soft and all the way in the back corner. Sometimes we’d stay there for an hour kissing, feeling each other up, and jerking each other off.

And then we got caught.

I had her shirt off late one hot afternoon, and my hand was in her shorts as I kissed her neck and pulled on her hair. I guess she saw them before I did because she covered her chest with her arm and grabbed my hand. There were two seniors standing right next to us, and they looked like they had been enjoying the show.

“Don’t stop on our account,” one of the guys said.

“We can just leave,” I said, grabbing her shirt.

“I said don’t stop,” the guy said.

I looked down at Claire and she smiled shyly and sort of shrugged. So instead of running out, I kept fingering her as the guys moved closer to us. She arched her back and pulled me in for a kiss and if I noticed she was more wet than usual, it wasn’t until I thought about it much later.

“Take off her shorts,” the second guy said as he knelt next to us on the mat. I started to push them down and he told me to take her panties off too. When they were around her knees, she kicked them off the rest of the way as all three of us stared at her naked body.

“Fuck that’s hot,” one of them said.

“Were you two gonna fuck?” The other asked.

“Maybe,”Claire said to my surprise. We had only fucked a couple of times, and never in the gym. “Why, do you want to watch us?”

“Damn, you’re not shy at all, are you? I think we want to do more than watch. Why doesn’t your boyfriend go down on you for a bit to get you nice and wet.”

She pushed my head down, and I didn’t complain. Hell, I loved eating her pussy, and if she didn’t mind the audience, then who was I to complain? I opened her thighs and started kissing her and licking her as I worked two fingers inside her, and I almost forgot the guys were there until I looked up to see her sucking one of their cocks.

“Oh shit, that’s good. Get me nice and hard for you.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, looking up at her taking the guy all the way down her throat.

“Same thing you’re about to do unless you want us to tell the coach what we found,” the second guy said. I turned to look at him and he had his cock out in his hand as he knelt over her. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me closer, and before I could say anything I was sucking his cock instead of eating her pussy. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I had certainly thought about it enough to do an okay job. I wrapped my hand around him and took as much of him as I could. He got hard pretty fast.

“You’re gonna get me nice and ready so I can fuck your girlfriend,” he said, pushing further into my mouth as I choked. He leaned down and started fingering Claire at the same time, and suddenly I realized she was moaning and begging like I had never seen before.

“Do you want this?” The guy she was blowing asked her.

“Yes,” she, said, opening her legs wider. “Please…”

“Damn, I like this girl,” he said looking over at me sucking off his friend. He moved down the mat, grabbedClaire’s legs, spread them open, and then without pause, he shoved his cock inside her and started fucking her. She kept on moaning, until the guy I was blowing moved over to her mouth instead.

“You like watching your girl get fucked?” He asked as she sucked him too. I just nodded because, of course, it was hot as hell, even if I didn’t know how it had happened so quickly.Claire kept on moaning, but only a minute or two into it, the guy fucking her pulled out and started coming all over her.

“Guess it’s my turn,” the other one said, moving between her legs. He pulled me down again and made me get him nice and wet in between rubbing against Claire’s pussy. Finally, he started fucking her too as he pushed my mouth down to her clit. She grabbed my hair as I licked her, and in no time at all, she was coming louder than ever. The guy started mumbling about what a slut she was, and she came and she came as he fucked her while the other guy just watched.

Right in the middle, the guy pulled out again and shoved his cock into my mouth just as he started to come. I gagged for a second and he laughed before he slid into her again to finish. She pulled him down and kissed the guy as he came inside her, and I didn’t know what the hell to do. He pulled her legs up and thrust even deeper into her as he groaned, and he kept telling her how tight and dirty she was.

When he finally finished, he pulled out and stood up. Both of the guys got their shorts back on and stood over us looking down at her messy body. I thought they were going, but they waited until Claire pulled me in for a kiss as her hands tugged my shorts down.

“There you go,” one of the guys said, as she pulled me to her. I wasn’t going to complain, and since I was the only one who hadn’t come yet, I fucked her for all I was worth as they watched. I pinned her arms above her head and kissed her mouth and her neck, and somehow I lasted longer than I should have. By the time I finally came, the guys were gone, and Claire was panting as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Holy shit that was hot,” she said, kissing me on the mouth. “I’ve never fucked a senior before.”

“I’ve never sucked a dick before,” I said, smiling at her. We finally found our clothes and snuck out the back door of the gym. There was no place else we could go, so we finally had to go home and get ourselves off again as we talked on the phone about it.

We went back to the gym almost every day for a few weeks, but the guys never came back. Things got a little awkward because it was all we talked about, even when we were doing it just the two of us. We broke up right before summer, but we mostly stayed friends.

When I saw her years later at our tenth reunion, she dragged me into the gym and we stood looking at the mat as we remembered that fucked up afternoon. We kissed for a while, but she was married and I had a boyfriend I was trying not to cheat on again, so we didn’t go any further. But just standing in the room with her, I was hard in an instant.

“I still can’t believe we did that,” she said as we finally made our way back to the reunion.

“I’m glad it happened,” I said, kissing her on the cheek one last time.

“Me too,” she said. “Thanks for the reminder.”

We didn’t keep in touch after that, and I guess it’s just as well. But I still think about it sometimes when I need to get off real quick, and I have a feeling she does the same thing.

And to this day, I still love the smell of a gym mat on a hot spring afternoon.

For The Love of Daddy

Dad was quiet for a while and we stared at each other.

“You’re prettier than Mariko,” he finally said.

I leaned in and poked him in the ribs, but he was being serious for a change. I kissed him on the forehead and put my legs over his lap as I grabbed his hand.

“Are you telling me that I’m prettier than the hottest girl you’ve ever fucked? That’s kinda sad dad, because I’m not that pretty you know.”

“You’re the prettiest girl in the whole wide world and don’t you forget it. I mean, she was hot, but you’re…”

I wish I could tell you that this was my master plan. That I was thinking about what I could do next to get him into my bed, but the truth is I was drunk and happy, and I was so focused on the moment that I didn’t have anything left for scheming at all. He was looking at me with an expression I had never seen before, and I didn’t know what to say.

“Why were you crying this afternoon?” he finally asked. I still had my legs over his lap and his arm was around me.

“Cause I slept with a boy I don’t really like all that much.” I don’t know why I went with the truth, but so it goes. I blame the wine.

“Oh,” was all he said.

“You probably think I’m a slut,” I told him, as I rested my head against his shoulder. “A gross slut.”

“Was it terrible?”


We had a long moment of silence and once again I wasn’t sure how much he wanted to know or how much I was willing to tell him. He brushed my hair with his fingers absentmindedly, and we both reached down and had another sip of our wine. Just what we fucking needed.

“How come you slept with him if you don’t really like him?”

That was the first question he asked that I really didn’t want to answer, but somehow it slipped out. Just like that I said the words I could never take back and everything changed.

“Because he called me Babygirl.”

I thought he was going to push me off his lap or stand up and storm out. I thought he might move or try to say something funny so he could pretend he didn’t hear me, but instead, he was silent. He didn’t move his arm and I didn’t move a muscle. I kept my head on his shoulder and he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Babygirl,” he whispered quietly.

“Yes, Daddy?” I asked looking up at him.

“I’ve always called you that. It’s not just a name. It’s who you are to me.”

I kissed him on the cheek and his body tightened. When I put my hand on his face he froze in place, and I wanted to kiss him more than anything else in the whole world.

“I’ll always be your Babygirl,” I whispered and for the first time he moved. He pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head as his fingers ran down the length of my arm. I could feel the hairs on my body jump up and his touch sent shivers down my spine. I moved my arm gently beneath his fingers and he didn’t stop.

