Free Sex Stories: Sex in Public

Bar bathrooms, trains, roof tops, and beaches. Stories of people getting it on in public.

This Music Makes Me Want to Fuck

“This music makes me want to fuck.”

“Look around you! This music makes everyone want to fuck. If they played any better we’d all be naked before the after party even started.”

We looked at each other and the crowd; we could see it in their eyes. If there had been aisles to dance in, they’d have been full, and as it was there were more lips touching in dark corners than not.

She slid her hand up my leg until she found what she was looking for, and thirty seconds before the intermission started we were in the bathroom of the Parkside Lounge–despite the sign on the wall telling us, “only one person at a time”.

There wasn’t time for niceties. There was hardly time for zippers, let alone the condom wrapper, but somehow, in the confines of the small room, she had a leg up, and I was inside her before we could even lock the door. The MC was screaming in the other room, someone was knocking, and we were grunting as I thrust up inside her as the music flowed through my body.

Neither one of us came, but it wasn’t that kind of sex.  It was like the first drag of a cigarette after a long flight, or a drink of water after running the marathon.  It was the kind of sex that requires a hard cock and a wet cunt to connect just long enough to know everything is ok and love is still stronger than whiskey.

People stared when we stumbled out, still adjusting our clothing as we crawled back through the crowd. I was still hard, and she was still wet, but we could take care of that later. We found our seat, ordered two more drinks, and kissed until we didn’t.

As the band started up again, and Dee Dee Vega wailed out her lines with that perfect voice, we held each other and smiled.  My date leaned in and whispered a perfect parody of the song being sung.

“At least we fuck for free.”

Summer Love

Summer love can be fleeting–hell maybe it’s supposed to be–but fifteen minutes can occasionally last a lifetime.

Maybe you can add a few minutes to our affair since technically I saw her across the beach an hour before we spoke a word.

But is it love if it’s only in my head? Is it love if it’s just a smile, a hint of a tan line, and a face that reminds me of a glorious heartbreak?

I would like to say that I wanted her. I’d prefer to tell you it was simply a glandular reaction to my visual intake, but if that were the case I probably wouldn’t still be thinking of her ten years later.

Our first date happened the exact moment she waved at me on her way to the boardwalk. I stood up and she stopped walking, and let’s just admit that a whole year passed by in those few moments of love. Her laughter was endless dinners and late night strolls, and when she took my hand before either of us said a word, our touch was the trepidation of meeting her parents the day before Christmas Eve.

Under the boardwalk, we kissed frantically–hidden in the shadows from the world behind us. It took six months to undo her top and another half a year before she held me in her hand, our breath short and our love unstoppable. After the wedding, she knelt in the sand and took me into her mouth, but the honeymoon was brief as I pulled her to me and pushed her against the cold pylon.

She slid down her bikini bottoms on her own, her graduate degree completed in record time. And as she giggled while I struggle to find the right angle, we had a thousand dinner parties with a ten thousand friends.

And my god when I fucked her, my lips on the back of her neck, we were happy. For months at a time, we were happy, growing older and smarter, and our nerve and our love of everything grew deeper until we could no longer tell each other apart.

Her fingers between her legs renewed our vows, and as she clenched around me while I sold my first novel, I noticed the first sign of friction. Yes it was skin on skin and the shadows were nowhere as discreet as we once thought, but we would make it because our love would last forever!

She came as her career winded down, and I followed right behind her, my deep moans expressing the constantly growing fear of my own mortality. Her hand on my hand on her stomach was sorrow and then forgiveness. When I helped her with her swimsuit and she turned to kiss my lips we sighed without passion or regret. We laughed as only old couples can laugh, and I squeezed her bottom as she told me she had to get back to her friends.

She turned halfway back down the beach and blew me a kiss, and I held her hand as friends gathered around whispering words of comfort. I too walked out into the light and everything had changed. The sky was bluer, the ocean louder, and the cries of the sunbathers more and more distant.

Summer love can be fleeting. It can come and go in a moment, and in our case, it was fifteen minutes of joy and sorrow with a lifetime of memories wrapped up in one silly, foolish, and wonderfully brief fuck.

Pushed to One Side

“That’s a beautiful outfit, but it looks complicated,” she said slowly. I nodded in agreement as we stood in the back of the crowd watching the show.

“I tend to prefer things that can either be lifted up or pushed to the side,” I said. It was the truth, although I’m not sure I would have phrased it that way before. My kinks almost always end with sex (or begin there depending on your perspective) so a short skirt, anything I can slide my hands inside, and underwear that doesn’t get in the way are always preferable.

“I’m wearing something that can be lifted up,” she said so quietly I almost didn’t hear her. It was an understatement, to say the least, but I instantly couldn’t think of anything else. And I desperately wanted to know what was beneath it.

“And pushed to the side?” I asked. She blushed and nodded, and it only took a moment for our hands to find each other. And then we no longer needed to talk.

The bathroom was in the back and down the stairs, and there were four rows of doors with single rooms behind them. Which meant when we slipped into one of them, we had the tiny room all to ourselves. We had a theory to test. Or at least a hypothesis. For science.

Our kiss was loud as I pushed her against the wall, but our hands were everywhere. We hadn’t so much as grazed a knee before this, but I had one very specific goal in mind and it devoured all of my focus.

The first part was easily found out. I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs until I cupped her ass, and her dress did, in fact, move out of the way as if commanded by Moses. He hands discovered just how easy it was to unzip my suit pants and pull my achingly hard cock out. Personally, I tend to choose underwear that I can leave at home.

After that, it was a purse, a condom, and a very contained twirl that led us to the third question of the evening. She leaned forward with her hands on the wall, and I lifted her dress once more to see what might be done about the rest.