My nipples were hard beneath my shirt and when I looked down they almost looked obscene. My whole body was about to explode, and yet I couldn’t make myself move. His fingers moved up to my neck and brushed my cheek and still, I couldn’t do a thing. I leaned my head back onto the couch and watched his gaze fall on my neck. When he touched my chin I almost lost all control, and when his finger brushed against my lips I let out a moan.

He leaned in close to me, and I reached out to touch his shoulder.

“He called you Babygirl,” he said. It wasn’t a question. I opened my eyes and looked right at him. He needed me to say it, because he couldn’t.

“Yes, Daddy. He called me Babygirl, and I fucked him.”

His lips were strong and sweet, and they crushed into me before I knew what was happening. His arm was around me pulling me tighter, and I opened my mouth without thinking as he kissed me. I pulled his cheek to me and held him as I kissed him back; when his tongue traced the bottom of my lips I moaned again with unmistakable need.

(From my taboo novella For the Love of Daddy, only available here.)

Jane and The Painters

(CW: Non-con)

“It’s okay,” the foreman said, forcing me down onto a chair. They had a painter’s rag stuffed into my mouth, and they quickly tied my hands behind my back. One of them lifted me and the chair easily, and he positioned me at the foot of the bed facing Jane.

“What the fuck is going on?” she asked, trying to sound as threatening as she could. The foreman sat down on the bed quietly and looked at me one last time before turning back to her.

“Like I said, it’s nothing. We just wanted to make sure your boyfriend here had a nice view.”

“What do you mean?” she stammered.

“He means a nice view of us fucking you,” one of them said, laughing. She hardly noticed the others surrounding the bed until there were five men undoing their overalls and leering at her with clear intentions.

“Look, I have money,” she said. “What do you want? I can give you anything, you don’t want to do this.”

“I think we do want to do this,” the foreman said. “In fact, after your boyfriend here showed us a couple pictures of you, it’s pretty much all we could think of, right boys?”

The other men nodded and grunted as they climbed onto the bed, and before Jane could move, the sheets were pulled from her hands and tossed onto the floor. She tried to cover herself as I rocked in the chair and struggled to scream through the gag in my mouth. She was so perfectly lovely that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Even as the first man grabbed her foot and pulled her towards him I stared. Her hair was long and lovely, and her coffee sat steaming on the bedside table. Someone else grabbed an arm until she was lying on her back getting stretched in both directions.

“It’s okay,” the foreman said, running a finger down her cheek. “I told the boys they each have to pick only two holes. It could really be much worse. Besides, you’ll have Jack her to watch out for you. He’ll be here the whole time watching us fucking his pretty little slut.”

He leaned in close, his fingers now between her legs, opening the lips to her pussy. His mouth was against her ear.

“Personally I’ve only decided on your pussy for now.” His fingers pushed inside her. “But we’ll see how I’m inspired as the day goes on. I could go either way really. Your mouth is sweet, but your ass… Oh, baby, your ass is a fucking peach.”

To say I was hard would be an understatement. To say I was struggling would be to confuse the issue. I was fighting against the ropes that held me to the chair, and I was struggling with the gag in my mouth, but more than anything, I was struggling with the love welling up within me as I watched the five men close in on her, their hands touching every inch. I was devouring the sight with my eyes, and it was all I could do not to come just from watching. They lost their clothes within in minutes, and the first time one of them pried open her mouth and slid his thick cock between her lips, I nearly started to cry.

She looked small on the bed, surrounded by monsters with only one thing on their minds. As she choked loudly there were hands everything. They squeezed her breasts, slapped her thighs, and wet their fingers on her cunt. They pulled her open mouth back and forth between themselves, and their groans grew louder with each passing second. One of them opened his mouth on her pussy, grunting about how good little girls taste, and I strained against my bonds as hard as I could. When the first one fucked her I thought I might die, and when he pulled out seconds later and came on her tummy I was bursting to get free.

Jane struggled for a while, and she tried as hard as she could to keep her eyes on me. I’m not sure if she was looking for strength, or something else, but I stared back. Just beneath the surface, part of her was wondering, and I could see it in her face as she watched me. My erection was clear through my flimsy pajamas, and I could smell Jane’s pussy from where I was sitting. When the foreman threw her onto her back, her head at my knees hanging off the end of the bed as he started to fuck her, I was almost done. She stared at me, never once breaking eye contact, as he moved between her legs and she grew quiet and calm. Someone shoved a cock into her mouth, and still, she watched me, hoping for some betrayal.

They held her there for a long time, once thick cock in her cunt and the other men taking turns with her mouth, and my vision grew blurry. The foreman didn’t seem to require rest, and he fucked her faster and harder with every second. Her legs were held open and her arms were gripped tightly above her head. Someone came in her mouth before instantly being replaced by another man, eager to feel her lips around him.

It wasn’t until she reached one hand up to the cock in her mouth that I gave in. She wrapped her fingers around him before taking him all the way into her throat, and I was in awe. A smile broke out on my face amidst the struggle, and she glared at me with a fierce cat growl that nearly scared me.

“Wait,” she said.

Surprisingly, the men stopped. The foreman, looking down at her, simply raised an eyebrow. His cock was still buried inside her.

“I want to make him really watch,” she said, sitting up on the bed. With another growl she pulled him down and climbed on top of him, her body still facing me. She took his thick cock in one hand and rubbed it against the lips to her cunt. And then she closed her eyes as she sank down onto him. Within minutes the entire scene had changed, and the men were suddenly struggling to keep up with her demands.

(From The Yes Rule, one of my more fucked up novellas)

Lisa Shows Off in the Car

“It’s pretty simple,” she said, her hand moving down to her thigh as she tugged on the hem of her shorts. “I just like to feel like a slut. It’s a cross between objectification and submission, I guess. It’s mostly about feeling wanted. Like really truly wanted in filthy ways by all the wrong people.”

“That doesn’t sound simple,” I said, trying to focus on my driving as I inwardly groaned. Of course, she had to get turned on by exactly the things I was trying to avoid.

“Well, it’s not like I’m into piss or knife play. I don’t want to wear a pony mask or get put in a cage with a dog bowl. I just like it when men want to fuck me and are really obvious about it. Like how you got when I told you I let that guy finger me.”

“You are fucking intense, Lisa, do you know that? There is no way in hell I would ever tell Brendan any of this, and please tell me the same is true for you. He’d fucking kill me.”

“We’re just talking,” she said, her hand still fumbling with her tiny shorts.

“That’s true,” I said, knowing how big a lie that really was. “We’re just talking. For now.”

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything, right?”

“Well, it’s good that we have that settled,” I said with a smirk.

“But I guess watching isn’t really a crime, though, is it?” She asked, my eyes following hers as they looked down at her lap. “I mean, what happens in the car isn’t important. And besides, it’s not my fault if you happen to look.”

And then, as I looked at the road with one eye, and the girl with the other, she did just what Molly would have done. Never looking up, she pulled the thin fabric to one side, her legs opening wider until I could see her perfectly smooth cunt just two feet away from me.

“This is where he touched me,” she whispered. “He had his fingers all over and inside me, and I got so wet. Almost as wet as I am now.”

She reached down with her other hand and gently touched the lips of her pussy as I tried not to crash the car. When I finally stole another glance at her, she pushed one finger inside herself before pulling it out–slick with her excitement–and licking it clean.

“That was quite lovely,” I said, looking back at the road, my hard cock now impossible to hide. “I’ll confess that I never really believed what Brendan said about you, but you’re starting to impress me.”

“That was super hot,” she said. “You almost killed us you wanted to look so bad. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get hard so quickly. Maybe you’re not such an old man.”

“You have no idea,” I mumbled, my eyes back on the road as I tried to will my erection away. She was no longer teasing, but it didn’t really matter because I understood her now. I had seen her smooth cunt, and I had watched her spread herself open for me and there was no going back. There was no more pretending we were just playing a game. This was either going to be the longest car ride in the history of the world or the shortest.