It was difficult not to simply stare at her ass for the rest of the night, but I pulled myself back to the task at hand as I slipped my fingers between her legs. She leaned forward even further when I pressed my cock between her cheeks, and by then I had mostly stopped thinking. I pulled the wet fabric away from her skin, slid it easily to one side, and then, standing on my tiptoes, I pushed my latex clad cock into the most beautiful cunt in the world.

I let go of the dress, I forgot the panties, and I grabbed her hips a moment later, desperate to attempt something that at least resembled a fuck. When she pushed back against me I thrust forward, and the truth was revealed in an instant. We were fucking with our clothes still on as the party swayed above us, and it was as simple as one two three. I kissed the back of her neck as one hand moved up to her throat; the other continued pulling her hips to me, burying myself deeper inside her with each moan.

We moved quickly, we moaned loudly, and we laughed with satisfaction. It wasn’t sweet and it wasn’t easy, but we stood there in the dark fucking because we could, and that was a beautiful thing. I stared at our bodies, wishing she could see it too, and it was three layers of perfect: A dress lifted up, black lace pushed away, and me inside her, wishing it would never end.

And maybe we were there for a minute and maybe an hour, but none of that mattered. There might someday be other times in a bed or a couch. Maybe there was a hotel in our future or even the backseat of a cab.

But right then, in that moment, we were fucking for the very first time, and nothing would ever be better than that.

Lisa Shows Off in the Car

“It’s pretty simple,” she said, her hand moving down to her thigh as she tugged on the hem of her shorts. “I just like to feel like a slut. It’s a cross between objectification and submission, I guess. It’s mostly about feeling wanted. Like really truly wanted in filthy ways by all the wrong people.”

“That doesn’t sound simple,” I said, trying to focus on my driving as I inwardly groaned. Of course, she had to get turned on by exactly the things I was trying to avoid.

“Well, it’s not like I’m into piss or knife play. I don’t want to wear a pony mask or get put in a cage with a dog bowl. I just like it when men want to fuck me and are really obvious about it. Like how you got when I told you I let that guy finger me.”

“You are fucking intense, Lisa, do you know that? There is no way in hell I would ever tell Brendan any of this, and please tell me the same is true for you. He’d fucking kill me.”

“We’re just talking,” she said, her hand still fumbling with her tiny shorts.

“That’s true,” I said, knowing how big a lie that really was. “We’re just talking. For now.”

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything, right?”

“Well, it’s good that we have that settled,” I said with a smirk.

“But I guess watching isn’t really a crime, though, is it?” She asked, my eyes following hers as they looked down at her lap. “I mean, what happens in the car isn’t important. And besides, it’s not my fault if you happen to look.”

And then, as I looked at the road with one eye, and the girl with the other, she did just what Molly would have done. Never looking up, she pulled the thin fabric to one side, her legs opening wider until I could see her perfectly smooth cunt just two feet away from me.

“This is where he touched me,” she whispered. “He had his fingers all over and inside me, and I got so wet. Almost as wet as I am now.”

She reached down with her other hand and gently touched the lips of her pussy as I tried not to crash the car. When I finally stole another glance at her, she pushed one finger inside herself before pulling it out–slick with her excitement–and licking it clean.

“That was quite lovely,” I said, looking back at the road, my hard cock now impossible to hide. “I’ll confess that I never really believed what Brendan said about you, but you’re starting to impress me.”

“That was super hot,” she said. “You almost killed us you wanted to look so bad. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get hard so quickly. Maybe you’re not such an old man.”

“You have no idea,” I mumbled, my eyes back on the road as I tried to will my erection away. She was no longer teasing, but it didn’t really matter because I understood her now. I had seen her smooth cunt, and I had watched her spread herself open for me and there was no going back. There was no more pretending we were just playing a game. This was either going to be the longest car ride in the history of the world or the shortest.

(From Sharing The Wrong Girl: A road trip with my best friend’s daughter.)

A Rooftop Nooner

couple on rooftop

“Lunch sex?” read the text.

Fuck.  Do I have time?  Of course, I have time.


“Roof of your building?”

Shit, that’s a fantastic bad idea.  The roof is perfect, and there’s even some privacy, but I know everyone in this building by their first name.  Don’t think about her sucking my cock on the fire escape, I thought.  Don’t remember her lips, or how tight she feels in the afternoon.

“See you in fifteen,” I wrote.

I canceled one meeting, made up an excuse for an errand to run and stood in the hallway waiting.  When the elevator opened the first things I saw were her legs.  They were long and sexy and they went all the way up to the bluest dress I’ve seen all summer.  She smiled and didn’t stop as she walked passed me and opened the door to the roof.  She climbed down the fire escape, onto the hot black tar, and didn’t stop until she was against the wall near the back alley.  I followed her, looking over my shoulder as I did until we kissed against the warm stone of the building.

For a moment I expected her to kneel and take me into her mouth.  It was just what I had imagined all morning and I didn’t realize the new plan until she pushed me to my knees in front of her. The blue cotton beneath her dress was lighter in color but just as easy to move out of the way.  She was salty and strong and she grabbed my hair so tightly I nearly moaned.  She didn’t let me stay there for long, but it was long enough to drench my chin and fingers, and I knew I’d be smelling her for days.

When I finally fucked her it was actually tender.  We kissed slowly and I somewhat awkwardly pulled her leg around me as I thrust into her.  We constantly adjusted our angle and balance, but we got it right just enough to cause perfect friction.

“Come in me,” she whispered, as I got close.  “I want to feel you for the rest of the day.”

It didn’t take much more encouragement.  She kissed me fiercely and pulled me to her.  She pressed her hips against me until I was so deep inside her I nearly lost my balance, and she clenched around me until I couldn’t hold back.  She held me as I came and somehow we didn’t fall.

She left me on the roof so as not to make it obvious.  The elevator was gone by the time I walked back in and all seemed calm in my office.

“What happened to your pants?” Came a voice from the newest designer.  I looked down to see two black marks on my knees.

“I have absolutely no idea,” I said with a big smile.

The Beach Party (Erotica from Pill X: Spring Break)

As luck would have it, Rob did not have to work all evening. As much fun as he had with that dude’s wife, and as hot as it was around the pool, he was ready to get the hell out of there and have some real sex.

So, he passed the bar over to the new guy, told him to watch out for the black girl with the white husband who likes to fuck bartenders, and he was gone. It was a good start to Pill Day, but there was so much more out there, and he was gonna get it.

His buddy had invited him to a private event outside his giant mansion on the beach where they had set up three cabanas, two bars, a whole bunch of couches, and more things to fuck on that he could count. Decadent didn’t even start to describe it, and so Rob didn’t even try. By the time he arrived, it was already going full blast.

“Hey, I know you,” a girl said, walking up to him as he stepped up onto the wooden deck. “You work at the hotel bar, right? You fucked that married guy’s wife.”

“Oh hey, you saw that, huh?”

“I had a good view from my room.”

“Wait, are you the girl that started it? The girl the husband banged to piss off the wife, so she banged us? I should probably buy you a drink.”

“Hey, it was my pleasure. Okay, probably it was his, but still, I didn’t mind. I kinda have a thing for married guys, and I got him to fuck my ass ‘cause his wife has never let him.”

“That’s hilarious,” Rob said. “Because I got to come inside her, ’cause she’s never let him do that either! Jesus, they’re a weird couple, but whatever. This party looks far better. I’ve had a hard-on ever since the pool.”

“I’ve been here for an hour, and I haven’t fucked anybody. I guess I’ve just been chilling with my friends, but I feel like I’m wasting my time.”

All around them people were drinking, dancing, and fucking like it was going out of style. Behind them, on a couch, a girl was going back and forth sucking off two guys at the same time, and next to her two girls were sixty-nining while people cheered. Everyone was either buck naked or close to it, and Rob had never seen anything like it. South Beach was crazy on a slow day, but this was something else entirely. Whatever the hell was in that pill, it did a whole lot more than clean you up.

“Well, why don’t we change that?” He said, stepping closer to the little blonde. She was only wearing a tiny pair of bikini bottoms, and after seeing her up on the balcony, he already knew he wanted her.

“I need something a more intense than just sex,” she said, leaning up and kissing him as she rubbed her hands up and down his strong arms.

“What did you have in mind?” he said, picking her up easily and holding her as she wrapped her legs around him.

“Something rough and mean,” she said, biting his neck.

“I can be mean,” he said, tossing her down onto a couch. “And rough.”

Rob pulled her to him with one swift yank on her ankle before tearing her bikini bottoms off. He spread her legs as he reached down to his shorts, and she gasped when he pulled it out.

“Will you slap me?” She asked, sitting up as he moved between her legs. “And choke me?”

“Whatever you want, you little slut,” he said, slapping her face gently.

“That didn’t count,” she whispered, grabbing his cock with both hands and holding it right against her open pussy. “If you don’t hit me harder, I might not let you put this monster inside me.”

“You little bitch,” he growled, hitting her again, this time hard enough for it to sting and turn her face bright red.

“Better,” she moaned, rubbing him against her wet lips. “Do it again. Harder.”

Rob pushed her down onto the couch and forced her legs open wide. He slapped her three more times, switching hands as he hovered above her, never entering her as she screamed out with each sting.

“Oh god, that’s good. Now fuck me,” she moaned, trying to push down onto him. “Please!”

“I don’t know, girl, I kind of like you begging,” he said, pulling back and hitting her again. “How do you like being teased? Maybe I won’t fuck you if you don’t beg louder.”

“Please do it!” She screamed, biting her lip as tears began to stream down her face. “Please fuck me; I need it so badly. I’ve only fucked two guys today, come on!”

Rob slid up and down between the lips of her pussy until his cock was soaking wet, and only then did he put it in, feeling her envelop him fully until his balls slapped against her ass. He started to move quickly, pounding into the blonde over and over again as he pinned her arms above her head and put his other hand around her throat…

From Pill X: Spring Break. You can find the full book here.

Are you Fucking in There?

Photo by Guy New York

“Are you guys fucking in there?”

Shit.  The stall was locked, and the hotel bathroom was far from anything, but someone found us anyway.  How do you answer that question? Just an honest yes? Say nothing at all? Ask for a towel?

“Um, yeah,” my friend replied in a quiet voice. I held her there against the wall, my cock still inside her and her legs wrapped around my body.  The pause was too long to be comfortable.

“Can I come in?”

It was almost a whisper, and there was enough breath in it that I reached over and unlatched the door without thinking. We stared as she entered the stall, watching her lean against the black tile. She looked us up and down and her eyes were wide with excitement. When she lifted her skirt and slipped two fingers beneath the thin fabric covering her cunt I started to move again. My partner bit my neck, but I could tell what she was watching.

“Fuck her harder,” came the quiet moan from behind me.

My nails pressed into her ass when I pulled her to me, and she wrapped her arms around me. I lifted her up and dropped her back down onto my cock without pause, and I could hear soft moans from behind us. She whispered her direction over and over again, and I obeyed with more enthusiasm than skill.

Her moans grew louder as my thrusts grew quicker, and I could feel my body losing control. I wanted to turn and look, and I wanted to kneel at her perfect feet. I wanted to come and I wanted to watch. I wanted everything all at once.

“I’m coming,” slipped from two mouths at the same time, and the air in the room was sucked out in seconds. I struggled to stand as we fucked, but when I finally opened my eyes minutes later we were alone again. The door was closed but unlocked, and my date was limp in my arms.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off her cunt.”