(From Sharing The Wrong Girl: A road trip with my best friend’s daughter.)

There’s Nothing

a young woman on her knees on a bed lifting up her skirt

Photo by Guy New York

“Show me what’s under your dress,” I said, as she lay down on my bed with a shy smile.

“There’s nothing,” she whispered, her knees touching even as she sat up on her elbows. Her cotton dress was pretty and old, and it sat on her thighs completely aware that it was in the way.

“I’m sure that’s not true,” I said. “Show me.”

She bit her lip and reached one hand down to grab the frayed hem. Just hours earlier she had confessed that she would do anything, and as my requests grew more and more insistent her hesitation came with a quickening breath and a flushing of her cheeks.

I leaned in closer and grabbed one knee, pushing her legs open as I watched. She whimpered ever so slightly as she lifted the dress up, sliding it over her thighs until it finally rested on her belly.

“Open your legs,” I said, my voice no longer sounding like my own. This time she leaned back and closed her eyes, doing just what I told her. I slid a hand up one thigh and down the other, listening to her sigh as I quickly passed her over. When I kissed her stomach she moaned my name, and when my fingers touched her lips she nearly jumped off the bed.

Her pussy tasted like summer. She was coconut and salt water; she was hot sun and bare skin. I licked her and kissed her, my fingers pushing inside her as she lifted her hips off the bed and pulled me to her. My tongue found every inch of skin it could, and I tasted her until she was inside me.

By the time I moved up to her mouth, her hands were around me pulling me in. I tore her dress off her shoulders, aching to feel her skin against mine, and I kissed her hard as I thrust inside her. She screamed out as I worked my way in, and when she had taken all of me we paused and kissed until there were tears in our eyes.

We fucked slowly, all the energy of reaching this moment held tightly in. I held her hands, she clenched her thighs, and we nearly held our breaths as we moved within one another. When my fingers touched her chin they were firm and unshaking. When her hands touched my face they were strong and determined.

As our fucking moved in just one direction the tension built until both our bodies were springs ready to snap. I leaned up on my hands, watching the mechanics of our sex before kissing her once more and giving her her final task.

“Come for me,” I demanded, as I thrust all the way inside her. She reached a hand between our bodies, her fingers frantic against her skin, and we climbed the final peak together. We moaned and screamed and made faces that were full of nothing but need. When she finally shouted her release I was right behind her, my cock exploding within her as we kissed between ragged breaths. We came for hours and days. We came for months and for seconds. We came without end, and I stayed within her even when I collapsed against her wet skin and kissed her lips with tenderness once more.

“I knew there was something beneath this,” I whispered, toying with the cotton that still clung to her hips. “Something perfect.”

My Sister is a Slut

“I think my little sister is turning into a big slut.”

We were lying on her bed at her parent’s house drinking stolen bottles of champagne.  Both of us were wearing her ex-boyfriend’s boxers and nothing else, but it had been days since we fucked.

“Did she fuck everyone last night?” I tried to sound casual but my heart was racing as I said it.

Kelly rolled onto her back and sucked the empty bottle between her lips. I stared at her mostly naked body and felt my cock twitch. I didn’t close my eyes.

“She fucked someone,” she said, putting the bottle back down and looking around the room for another. “I heard her in the bathroom when everyone else was up on the roof. She kept saying fuck me, daddy, over and over again. It was totally fucked up.”

“Who was it?” I asked, my hand on her stomach, running along the elastic of her shorts.

“I don’t fucking know. Some creep I’m sure. It’s just gross. I mean, who says that?” When my fingers got too daring she slapped my hand away before standing up and opening the last bottle. I lay there looking at her and shook my head. She turned and took a long sip, not even looking at me. Fuck it. I closed my eyes and remembered.

The bathroom was dark, but she knew who I was. I kissed her and undressed her at the same time and she asked me over and over again how long I’ve wanted her. Her cunt was smooth and tight, and she wrapped her fingers around me, pulling me towards her with a groan of need I hadn’t heard in months. Before we could think too much at all I bent her over the sink and I was inside her. She pushed back to me, and the words poured from her mouth. Over and over again she moaned them as I fucked her cunt.

When I came she wouldn’t let me go until I knelt on the floor in front of her and licked her clean.

“What the fuck are you thinking about?” Kelly asked, sitting back down on the bed.

“Nothing,” I said, rolling over to my stomach. “Just, nothing.”

In Full Disclosure

Sexy woman lying on her back on a bed.

“We finally stopped using condoms,” she said like she was telling me what time it was.

“Do you like it?” I asked, leaning back on the couch. We had been dating for a few months, but the guy she was dating for nearly a year now tended to get the bigger perks. I mean, it’s not a competition or anything, but there you have it. Perks.

“Yeah, it’s easier most of the time. Messier though. You know what I mean. You’ve done it before.”

“Sure, but not with you.” I wasn’t trying to be grouchy about it, and I definitely wasn’t trying to convince her to do the same with me, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t a bit jealous.

“I just thought you’d want to know, alright? It’s good disclosure and shit. I’m trying to do this poly thing right for a change, and this is something I’m supposed to share.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe her, but she didn’t say it like it was a big secret. There was something else that I was too dense to pick up on.

“Mostly,” she said, having the decency to blush for the first time. “I just thought…”

“What?” I asked, so not getting angry. Definitely not. I wasn’t that jealous and I definitely wasn’t turned on.

“Nevermind,” she said, turning away. She picked up her beer and I instantly knew that I had fucked up. L didn’t tell me shit so we could process it. She didn’t disclose information so we could sit and ponder our boundaries or philosophize about our relationship models. Fuck, why do I keep forgetting who I’m talking to?

“Tell me,” I said, this time more quietly. This time with a hand on the side of her face, and this time in a voice she recognized instantly. She sat up straighter, she put her drink down, and she turned to me slowly.

“It’s new,” she whispered. “And we like it.”

“Keep going,” I said, pulling her closer to me on the couch.

“We like it a lot. So we’ve been fucking more.”

“How much more?” I asked, tightening my grip in her hair as I lifted her dress up with my other hand.

“A few times a day,” she said, nearly whispering as she leaned back and opened her legs wider. “Twice last night, and then again this morning.”

“And?” I asked, parting her thighs as I slipped my fingers under the elastic. She breathed deeply as I toyed with her, sliding my hand along her soft skin without fully touching her. L put her hand on mine, pushing it lower as she moaned against my ear, her body growing limp. I teased her gently, parting her lips before pressing one finger inside her.

“And just before,” she said.

“Before what?” I asked, kissing her neck, and then her shoulder. I shoved her to her back as I moved down her body, her dress around her chest. I kissed her stomach just as I felt her hand in my hair. My fingers entered her one more time, pushing the cotton to one side as I stared at her.

“Just before I came over,” she sighed, pushing me to her with all of her strength. “Just now, just a half hour ago. He fucked me just now. Please…”

Her words changed to something else as I opened my mouth on her and goddamnit why did she have to know me so well? I pushed my tongue into her messy cunt as she held me there, biting her hand and moaning into her arm as she squirmed with each touch.

“He came right there,” she said, pulling me even harder against her and there was nothing I could do. I kissed her thighs and ran my tongue up and down her swollen lips. I pushed fingers inside her and then my tongue once more, tasting both of them at the same time. As much as I focused on her, I still pictured him above her, fucking her just moments earlier, and I was so fucking hard I couldn’t stand it.

“That feels so good, don’t fucking stop. I knew you’d like it. I knew you would.”

“I hate it,” I said, looking up before licking her slowly from top to bottom. I devoured her, ate her, tasted her, and fucking worshiped her like that cunt was divine. Every single bit of her was mine to exalt and to destroy. I swallowed her as she clenched around my fingers, and her moans grew louder than my prayers. She screamed, she shook, and she laughed until my lips and chin were soaked with adoration.