“I couldn’t take my ears off her moans.”

“I wanted to keep her.”

I lifted her up and stood her in front of me as we adjusted our clothes and hair. I opened my mouth to say something smart but closed it before I let out a sound. We walked out into the dark bathroom and washed our hands in silence.

It took me minutes to see the lipstick writing on the mirror.  It was almost too delicate to be real, but there were ten numbers in a row followed by two words: thank you.


Heading to Spring Break (From Pill X: Spring Break)

Underwater couple having fun in swimming pool.

“Guys, if I don’t get laid the second we get to the beach, I’m going home.”

“You are such a slut!” Maco said, turning to look at the blonde girl in the backseat of the convertible. “We’re not even there yet, keep your clam in the bag.”

“Oh come on, like you two aren’t going to be getting the D all over the fucking place.”

“Hey, we are a very nice couple who only do nice couple things,” Danny said, reaching a hand over to his boyfriend’s knee and giving it a bit of a squeeze. “Of course, now that we took the pill…”

The three friends were just a few hours away from Miami, and already they could feel the pill starting to take effect. At first, it was just a feeling of warmth along with the realization that they no longer had to worry about STI’s, but it didn’t take long for the side-effects to kick in. Marco and Danny were practically bursting from their shorts in the front seat, and Emily in the back was about to start stripping she was so turned on. Not that she wore much to begin with, but somehow even her bikini top and short pink skirt were starting to feel like too much. Maybe she was a big slut, but wasn’t that the point? Not only were they about to hit spring break in Miami Fucking Beach, but they had all taken the damn pill. Shit was going to get crazy.

“I can’t believe it’s actually happening,” Emily said, leaning forward between the two front seats. “You guys aren’t really going to stay faithful are you?”

“I don’t know,” Danny said, turning to face his boyfriend with one eye still on the road. “But I’m about ready to lose my shit. I don’t know what is in that pill, but I’m gonna come in my pants if the wind blows any harder.”

“Well, I can help with that,” Marco said, turning to wink at Emily before leaning over the driver’s seat. He undid Danny’s shorts with deft fingers, and a grabbed his nearly hard cock in one hand. Sliding his fist up and down, he leaned forward until it was almost in his mouth. Danny had to lift his arms up, and the car swerved to the left as he sped down the highway.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Emily said, still watching. “Assuming you don’t kill us all.”

“He’s so goddamn hard. He never gets this hard at home.”

“Well, maybe it’s because you talk too much!” Danny said, pushing the other boy’s head down. Marco didn’t need much more convincing before he started to suck that cock like a pro. With one hand on his shaft and his thick lips wrapped around it, he worked his boyfriend over with well-practiced skill. Danny moaned and pushed his head down, and Emily was surprised they didn’t crash instantly. But somehow Danny kept on driving as he received the most epic blowjob she had ever seen.

Emily leaned back as she watched, and slid her panties off under her skirt. This was way too much, and besides, if they were going to fuck around, why shouldn’t she? She pulled up the pink fabric and spread legs as she leaned back and started to touch herself slowly. With the roof down anyone who drove by could see, but none of them cared. It was fucking Pill Day, and it was perfect.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,” Danny said, as his boyfriend took him all the way into his throat. Marco tightened his hand around the base of his cock, came up for air once, and then swallowed him again as Danny started to fill his mouth over and over again. “Holy shit, I can hardly see the road!”

“If you kill us, I’m going to be so angry,” Marco said, finally sitting up and wiping his mouth. He looked back at Emily with a grin, and she kept on rubbing her bare pussy as trucks drove by and honked.

“It’s so not fair,” she whined, moving her fingers more frantically. “I need some dick too.”

“Marco will help, won’t you? He’s been dying to play for the other team.”

“Oh right, and you’ve been so supportive of my little desire to explore that side of my sexuality.”

“Hey, if you want to go straight, don’t let me stop you. Besides, look at poor Emily back there practically begging for it.”

“Practically?” She said, leaning forward. “I am begging for it.”

She took Marco’s chin in hand and kissed him, tasting the come on his lips and wanting so much more. To her surprise, Marco kissed her back before reaching down to feel her up over the top of her bikini. He didn’t know what he was doing, but he sure was enthusiastic about it.

“That’s actually kinda hot,” Danny said, reaching down and grabbing his dick which was already growing hard again. “Go back there with her. Come on; you know you want to.”

Marco didn’t need any more encouragement before he undid his seatbelt and climbed into the back. Emily moved to one side and put her left foot up on the seat as she leaned back and opened her legs again.

“You want some of this?” she asked, rubbing her swollen pussy.

Marco unzipped his shorts and pulled out a thick cock that was almost ready to burst. He slid his hand up and down it two or three times, before licking his palm and then coating himself with saliva.

“Oh my god, Marco, why haven’t you shown me that before? I would do such horrible things to you if you liked girls.”

“Who said I don’t?” he asked, leaning over her and kissing her again. In the front, Danny adjusted the rearview mirror so he could watch his boyfriend kiss their best friend while he jerked off.

“Have you ever… You know…. Tried it?” Emily asked, reaching down and wrapping her hand around his cock. He shook his head but moved closer until the tip pressed against her wet lips.

“You’re so pretty though, and I’ve thought about it…”

“Just fuck her!” Danny yelled from the front seat. “Come on; you two are driving me crazy! Do it already.”

Marco looked up at the mirror, gave his boyfriend the finger, and then before any of them could say a thing, plunged his cock into Emily’s tight body in one quick thrust. She grabbed him by the shoulders, arched her back, and took him in as far as she could, screaming out as he stretched her open. She was wet and ready, but his cock was still big, and the instant shock was overpowering.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” she moaned, pulling him to her. He started to move slowly, fucking her in long strokes as she leaned against the door with her legs in the air. “Fuck, your dick is perfect.”

Cars honked, truckers yelled, and people cheered as they drove by, but not one person in the car heard a damn thing.

(From Pill X: Spring Break, Five Stories of Hardcore Unprotected Sex, available everywhere.)

Erotica from Disgusting Beautiful Immoral


When I got up to piss a few hours later, I saw the redhead making out with a guy in the kitchen. I sat back down just as Spider and Rachel got up to go smoke on the fire escape, and it was just me and Kelly the face-sitter left.

I leaned back against the bed and she moved over next to me and stole a sip of my drink. The bartender was still making gin and tonics and they were absolutely delicious. It took me a few moments to realize she was staring at me, and I wondered what she was thinking. Her face didn’t tell me much, but I couldn’t look away. Finally, she leaned in and whispered:

“Did you really tie that girl up?”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“And she struggled and kicked as you tore off her clothes?”

“Basically,” I said.

“And then you fucked her? You held her down, her hands tied above her head, and you fucked her. Did she stop fighting then?”

“Sometimes. I guess it depended on her mood,” I said. “I think it turned her on most to never stop fighting. She would swear at me and scratch as we fucked, and if I moved to untie her she would try to escape.”

She stared at me, but the look in her eyes was much clearer. Her short dress had ridden up as she tucked her knees under her arms, and I had to resist trying to confirm her status as a Vassar girl. She was shorter than Rachel by at least a foot, and her feet were smaller than I thought possible. I pictured her kneeling over my face as I opened my mouth between her legs, and in spite of all the drinking I had done, I found myself getting hard in my jeans.

“That is so fucking hot,” she said. Kelly was so close to me by then that we were touching, but neither of us moved a hand. She leaned her head down onto my shoulder for a brief moment before turning around and pulling a small blanket off the bed behind us. She covered both our legs, and I stared at her, unsure of what she was doing. Even when her hands vanished beneath the blanket I was still unsure of what was happening.

“Tell me more,” she whispered, her breathing faster and her voice deeper. “Tell me about fucking her all tied up. Tell me what you did to her.”

My hand brushed her bare leg, but rather than move it away she pressed against me. Her other foot was pulled up beneath her, but this one was almost on my lap, which meant that just beneath the blanket she was practically naked. She placed my hand on the inside of her thigh, still looking into my eyes, and I finally started talking.

“One time she told me to grab her in the hallway. She said she didn’t even want to know it was me when I pulled her into my room. I was scared someone would see us, but it didn’t matter at that point. I always did whatever she asked, and there was no way I was going to back out. I waited until she was almost at my door before I grabbed her.”

Kelly moved my hand further up her thigh until my fingers were just where she wanted them. I looked at her in surprise when she pressed my hand against her wet pussy, but she blushed again and closed her legs around me, holding me in place.

“Keep going,” she whispered.

“I threw her on the bed, and locked the door behind me, but she was up by the time I turned around. She screamed at me and asked me what the fuck I wanted with her, but I had her back on the bed a second later with my belt around her wrists. I tied it to the headboard and knelt over her, holding her legs still as I tore her shirt off. She struggled and tried to kick, but I pulled off her jeans, and then finally ripped her panties off with my bare hands.”

Kelly’s breathing grew faster and faster, and she was so wet I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to fuck her or kiss her, but I couldn’t stop. She moaned into my ear, but her entire body tensed up whenever I stopped for even a second.

“I was so fucking hard,” I whispered, my fingers moving in and out of her as she circled her clit with her own. “As soon as I saw her lying there naked on the bed, struggling and spitting, I was as hard as rock.”

“And then you fucked her?” She was right in my ear, her lips against my skin. “Then you just slid your big cock inside her even as she told you no, right? Please tell me that’s what you did. Please?”

I quickly moved her so she was between my legs with her back to me, and I opened her thighs again and brought my hand right back to her pussy. I pushed her hair away from her ear as I reached both arms around her, and opened her as widely as I could.

“I leaned down over her, my clothes still on, but my cock hard in my hand. I told her I was going to fuck her as I rubbed against the lips of her pussy, and she tried to bite me. I kissed her mouth, as I opened her legs wider–just like this–and then I finally did it. She screamed again, but she clenched around me all the same. And then I just fucked her as hard as I could. I slapped her face and slammed into her without stopping.”

“And she never stopped, right?” The small woman between my legs was breathing so quickly I thought she might pass out. My fingers were still inside her and she was drenching my hand and the carpet beneath us. She lifted her ass off the floor, pushing harder against me even as she leaned back and kissed the side of my face. “She didn’t stop, and you kept fucking her. You fucked her so hard, and…”

“And she kept trying to get away,” I said. “She fought until suddenly she was coming so much she couldn’t hide it any more. I didn’t stop as she shook around me, but I kissed her mouth and pulled her to me until I was as deep inside her as I could go.”

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” she moaned, my fingers now a blur as she started to shake in my lap, clenching and bucking her hips as I wrapped my arms around her. “Tell me you came inside her. Tell me you came in her slutty, little cunt.”

“So much,” I said, my lips on her ear and neck. I pulled her to me, my cock hard against her back as she came. “I filled her over and over again, and I’ve never come so hard in my life.”

Kelly finally collapsed in my arms, her legs going slack and her shoulder slumping down against me. I was still throbbing, and it was all I could not to jerk myself off against her ass. It had been months since I wanted anyone that badly, but her breathing slowed down and she moved my hands to her legs as she returned to the world. She ran her fingers up and down my arm, and I continued to kiss her hair and hold her tightly.

Eventually, she turned just enough to look me in the eye. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and it was a long, slow kiss with just enough of her mouth for me to know she tasted divine.

“Thanks for the story,” she whispered. She folded the blanket, flattened her dress, and stood up. She stared at me for a moment longer, then walked out of the room and into the kitchen as I sat there alone, adjusting my hard on on through my tight jeans.