And then I moved up her body before kissing her, letting her taste their come as well. She still trembled as she opened her legs to me and I growled in frustration.

“I fucking hate it,” I said again.

“Then fuck me like you hate it,” she said, handing me that damn foil package. I could hardly hold back as I rolled the fucking latex down over my cock, but then I was inside her, fucking her wet pussy like I thought I could keep her. I bit her lips, bruised her wrists, and didn’t stop until I had finished as well, the condom swelling with my release.

“You’re going to kill me,” I sighed as I collapsed against her.

“You love it,” she said, kissing me gently. “Besides, it’s only fair. If he’s fucking me so much more, then you should too. We have to be equal with these things.”

“You mean with some things,” I groaned.

“Well, of course only some things. It had to be one of you, and I chose him.”

“Why?” I asked, nestling into her soft hair.

“Because of that,” she said. “Because you just fucked me harder than you have in weeks. Because it will drive you crazy, and he would have accepted it like a good person and we would never have spoken of it again. Because I wanted your mouth and your jealousy. You know. I wanted everything.”

“You’re the worst.”

“I know,” she said, kissing me head. “It’s why you love me.”

Hot Summer Nights

We didn’t sleep all night.

It was hot, but we found our bodies touching over and over again, each time lasting longer than the time before. She pulled away when I caressed her arm, and I rolled over when her knee slid too high up my thigh. Early in the morning, I watched, not feeling connected to my body or actions, as I leaned in and kissed her bare shoulder. When she turned to her back, her legs parted and her hand on her stomach, I didn’t look away.

When my hand replaced hers, neither of us moved it. When my fingers traced the edge of elastic neither of us said a word. Her leg pushed against mine, her hand felt my skin with intention, and I didn’t stop. She moaned when I touched hair, and she parted her thighs wider, seemingly holding her breath as I leaned forward until my hand was hovering above her wet skin. I kissed her cheek, my fingers barely tracing her, and she opened her eyes.

“Kiss me,” I whispered.

When her lips touched mine, my hand dropped, fingers opening her even as our tongues did the same. I pulled her to me, kissing her harder as she struggled with my boxers, pushing them down until her hand was around my cock. We moaned and squirmed, losing our few items of clothing until finally our sweaty bodies were just skin against skin and it was too much.

“I want you,” I said, climbing between her legs and pinning her arms above her head. “Now.”

“Yes,” she said, lifting her hips off the bed. “Yes, yes, yes.”

It took effort to penetrate her, and I finally had to reach between our legs and guide myself inside her. But when it was done, when we were as close as it was possible to be, time held still right along with us. I stared into her eyes, she slid her hands down to my ass, and then finally we kissed once more before we started to fuck.

She came within minutes, her legs wrapped around my body, her teeth pulling on my lip, and my cock buried inside her. I breathed her orgasm, never letting go of our kiss, even as she shuddered beneath me. I slowed down only enough to feel her around me, clenching and trembling as she came, and then I was fucking her once more, needing to join her in her release more than anything I had needed before.

When I came she was laughing, her body still in convulsions as I closed my eyes and arched my back, thrusting inside her over and over again as my orgasm ripped through me. My toes tingled, my hands went numb, and it felt like every ounce of life, soul, and heart filled her at the same time. I gave over completely, letting go of the world, and for a few glorious seconds, I didn’t exist.

We kissed for a long time, my body growing soft inside her. Her giggles spread to me as I pushed her hair from her face and stared at her knowing eyes. She was prettier than should be allowed, and I loved her impossibly.

“Do you feel guilty?” I finally asked.

“No,” she whispered, touching my lips. “I feel stupid.”

“Why stupid?”

“Because you silly boy. If we had done that earlier, we might have fucking slept.”

Morals Far and Few

Her bikini was so small that it took me five minutes to realize I knew her. But when she turned around, smiled at me, and took the empty chair next to me by the pool, it all came rushing back in an instant.

“I haven’t seen you since high school,” she said, pulling her sunglasses down.

“Who let you up here?” I asked. She had always been a difficult student, and I teased her to no end about it. Old habits die hard.

“Me? I’m more surprised they let lecherous old men like you up here with all these pretty young things. Don’t they have a bouncer anymore?”

The rooftop deck was less exclusive than it was hard to find, but that didn’t mean she was wrong. She fit in far better than I did, although I suppose I was part of the charm. What’s the point of discovering a swimming pool on the roof if you can’t bump into writers and artists with morals few and far between?

“I seem to recall you had a fondness for lecherous old men like me,” I said, wondering how much had changed. Eight years is a long time, especially for a girl like her.

“And I seem to recall you didn’t mind a short skirt and knee high socks. Although I suppose this bathing suit doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

I looked her up and down without hiding a thing because the game came back without any effort at all. We had a boundary we both pushed against, and while it grew blurrier the closer we got to graduation, there was still a line I hadn’t crossed. It wasn’t much of one, but it was a line all the same.

“I wonder if I would have done it,” she said, closing her eyes. “I mean, if you had actually followed through with my blatant offers, I wonder how I would have reacted. It’s so easy now to picture myself doing it all, but at the time I think I was still content with the fantasy.”

“I’m glad you never asked me outright,” I said, and it was the truth. Hints were one thing, but if she had undressed or told me to take her, I’m not sure what I would have done.

“I can’t remember how many times I came thinking about you.”

“I stopped counting a long time ago,” I said, turning to face her. She sat up and leaned closer to me so our heads were practically touching.

“It’s not as hot now, is it?” She asked, one hand on my cheek. “I mean, the thought of you fucking me right now. The image of you pulling me into the bathroom, sliding this bikini to one side, and just fucking me until the guilt goes away just isn’t as hot as it was when I was your student.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s completely without appeal,” I whispered, sliding one hand down her shoulder as I toyed with the thin blue strap. “In fact, I can think of five reasons we shouldn’t fuck right now, and none of them have to do with my tenure.”

“One of us has a ring on,” she whispered.

“And one of us has a date waiting at the bar,” I said, my hand slipping down to her hip.

“Neither of us has a condom,” she said, her lips against my ear.

“Both of us fall in love too quickly.”

“On the other hand, there’s a lock on the bathroom door and eight years is a long time to wait.”

“You make a good point,” I said, standing up and pulling her with me. “It’s a very long time to wait.”

“You know what will be longer?” She asked, looking up at me with a grin I remembered far too clearly.

“What’s that?”

“The two minutes you have to wait before following me.”

And she was not wrong.

A Creepy Birthday Blowjob

I told her that in high school a good friend once asked to suck my cock so she could practice before trying it on her boyfriend later that night. It was a drunk story I told her late one night, and I had almost forgotten I shared it until she climbed into bed with that look on her face that I love so well.

“You remember that thing about a practice blowjob?” she asked, kneeling over me and licking her lips.

“Of course I do. It was a fucking fantastic afternoon, and after the party, my friend kissed me on the lips telling me her boyfriend had loved how good she was.”

“Yeah, that one,” she sighed, reaching one hand down to my jeans. “Can we maybe try it out? But with other things?”

We played a few different games, but I was fairly certain I knew which one she meant. I rolled her to one side and pushed her hair behind an ear gently. I slide the strap of her shirt and bra down as she looked into my eyes with a question. I whispered that it was okay. I assured her everything would be alright as long as we were quiet and didn’t tell.

“But we shouldn’t,” she sighed.

“I just want to help,” I told her, taking her hand and placing it on my growing cock. “It doesn’t matter that you’re my sister, it only matters that I’m here, and you need to practice. You want to make him happy, don’t you?”

“But what if someone finds out?” she asked, not taking her hand away as I gently kissed her neck and chin.

“You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” I asked. She shook her head as I unzipped my jeans, and by then I was so hard it didn’t matter. We were already so deep in the game there was no going back.