–An excerpt from my full length novel Disgusting Beautiful Immoral. 

Christmas Sex on the Balcony


Photo by Guy New York

“Do you mind if he listens?”

The small balcony looked fifteen floors down to 5th Avenue, and the whole town was bursting with red and gold. New York City was celebrating as best it could, and behind us, in the apartment, our friends and colleagues were getting drunk enough to only think of the good parts. When she turned back to the railing, I wrapped my arms around her in an embrace that was less than chaste.

“Is that what you want?” I asked, my lips against her neck. She nodded as she placed her phone down on the stone ledge in front of us. The dim light didn’t offer much illumination, but it was enough for me to know that we already had an audience.

“Tell me what else you want?” I asked, louder than I might have otherwise. I had shut the door behind us, but the chance of being interrupted was still high. Especially by curious colleagues who didn’t quite understand the whole “open marriage” thing. She mumbled quietly, but of course, that wasn’t enough. I lifted her dress and pushed her down, her mouth just inches from her phone.

“Say it again,” I demanded. “Louder.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she finally said, and I could only imagine the blush that spread across her cheeks as she finally said the words out loud.

“Right here? You want me to fuck you on the balcony while your entire office is drinking behind us?”

“Yes,” she moaned again, pushing back against me.

“Take off your panties,” I said. She didn’t pause for a moment, and seconds later she was standing again, her now bare ass beneath my hands.

“That’s better, slut,” I said, eliciting another moan from her lips. “Do you like being called names? Does it make it hotter?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “Call me anything you want. I feel so fucking filthy right now, but all I want is your cock inside me. Please, I haven’t fucked anyone but him in so long.”

“How long?” I asked, quietly tearing open the condom wrapper.

“It’s been almost a year,” she said, nearly too quietly.

“And how long have you wanted me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Too long,” she moaned, her mouth inches from the phone as I pressed myself against her ass. “Since I met you. I’ve wanted to fuck you for two years. Since before…”

“Before what?” I said, teasing her with the head of my cock.

“Don’t make me say it,” she said as I opened her with two fingers. She was beautifully wet, and I wasn’t sure how long I could keep playing their game because the truth was I had wanted her as well. Since the second I met her I wanted to do impossibly horrible things to her and waiting another minute for her to admit her desires to her husband was almost too much.

“Tell me,” I growled, positioning myself in exactly the right spot. “If you want me to fuck you, tell me the truth.”

“Since before,” she sighed again. “Before we were open. I used to make myself come thinking about you. Even when I was fucking him sometimes. I thought about you so often, please don’t make me wait any longer. I can feel you against me, but it’s not enough. I need more.”

“Beg,” I said.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, pushing back on me as I slid halfway inside her before holding her hips still. “Please fuck me. I’ll do anything for you, christ it feels so good. Give me more. Let me feel all of you inside me.”

“Is that better?” I asked, pushing her forward as I thrust all the way into her.

“Yes,” she moaned over and over again as I began to move. “It’s perfect, god you feel just like imagined. Better even. Please don’t stop. Tell me you won’t stop. Tell me you’ll fuck me tomorrow too and then the next day.”

“I’ll fuck you whenever you like,” I said, beginning to lose track of everything as we fucked faster and harder, the cold air blowing against my face and stinging my eyes.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come. You feel so damn good inside me. I love your cock. I love you and I’ll do anything.”

“Come for me, you little whore,” I moaned, thrusting into her as hard as I could, even as she clenched around me. Her sighs turned into something deeper as she pressed her lips to the phone, whispering something just to him that I couldn’t understand. And then she was shaking as she cried quietly in the night, and I was so close that I couldn’t find words.

I pulled her to me once more, feeling myself come in spite of the cold, and I held her there as I gripped the base of my cock, holding the condom on tightly before slowly withdrawing. She gasped ever so slightly as I fixed myself along with her dress. When I looked down, I realized the phone had gone dark, and it was just us on the balcony, the noise from the party finally returning behind us.

“You are amazing,” I said, pulling her in for a kiss. She kissed me back before taking my hand in hers as we turned and looked out over the city. I wondered for a moment how many parties just like this one were happening all over town. And of course, then my mind drifted to how many couples had just done what we had done with or without the permission of a third party.

“Let’s go back in and get drunk,” she said. “Because if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate I don’t know what is.”

“After you,” I said, turning for one last glimpse of the city. Downstairs her husband would be waiting eagerly, and I knew the second we were back inside I would lose her. It was a simple loss and one that I always expected, but a loss just the same. I smiled at the flickering lights below, turned around with a deep breath, and then opened the door to face the music.


A Phone Call From Sarah

Sometimes I think that my memory doesn’t work the same way as other people’s.  Even though my last relationship had ended six months earlier – with weeks of tears and nervous breakdowns – I didn’t remember it that way.  To be honest I didn’t remember it much at all.  I was moving on with my life and enjoying myself.  I didn’t keep myself awake at night wondering where she was or what she was doing.  I didn’t worry when I walked into a bar we used to visit that I might run into her.  My mind seemed to have simply moved on and I was happy with where I was.

I hadn’t been dating anyone since the break-up and I was in a good place.  I didn’t feel rushed to find someone, and I didn’t feel the urge to be out playing the field.  I looked forward to slow dinners and I enjoyed spending time with my friends.

This was promising to be a lovely evening.  I had three friends over, a couple bottles of wine and absolutely nothing to do but enjoy a long relaxing dinner and good conversation.  We had moved a table out onto the back porch and were enjoying our supper in the cool night breeze of early summer; it was perfect.

As we sat and talked after the meal I heard the phone ring from inside the house and slowly moved to answer it.  I was surprised when I heard her voice on the other end of the phone, but somehow it almost seemed normal to me.

“Hi, ” she said in a soft whisper.

“Hi Sarah,” I replied.  “Um, how are you?”

“I’m ok I suppose.  I had a late night yesterday and I think I’m still recovering.”

She was good at getting me to ask the right questions.  I hadn’t spoken to her in months and here I was slipping right into it.  What did I have to loose?

“A late night?  Anything fun?”

“Yeah,” she whispered again in a tone that brought back all sorts of memories.  “I went out with Jen to this bar in the city.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“It was ok.  She had some friends there who she wanted me to meet.”

“Sounds like a good time,” I said, unsure as to where she was going and why she was calling me.  

“I met a guy there,” she said.  

This wasn’t a strange thing for Sarah.  She often met guys and she was a good flirt.  She was pretty and friendly and although she would never admit it she was smart and sexy as well.  She was also sweet and cautious, though.  We dated for months before we slept together and while she wasn’t standoffish she preferred moments that were meaningful to those she called “earthy.”

“That’s great Sarah, “ I said.  And then for some reason that I can’t remember I added, “Did anything happen?”

“Yeah,” she said in a voice I almost couldn’t hear.  

It was then that I was stuck.  I had been about to get off the phone to return to my dinner, but she hooked me.  I wanted to know.  I wanted to know what possibly could have happened on one night at a bar with a complete stranger; I wanted to know how much she would tell me.  

“What did you do?”  

It was my turn to whisper.  

“It was after we left.  A group of us went to find a diner.”

“Ok,” I said, unsure what else to say.

“I didn’t have any money though and so I told them I needed to stop at an ATM.  Miguel said he’d come with me just to make sure I was ok.  He said it was late and I shouldn’t go in by myself.”

“Miguel is the guy’s name?” I asked her.


“What happened then?”

“Well, we found a bank on the way to the diner and he told the others we’d be right there.  I swiped my card at the door and we walked in.

As I stood there at the machine I could feel his body right behind me.”

“Was he touching you?”

“Yes. His hands were on my hips and he was slowly pulling me towards him and pushing against me at the same time.  He started to move my hair away from my ear as I pressed the buttons trying to concentrate, and he started to kiss my ear.”

“Keep going,” I whispered.

“Are you sure?”


“I finally got my money and he turned my head enough to kiss me.  His hands were on my head and he turned me around, pulling me against him.  I could feel him hard against me and he lifted me up against the machine.

“His hands were pulling at my skirt; lifting me onto the small counter.  He moved his hands up under my skirt and started to pull my underwear down off of my hips as he held me there.  It all seemed so quick; he was just kissing me and then my underwear was around my ankles”

“What did you do?” I asked her – almost afraid of what she would say.

“I undid his jeans,” she whispered again.  She was silent for a moment and all we could hear was our breathing in the phone; stronger and faster.  “Then I pulled his cock out and held it in my hand.”


“He was so hard and so big.  He was still kissing my mouth and my neck as I pulled him towards me.  He moved forward and held me there until I could feel him touching me.”

“I can’t believe you’re telling me this.”

“Do you want me to stop?”



“I can’t believe I did it. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my hips forward.  He was so hard and I was so wet that he slid right into me.  Oh my God.  He was inside me so quickly and he filled me up so much.  I was kissing him and he was pushing into me; fucking me so hard against the ATM.”

“Jesus Christ,” I said.  “Didn’t anyone walk by?”


“Really? People saw you? Did they do anything?”

“A couple guys stopped.  They watched us for a moment and then kept walking.  One girl stopped too and was watching us but then he moved me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, almost irritated.

“He turned me around and I couldn’t see her anymore.  He leaned me over the machine with my face in the camera, then he lifted up my skirt.  My god, it felt like hours before he slid inside of me again.  

I couldn’t move or say anything but he started to fuck me faster and faster from behind, pushing deeper inside of me. He didn’t even touch me, and after only minutes I started to cum.  I was trying to hold myself up against the ATM and his huge cock was pushing into me from behind.  I was screaming in the tiny room and I couldn’t stand it.  I was shaking and moaning as he fucked me and I think I came harder than I ever have.”

“Ever?” I whispered.

“Yeah,” she said.

Another pause.

“Did he come too?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she replied.

“Inside you?”

“Yes.  He just pushed into me and kept cumming. I could feel him pulsing inside me and I squeezed him as tight as I could as he filled me. His hands were pulling on my hips and he was so deep inside of me. Then he kissed the back of my neck. Just for a moment. I felt him pull out and he kissed me again, moving my hair out of the way.  

I couldn’t move, so I stood there. My panties were on the floor and my skirt was still up over my ass so anyone could see. I looked over my shoulder and the girl was still there. Then I turned back and tried to catch my breath.”

“Wow.” I stammered. “I can’t believe you did that Sarah.”

“He left after that.” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Once I caught my breath I realized that he wasn’t behind me anymore. I turned around and saw the door closing behind him. I left my underwear there on the floor and ran out onto the sidewalk but he wasn’t there.”

“Jesus! Were you mad?”

“No. I got what I wanted.”

“Um listen, Sarah, I gotta get back to my friends, but if you want to talk more you can call me back later.”

“Yeah. No, don’t worry about it. Thanks for listening. Goodnight. Pleasant dreams.”

I could hear her smile.

And then I was back on the porch with a strange look in my eyes. I had been gone for a couple of moments but no one really seemed to have noticed. I looked for signs that things were strange or that someone might understand what I had just heard. Nothing.

I picked up my glass of wine. I took a long slow sip and finished it off.

“Hey, who was that, “ Marcus asked me.

“It was Sarah.”

“Really? What did she want?”

“She wanted to tell me that she fucked some stranger in an ATM booth in Manhattan last night.”

“Are you serious?”