“Good, so be a good girl and suck your big brother’s cock. I already told you, your boyfriend will thank me for it. You have to get better at it sometime.”

She didn’t need more convincing before leaning over and tentatively taking me between her lips. Her hand was gentle as she slid it up and down my cock, but the game blurred with reality because I knew the truth, and I needed it as much as the fantasy. Maybe it could work if I said the right words.

“You know, he’s not as nice as me,” I said. “In fact, I think he’ll be a bit more aggressive than this.”

And before she could come up for air, I shoved her down around my cock until I was buried in her throat. She gagged for not even a second before coming up and smiling at me like she had just won a blue ribbon. I pushed her back down and began moving faster and faster as I fucked her, the fantasy full in my mind even as I used her the way she really was.

“Sit up and show me your pussy,” I told her, grabbing her by the hair as she gasped for air. She blushed but lifted her dress, and I stared at her like it was the first time.

“My god, you are so hot, sis. And that little pussy is going to be mine on these days too, you know that right? You know I’m going to fuck you soon?”

Before she could do anything but nod and whimper, I pulled her back down to my cock, rolling us both over until we were on our side.

“But now I’m going to fuck your slutty little mouth until I come.”

“Oh god,” she gasped, letting me fuck her harder and harder.

Blowjobs do not usually make me come. Nothing sweet ever does. But as I shoved her onto her back, my hand on her breasts as I fucked her mouth and throat harder and faster, I knew that I was close. She took all of me, her hands on my ass as she let me use her, and just a few minutes later I growled her name and thrust into her before coming down her throat as she swallowed every drop.

As soon as I was done, I pulled her up for a kiss as he little fingers moved between her legs. I held her by the throat as she brought herself closer and closer.

“You’re going to come for your big brother, and when you boyfriend is fucking your mouth later, you’re going to pretend that it’s me. Isn’t that right, Sis?”

She was coming before I got the sentence out, and I held her closely as she screamed and bit her lip, trembling around her fingers as she called out to the divine.

A few moments later I held her limp body in my arms and kissed her hair.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” she said, kissing me between giggles.

“You are amazing,”  I said, holding her tightly as both of us slowly began to return to ourselves.

“How the fuck do you know my head so well?”

“Maybe we just share a brain,” I replied.

She lay there against me for a long time, my shirt untucked, my pants around my knees, and my cock still hard against my stomach. Her dress was askew and one breast was still bared to the world. I pushed my fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead as I whispered thank you over and over again.

Finally, she looked up and kissed my nose.

“Happy birthday, now let’s go eat oysters and get drunk.”

And that’s just what we did.

From Sharing the Wrong Girl: A Road Trip with my Best Friend’s Daughter

Sharing the Wrong Girl

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“Do you want to know my kink?” she finally asked.

“Obviously,” I said, stealing another glance of the pink cotton showing beneath her shorts. Her thighs were smooth and inviting, and I pictured a thousand things all at once. If she was going to tease, I was prepared to call her bluff.

“It’s pretty simple,” she said, her hand moving down to her thigh as she tugged on the hem of her shorts. “I just like to feel like a slut. It’s a cross between objectification and submission, I guess. It’s mostly about feeling wanted. Like really truly wanted in filthy ways by all the wrong people.”

“That doesn’t sound simple,” I said, trying to focus on my driving as I inwardly groaned. Of course, she had to get turned on by exactly the things I was trying to avoid.

“Well, it’s not like I’m into piss or knife play. I don’t want to wear a pony mask or get put in a cage with a dog bowl. I just like it when men want to fuck me and are really obvious about it. Like how you got when I told you I let that guy finger me.”

“You are fucking intense, Lisa, do you know that? There is no way in hell I would ever tell Brendan any of this, and please tell me the same is true for you. He’d fucking kill me.”

“We’re just talking,” she said, her hand still fumbling with her tiny shorts.

“That’s true,” I said, knowing how big a lie that really was. “We’re just talking. For now.”

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything, right?”

“Well, it’s good that we have that settled,” I said with a smirk.

“But I guess watching isn’t really a crime, though, is it?” She asked, my eyes following hers as they looked down at her lap. “I mean, what happens in the car isn’t important. And besides, it’s not my fault if you happen to look.”

And then, as I looked at the road with one eye, and the girl with the other, she did just what Molly would have done. Never looking up, she pulled the thin fabric to one side, her legs opening wider until I could see her perfectly smooth cunt just two feet away from me.

“This is where he touched me,” she whispered. “He had his fingers all over and inside me, and I got so wet. Almost as wet as I am now.”

She reached down with her other hand and gently touched the lips of her pussy as I tried not to crash the car. When I finally stole another glance at her, she pushed one finger inside herself before pulling it out–slick with her excitement–and licking it clean.

(This is an excerpt from Sharing the Wrong Girl, a rewrite of Driving Lisa after Amazon banned it. If you purchased Driving Lisa and would like a free copy of the new version, just drop me a note and I’ll send you links to download it.)

A Horrible Chaperone


Mr. B. was sleeping next to us in the tent for exactly this reason.

We were quiet, but no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and we definitely couldn’t fall asleep. They had forced us to sleep in separate sleeping bags, put a teacher in the tent with us, and waggled fingers at us while reminding us that one of us had a boyfriend who wasn’t on the trip.

But her kiss was warm in the cold and the rest was impossible. We had hiked all day through the snow, our bodies were exhausted and beaten, and we had talked. Maybe that shouldn’t be enough, but we confessed too many things to hold back. She said she was filthy and I told her I had wanted her for too long. There were secrets shared, desires extolled, and then finally just as we crawled into bed, there were promises made.

He snored beside us as we undid the zippers that cacooned us in our separate places. With the bags open, we slipped into each other’s arms, hands finding skin beneath the layers of clothing. When I got a hand between her thighs she was wet already and when she finally released me into her waiting hand, I was hard in spite of the cold.

“I want you so fucking badly,” I said, fingering her as she jerked me off with slow deliberate strokes.

“I want you too,” she moaned, kissing me again. “I don’t care that he’s here. Let him watch, just fuck me already.”

Before I could respond she leaned down and took me into her mouth, her lips opening around my cock, and for a moment I thought I might come right then. But she didn’t stay there long even as the temperature in the tent went up a hundred degrees. His eyes were still closed, but it was hard to tell about the snoring, and suddenly I didn’t care at all. He should have heard us by now, he should have stopped us by now, and if he hadn’t, then it meant only one thing.

“Do it,” she said, pushing her pants, long underwear, and panties down around her knees. She turned her back to me and leaned forward as she faced our silent teacher. “Fuck me. Just fuck me already.”

I bit the back of her neck as I pulled her hips to me, trying to part her legs enough to get closer. I held my cock in one hand as I rubbed against her, both of us no longer in control of anything. She reached back and spread her lips open, and I tried again, this time finding her entrance with ease. I groaned as I pushed forward and then it was done and I could feel her around me and nothing had ever felt better in my whole goddamn life. Her cunt was warm and wet and nothing mattered but fucking her in the cold darkness.

Her moans were quiet but distinct, and when I finally looked up his eyes were open. She leaned forward even more, and I could barely hear her whisper as she reached out with one hand.

“He’s fucking me so hard, Mr. B. He feels so fucking good.”

I watched in shock as he took her hand and brought it to his lips, sucking two fingers between them without saying a word. We didn’t stop, although I slowed down just enough to keep myself from coming. Whatever was happening, we weren’t getting thrown out of the tent let alone school. He moved quietly but deliberately as he unzipped his own sleeping bag, and it was clear what he had been doing: his cock was out and hard in his hand.

“Oh fuck that’s hot,” she said, letting him suck her fingers deeper into her mouth. “Your cock is so beautiful Mr. B.”

Before I knew what was happening he had one hand is her hair as he pushed her down, and I followed as best I could, holding onto her hips for dear life. I slipped out of her, and just as I tried to reconnect, I was stopped short by the vision of her mouth opening around his thick cock. He thrust his hips up, making her take all of it in one gasp, and then he began to fuck her as he groaned.

“Don’t stop,” he growled, and it took me a few moments to realize he was talking to me. I grabbed her ass and pushed back inside her. I swear the tent vanished as we fucked, and I couldn’t stop to even think about what was happening. I fucked her as she sucked his cock, and not once did he let go of her hand, her tiny fingers buried so deep in his mouth I thought he might gag on them.

“I want you to fuck me too Mr. B.,” she said, looking up for just one moment and I knew it was done. “Please, I want this cock too.”

I grabbed her hips even as he pushed her head back down around him. I pushed deeply inside her as I started to come, and he didn’t let her go for an instant. I could hear her choking even as she clenched around me, and he thrust his hips faster as he used her mouth by one hand in her hair. He finally let go of her fingers and bit his lip, closing his eyes as he came too.

I rolled back and looked up at the roof of the tent, wondering what the fuck had just happened, but they weren’t done. His hands were all over her, and someone they both managed to get her clothes off in the darkness.

“Come here,” he demanded, and I rolled back to her side as his hands slid up and down her naked body. “Kiss her again, and touch her. Let me watch you two freaks until I’m hard again.”

“Are you serious?” She asked, opening her legs to my fingers one more time.

“Why do you think I offered to watch you two?” he said, his hand on his cock as he watched me kiss her neck and her chin.

“To keep us from doing anything stupid?” I asked looking up as he crawled between her legs. She looked down, her eyes open wide as he rubbed against her, his cock nearly hard once more.

“Yeah, that was it,” he said. “To keep an eye on you two. To make sure nothing happened.”

“You’re not doing a good job of it,” she said, reaching down and taking him in her hand.

“No,” he said, plunging into her waiting cunt. “I’m really not.”

A Not-So-Secret Fetish: Erotica from QNY


My first girlfriend in college told everyone the secret that I had only told her.

Drunk and in bed one night, I confessed to her that the thought of going down on her after she had been fucked by someone else turned me on. At the time she played along, she even seemed to enjoy the fantasy, but three days later it was suddenly clear that the cat was out of the bag.

Our guy friends called me all sorts of names that don’t bear repeating and our girlfriends simply shook their heads and occasionally muttered the word gross under their breath. I put up with the teasing, climbing into my shell a bit deeper, and promised never to share anything that personal again. It was just a silly fantasy, but that didn’t seem to matter because suddenly I was the weird one with a fetish.

But after a little while, I began to notice that the shaking heads started to come with a raised eyebrow of curiosity, and less than a week after the story spread things began to change. Tina was the first, and I’ll never forget the morning she knocked on my door just ten minutes after my girlfriend left for class. She fidgeted as she stood next to my bed, and she mumbled something about her own boyfriend.

“Sorry, what did you say?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I was lying in bed covered by just a light blanket, underneath which I was naked as a winter morning.

“My boyfriend just went to class too,” she said one more time. “But we had some pretty hot sex first. I mean, it was short but still pretty okay.”

“That, um, sounds good?” I said, trying to get at her meaning.

“He never lasts long when we don’t use a condom,” she said, still dancing back and forth between her feet.

“Oh, right, yes,” I said, nodding slowly. “I guess that makes sense. That definitely happens.”

“So, like, was your girlfriend serious about you? I mean, was she lying? Like, do you really…”

“Oh, you mean about the thing?” I asked, wondering if we were really having that conversation.

“Yeah,” she said, standing closer to the bed as her hands moved down to the buttons on her jeans. “I mean, cause he just left, and so it’s all sort of weird but, I’m just saying that if you want to, it might be nice. He was too quick for me to, you know, for me to… for me to come as well.”

“Oh yeah, I see what you mean,” I said nodding faster. “Yeah, sure, I would totally be up for that.”

And then before our painfully awkward conversation could grow more painful and more awkward, Tina fumbled with her jeans as she pulled them off, and then took off her panties as well before standing in front of me in just a blue sweatshirt and green socks. I reached out and tentatively touched the back of her leg as she climbed up onto the bed, straddling me awkwardly.

“So, maybe I can just move up a bit… Sort of like that… I think this is right? Hold on, let me just move my foot…”

And then she was above me, her thighs around my ears and I stopped talking and thinking as I opened my mouth on her. She made a muffled moan as my tongue entered her, but then she was pushing down harder as she grabbed my hair while I ate her recently fucked pussy right there on my dorm room bed.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” she said, as I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, tasting her and her boyfriend as I practically drowned beneath her. I hadn’t lied, though, and it wasn’t just a flight of fancy, so I ate her as best I could with all the enthusiasm of someone getting exactly what they wanted for the first time in their life.

She stayed there, perched on my face for close to twenty minutes, and she came four times. When she finally climbed off of me it was with a friendly nod, a smile, and a thank you as she hurriedly pulled her clothes back on. We hadn’t kissed, hell I hadn’t even seen her with her shirt off, but maybe it didn’t matter. Tina waved goodbye as she picked up her backpack, and I was left alone in my bed with a giant erection poking through the thin blanket.

Two days later, Maggie grabbed me as I was walking by her room, and she was more direct.

“Tina told me what happened. Marco just left, so if you want to do me too I’m all ready. It was a lot, though. Just to warn you.”

I had her on her back a second later, and while it didn’t last quite as long as with Tina it was louder, more frantic, and definitely a whole lot messier. She held my head in place as she clenched her thighs around me and she kept whispering at me aggressively.

“Eat my filthy fucked pussy,” she said over and over again until it began to sound almost like a mantra.

Susan, Mariko, and Rebecca all followed quickly behind, and for a week I moved up and down the hall of my dorm, stopping in every other room sometimes twice a day. The guys all bragged about how much pussy they were getting, and if anyone had told my girlfriend she was being uncharacteristically silent.

It wasn’t until late one Friday evening as I was coming back to my room that the shit hit the fan. Four guys caught me by the back entrance to the dorm where they pile the garbage near the loading dock. I didn’t realize what was happening until the first one pushed me so hard that I fell, and then the yelling and the accusations began.

“We know what you’re doing with our girls, you little faggot. And we don’t fucking like it, you perv.”

“Well maybe if you made them come once in awhile, they wouldn’t have to come to me,” I said, my voice thankfully not cracking in the middle.

I didn’t stand a chance as they kicked me and pushed me back down every time I tried to get up. Luckily for me, they were pretty scared of getting caught by someone walking by, so I was left with just one broken rib, a hell of a black eye, a swollen lip, and some minor scratches and bruises everywhere else.

I let the nurse at the school medical office put a few bandaids on me along with some bacitracin and an ice pack for my eye, but I wouldn’t tell her what had happened. There was no point, and besides, I didn’t need the whole story getting out again.

I stayed in my room for three days, cutting classes, ignoring my phone, and not letting anyone in, including my girlfriend. I hurt all over, but more importantly, my days as the hall pussy eating gigolo had been cut short when I had just been starting to really get into it. The girls were nice, I made them come, and they never made fun of me at all. But it was a dream, and even then I knew that dreams didn’t last.

On the third day, Tina came to the door and convinced me to let her in. She brought along Maggie and Susan as well, and they crowded around me as they looked at all my bruises with sad eyes full of guilt.

“It’s not your fault,” I said, trying to smile in a way that didn’t hurt.

“You didn’t deserve it anyway,” Susan said, leaning in and kissing my swollen eye. “We want to make it up to you.”

I watched, somewhat in awe, as the three girls undressed, this time losing their tops as well until all of them were on my bed in nothing but their hair ties and glasses. They pulled the sheets back, and for the first time in as long as I could remember I let someone take care of me. They kissed me up and down, being careful with the damaged bits and friendly with the naughty ones. Each girl took a turn sucking my dick as I watched in awe and adoration. After nearly two weeks of me doing just one thing, it was a new sensation.

Maggie was the first to climb onto me and let me fuck her, and the other two girls kissed me gently as she rode my cock nice and slowly. They whispered how sweet I was into my ear as their friend rolled her hips, and there were tears in my eyes by the time she started to come. Susan went next and then Tina, both of them taking me inside them with a smile and a laugh.

“Let’s give my boyfriend another surprise,” she said, as I started to tense and warn her about my upcoming release. “Keep fucking me and don’t stop until you’re done. This is all for you.”

I came harder than I had in a long time, and the girls collapsed onto me with kisses and laughter, telling me how sweet I had been and what a nice guy I was. I wasn’t sure how that all fit in with the big picture, but it sure felt good at the time.

After that, we mostly stuck to ourselves, and I went back to my normal life of school, friends, and only the occasional morning visit from one of my hall mates. They never told my girlfriend, and so we continued on for another month or two before she left me for a guy named Ricky who was a junior and a philosophy major. He had a goatee, but she said it looked good on him.

I didn’t mind being alone, especially going into that first Christmas break, but it was still an emotional visit home all the same. I found that I missed Tina’s laugh and her constant struggle to get out of her jeans without falling over. I missed Maggie’s expensive sheets and her grunts and moans as she held me more tightly than any of the others. And I missed Susan’s freckles and her pussy. But I sat through dinners and presents, and if I lay awake each night thinking about them, then that was okay too.

In fact, maybe it was even better than okay. Maybe missing them for a thousand different reasons was the nicest, sweetest, most tender thing I would ever do. At least until the next semester started.

I Want You to Feel Something Daddy

“Give me your hand,” she whispered. We had finished the pot of coffee, stared out the window for far too long, and moved from blankets to bathrobes and back again more times than we could count. If ever there was an excuse not to get out of bed, this snowstorm was it, and we planned on taking as much advantage of it as humanly possible. While we had spent a few weekends together, they had always been interrupted by one thing or another. I had a birthday party to go one night, and she had an afternoon date that would have ended in disaster if she hadn’t texted me when it was done and come back to my bed.

“What are you going to do with it?” I asked, letting her take it anyway.

“I want you to feel something Daddy,” she whispered. This was a new game, but I wasn’t going to complain. The second or third time we had slept together she whispered it in my ear, and I just fucked her harder, not letting myself get distracted by what it might mean. If a pretty twenty-five-year-old wanted to call me Daddy, I wasn’t going to be dumb enough to complain. And besides, when the words left her mouth, it meant I was in for something filthy. Something horrible and something delightful. When she called me Daddy, it meant that I had to throw my expectations out the window and simply ride it out until I couldn’t ride anymore. Daddy meant there were no limits at all.

“What do you want Daddy to touch, Babygirl?” I asked, letting my mind go to dark places. Without another word she put my hand on her cunt, opening her legs beneath the blanket as she nuzzled into my neck. I pushed a finger inside her; she was impossibly wet, partly from her own excitement and partially from the fact that I came inside her less than two hours ago.

“I was bad, Daddy,” she whispered. “I know I’m not supposed to, but I let my English teacher do dirty things to me.”

I was on top of her instantly, her hands pinned above her head and her legs open beneath me. One hand was still between them, feeling her skin along with my own come in the folds of her cunt, and I was somehow hard once more.

“Did he fuck you, little girl?” I asked, pushing my fingers into her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned. “I know I’m not supposed to, but he told me I had to. He said if I wanted a good grade, I had to let him put it inside me.”

“You know this is Daddy’s, don’t you?” I asked, pushing my fingers into her mouth, wet with both our fluids. “And you know that Daddy doesn’t like you sharing it, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned as I pressed again her, my hard cock once against forcing its way between the lips of her cunt.

“You’ve been a very bad little girl,” I said before thrusting into her. “And Daddy’s going to fuck you now to make up for it. To remind you that you’re mine and nobody else’s. To remind you that this little cunt is all mine.”

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as we started to move faster and faster. I pinned her arms tighter, one hand going to her throat as I slammed into her, and for a second there was real anger in my chest. For the briefest moment, I thought the come inside her was someone else’s, and I knew in my heart that my little girl had been bad and needed to be punished.

We fucked and fucked, my open hand slapping her face as I slammed into her, and she didn’t once stop moaning. When I put my hand back on her throat she started to come, her whole body shaking as she begged me to forgive her, and I wasn’t far behind. She clenched around me as I filled her for the second time, coming in this woman’s cunt whom I had just met a month before. In this woman’s cunt who was pretending to be a little girl, getting fucked by her Daddy. Getting fucked by her father for getting fucked by her high school teacher. Getting fucked by a man she barely knew, caught up in a game without an end, and with rules that changed as quickly as the direction of the snow swirling outside the window.

“Fuck, why are you so good to me,” she whispered.

“How is that good? I just pretended you were my little girl as I fucked you for cheating on me. What’s good about that?”

“Are you feeling bad about it?” she asked, looking at me with a serious expression.

“God no,” I said, rolling over next to her. “I’m just saying it wasn’t a good thing. I mean, it was fun and it was hot, but I wouldn’t say good.

“All I know is that if you fuck me like that, everything is good. I don’t care how fucking creepy it is. Seriously, that doesn’t matter. It’s fucking hot, and I don’t care. Just keep doing that. Do that and we’ll be fine.”

We rolled over to one side and lay there for a long time. I tried not to think too much, and I was mostly successful. I stared out the window watching the swirling eddies of snow as they piled up on the cast iron of the fire escape and slipped between the slats on the ladder. If there was a storm outside, there was something else going on in the apartment. Something warmer, but no less fierce. It was strong and it was powerful. It was full of just as much excitement and the same amount of worry and concern. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered if it would last just as long too. I wondered, for the briefest of moments, if the storm inside would be as short and fleeting as the one outside.

Excerpt from The Day The Lights Went Out

“So, can you tell me why you think you’re here?” he asked, taking out his stethoscope. Without thinking I let him slip it inside the thin fabric and against my skin. It was cold to the touch, but he listened as he moved it about, and the familiarity of the procedure somehow calmed me down. I had done all of this before. Maybe everything would be okay.

“My mom thinks I have a problem,” I said, unsure of what else to say. I certainly wasn’t going to offer more than I had to.

“And how about you?” he asked, opening the gown further as he continued listening to my breath. “Do you think you have a problem?”

“I don’t know,” I said, trying to control my inhalations. “I don’t think so. She’s just crazy and controlling.”

“Well, she doesn’t seem crazy to me, but I can’t tell you if she’s controlling,” he said with a warm laugh. “Some mothers are more protective than others, and some simply worry too much. Do you think she’s just worrying too much?”

“Yes!” I said, thankful that someone actually understood me. “She’s always telling me I’m too loud or too excited. She doesn’t care what I do as long as it’s normal and doesn’t bother the guests.”

“And do you think what you’re doing is normal?” he asked, eliciting a blush from me. I thought of all the late nights, sweating in my bed with my fingers between my thighs, and wasn’t sure how to answer. The truth is, I had no idea what was normal and what wasn’t.

“I don’t know,” I finally said looking down.

“Well, touching yourself, is, of course, totally natural,” he said, finally stepping back and looking me in the eye. “The question is whether or not how you’re doing it is normal. I assume she wouldn’t have brought you here if there wasn’t a real concern, so here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to lie back on the table here and show me what you do at home, okay? Do you think you can do that for me?”

“I’m not supposed to!” I said, my embarrassment at what he was asking me to do instantly visible in my cheeks. The thought of doing that in front of him was almost too much to process, but the small chance that he would take my side was also enticing. Was it possible he would tell my mother everything was fine?

“Well, I can’t really tell you if it’s normal unless I see. I’ll dim the lights for you,” he said, turning off the overheads and switching on a small lamp on his desk. “Is that better? Just lie back and show me what you do. This is a safe space, Simone. You have nothing to worry about. Start at the beginning and go all the way through to the end. Just like you do at home, okay?”

I lay back, unsure of what to do, and he walked up next to me like it was the most normal thing in the world. He pulled a stool up and sat down, undoing the strings to my gown with his thick fingers. It fell open on both sides, and when I looked up he simply nodded and smiled, his face as calm as ever. I looked back at the ceiling before finally sliding one hand between my legs and barely parting my thighs.

“Just like that,” he whispered to me, brushing my hair from my eyes. “Just show me what you do at home. I promise, everything will be alright, Simone.”

From the novella The Day The Lights Went Out, in my new collection, The Ortolan Hunters.

Anything for An A (an excerpt)


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I recently made a new cover and edited the text of an older book I published called Anything for An A. It’s a fun, and I think somewhat witty, take on the classic schoolgirl/teacher seduction story. Here’s an excerpt along with the new cover.

“Sara,” he said, pulling back. “This is a bad idea.”

“Will you answer something for me honestly?”

I didn’t give him time to respond.

“Did you look at those pictures in bed last night?  Did you crawl into your bed, look at the pictures of me naked, and get yourself off?  Tell me you didn’t, and I’ll leave right now.”

He looked down at the bed, then left and then right.  He grabbed the fabric of his slacks and twisted as he looked everywhere but at me. I reached down and lifted my shirt over my head.  I wasn’t wearing a bra, and before he could do a thing my bare breasts were right there for him to see.

“Aren’t they better in real life?” I whispered as I leaned in close to him.  “Plus, think about how hard you came last night, and then think about how much harder you could come with me here.”

It was his turn to kiss me that time, and he didn’t stop.  He grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled me to him as I let out a little scream of surprise.  His hands were on my breasts in no time at all, and he sighed as he touched me.

“You’ve been driving me crazy,” he grumbled between kisses.

“Who me?” I asked, with my eyes wide open.

“Your fucking shirt is open further every day, and those skirts you wear…”

“You mean like this?” I asked, leaning back on his bed and pulling my skirt up onto my thighs.

He stared at me and there was some serious lust in his gaze.  I could see his eyes moving up and down my body, and every time I inched my skirt higher, he groaned.

“Show me,” he said, pulling my ankles apart much harder than I expected.

“Show you what, Mr. McGrath?” I asked, as I slammed my knees together.

“Show me what’s under your tight little skirt…

Playing Games: short erotica

tumblr_nlxkaeuGJZ1u7hopgo1_1280“I’ll have a Bombay Sapphire martini up with a twist and a half dozen oysters,” I told the waiter. He nodded before turning to her with a smile.

“And for you?”

“I’ll have the same thing,” she said.

“No, my little sister here will have a virgin bloody mary, and a shrimp cocktail. I appreciate that you didn’t card her, but she’s not getting drunk on my watch.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” the waiter said, looking her up and down with a leer in his eye that seemed to have only gotten worse. Maybe he decided a sister was better than a girlfriend. Maybe he had a chance.

“What the hell?” she asked, kicking me under the table. “I wanted a fucking drink, and now I have to pretend to be your little sister all night? You’re mean. A mean big brother.”

She stuck her tongue out at me and I smiled back. We didn’t often play in public, but something had gotten into me, and I couldn’t get it out. At least not before I did something about it. Our little sister game was more about pushing and pulling than her listening, but it turned her on at least as much as it did me.

“Go to the ladies room and lock the door behind you,” I said with a smile. “Oh, and make sure to wink at the waiter before you go in.”

She raised an eyebrow, but stood up seconds later. I watched her ass when she disappeared around the corner, and I waited a few minutes before following.

“Hey, did you see my sister? She keeps sneaking off to take selfies under her dress for her fucking boyfriend.”

The waiter opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He eventually just pointed at the ladies room, not moving an inch as I approached the door. I pounded on it loudly, and when I looked back two or three more waiters had joined in his vigil. She opened the door, and without so much as a word I pushed my way in and closed the door.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I screamed. “You can’t go back out looking like that. Come here!”

I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the mouth. She didn’t hesitate at all when I spun her around, and by the time her panties were around her ankles she was moaning “big brother” over and over again.

“You think this is funny? You want the whole place to know what a whore you are?”

“Fuck you,” she screamed back. “You’ve always wanted to fuck me. You pervert.”

“Yeah, well maybe I should!” I yelled, pushing her over the sink. Her dress rode up instantly and I had my cock in my hand a second later. I grabbed her hips and fucked her quickly, slapping her ass with each thrust.

“You still like being a little slut, huh Sis? Is that what you wanted?”

“You’re sick, you know that? Who fucks his own sister? My boyfriend is going to kill you.”

I pushed her down harder, as I struggled to stand and fuck at the same time. She arched back into me, but after two or three more thrusts, I was finished. I stepped back and put my hard cock back into my jeans before shoving her panties into her purse. She turned and kissed me, a huge smile on her face that wouldn’t quite.

“Walk back to the table alone. Like nothing happened. Don’t make eye contact.”

“Yes big brother,” she whispered as she reached for the door.

“Good girl,” I said, shutting it behind her just long enough for me to get my breath. I tucked in my shirt, ran some water through my hair, and washed my hands.

When I walked out of the ladies room there was no trace of our waiter at all.

Excerpt from Part One of Pill X

Pills X: The Day they found a cure for everything

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“Are we going to have class?” I asked, sitting down on his desk.

“Oh, hey Jessica. I thought you’d be off…” and then he turned bright red as he realized he was about to say “fucking.”

“Just because everyone took the pill doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have class,” I whispered.

“Sadly, I don’t think anyone else would agree with you.”

“Did you take one this morning?” I asked. He looked up at me, and it was like he saw me for the first time. I knew instantly that he knew why I was asking, and it turned me on to watch him think about it. I stood up and walked closer to his chair before sitting down on his lap. He made a half-hearted effort to push me away, but it was useless.

“I took one when I got up. My mom left them on the kitchen table and I just swallowed one. Can I tell you something?” I leaned in closer.

“No. I mean, yes, but I’m sure I don’t want to hear it. Jess, this is a bad idea.”

“I’ve never fucked without a condom before. I’ve only had sex with two guys, and both of them only lasted a few minutes. I even made them pull out before coming just in case it broke.”

I could feel him getting hard as I talked, and I was on fire. I needed this more than anything else, and I was finally going to get it.

“And now that we all have the pill you think you don’t need one anymore, is that it?” he asked, standing up and pulling me with him. “You think that with the pill you can just do whatever you want with no consequences?”

“I don’t care Mr. White. All I know is that for the last two years I’ve wanted your come inside me, and if I have to wait any longer I’m going to go crazy.”

He put his hands on my hips as he looked down at me, and his eyes moved from my tank top down to my skirt. Normally he stares and then looks away when I catch him, but this morning he stared at me without anything close to embarrassment.

“You want me to fuck you?”

I nodded.

“Right now?” he asked, lifting me up and sitting me on his desk. I nodded again as he reached his hands up under my skirt. Just when I thought he was going to chicken out he slid his hands up and pulled my panties all the way down.

“And you want me to do it without a condom?” His voice was a deep growl. Just saying it was making him harder, and there was no way he could back out now.

“Yes, Sir” I replied, my body shaking as I felt his hands on my bare skin. WIthout another word he pulled my tank top off and threw it onto the floor. My tits were bare and he stared at them with hunger in his eyes.

“And you want me to come inside you?” Now he was whispering. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. There was nothing else I could do. His mouth was warm and soft, and his face was scratchy. I pulled him to me, wanting to kiss him harder, and he wrapped his arms around me too, crushing me into his body.

“More than anything,” I said when we finally stopped…


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