“Huh. That’s odd. Doesn’t sound like Sarah?”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Do you want another glass of wine?”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.”

“So anyway,” Marcus continued. “It was a good movie, but I still didn’t like the ending.”

The Stranger: an erotic short story

She likes to get fucked without seeing my face.

I’m happy to indulge her, because I enjoy fifteen minutes of sex followed by a drink. We’ve played out the same scene all over town, and it varies only in what she wears and what I drink when we’re done.  She waits for me somewhere. The where is up to me, but she waits and she knows if she’s late it won’t happen.

Last week she waited in a dressing room—the third from the right on the top floor.  When I walked in she was already breathing hard, and her hands were against the wall with her back to the door.  I locked it behind me and didn’t say a word as I lifted the back of her dress.  Her bare ass caught me by surprise and I smiled as I slid fingers across her skin.

She leaned forward at my touch and opened her thighs ever so slightly.  When I touched her she was already wet and she struggled to keep quiet.  I pushed two fingers inside her and wrapped my other hand around her slim neck.  I squeezed hardest each time my fingers entered her, and her moans were audible with each thrust.

She let out a sigh when I stepped back and I could see her body tense as she waited.  I paused for a moment and looked at her standing there with her head down and her eyes closed.  I wasn’t sure if she was pretending I was someone else or she was.  But it didn’t matter.

Seconds later I was inside her and I didn’t stop or slow down once.  I fucked her with just one purpose, and despite my lack of focus on her, she was coming almost as soon as I entered her.  I gripped her tightly and watched her body in the mirror.  She stood there bent over–her thighs open and her lips begging–and for a moment I was almost disgusted by the sight.  I refocused on what I was doing and minutes later I was coming as well.

I tried to be quick when I was done.  I didn’t bother with her dress, but I zipped up my pants, straightened my collar and unlocked the door in less than thirty seconds.  I didn’t bother to look back or close the door when I left.

Ten minutes later she walked into the bar on the first floor where I was drinking a gin and tonic.  Her hair was perfect and her dress look neatly pressed.  She kissed me on the cheek as she sat down next to me and I ordered her favorite.

“How was your afternoon?” she asked before taking a sip.


alice-lIn the small crowd that gathered for Belgian beers on 7th street we were the only two who had never fucked in Central Park.  Everyone else looked at us like we were crazy and when they asked us what part of the park we would choose we answered at the same time.

“Alice in Wonderland!”

We looked at each other and only seconds passed before she suggested we go.

“Are you serious?”  I asked as I moved closer to her.

Two minutes later we were out the door and she was calling a cab.  As we sat next to each other in the backseat I wasn’t sure what to say.  I asked her again if she was serious and in response she reached into her purse and pulled out condom.  She handed it to me and told me to hold onto it as she reached up under her skirt and pulled her underwear down over her thighs and into her hand.  She stuffed them into her purse and asked me if I wanted to back out. I kissed her hard and held her by the hand.

Minutes later the cab dropped us off on 5th Avenue and we were running hand and hand into the park.  The statue was empty at 2am and she pulled me towards her as she lay back against a cold metal mushroom.  Our kiss was hard and gentle at the same time, and my hands slid up here thighs over soft skin.

She turned and pushed me back against the metal as she knelt and opened my fly.  Moment later I was growing hard in her mouth, and I could swear that I saw stars in the city sky above.  She licked me and sucked me and before I knew what was happening she had pulled the condom from my pocket and covered my cock in slick latex.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her again; this time I kissed her slowly and I savored her lips and tongue like a strong beer.  I lay her down gently on the hard surface of the mushroom and lifter her skirt up around her waist.   She pulled me towards her and guided me into her with one skillful hand.

Our kisses stayed gentle as we moved against each other and I found her neck soft and inviting.  Her legs wrapped around me, and I could feel her tight against me through the thin barrier.  Every sensation felt amazing as her body consumed me and her kisses tasted more and more of love each time.

As we lay there afterwards looking up at the sky she held my hand gently and thanked me.  I thanked her as well as I kissed her fingers and called her Alice. The park never felt so comforting.

Where We Could Fuck: Short Erotica

“Can you hold these?” she said, handing me her panties.

Without thinking, I folded them and put them in my inside jacket pocket. They were blue and they were wet. She smiled at me with a grin that I hadn’t seen in a week, and I quickly realized that our plans had changed. There would be no dessert. There would be no after dinner drink. Most importantly, there would be no time to wait until we were home.

Alley, park, taxi, roof. The list shot through my head as I tried to figure out where we could fuck on our way home. What was the closest, safest, and cleanest place I could lift up her skirt and work myself inside her without anyone catching us? Correction, without anyone stopping us.

On the street my hand found her ass through her thin dress while she rubbed me through my linen pants with a purr. Phone booth, doorway, staircase. Suddenly my list of acceptable places was changing faster than I could think. I felt like a drunk who didn’t mind pissing in the street. Hell, I felt like a drunk who didn’t even know there was a street.

I pushed her down four steps, around a corner, and into a somewhat darkened doorway just below street level. She managed to unzip me on the way down and I managed to lift her skirt. I turned her over the cold iron gate and I was inside her so quickly I had to cover her mouth. I pulled her to me with both hands, completely forgetting about the rest of the world, and her cunt was overwhelming. She was tight and warm, but more importantly I could feel her fucking heartbeat through my cock. I could feel her blood pulsing and her muscles tensing. Her lungs expanded, her toes clenched, and for the briefest moment there was no difference between us at all.

It was her cock and my breasts against the black metal. Our lips, our fingers, and our mouths tasted and touched as our one whole body shook with hope. When we came there was no air between us and no names to distinguish us. She groaned with my chords, and I held on with her hands as we exploded in light, cum, and love.

Back on the street the rest of the world didn’t appear to understand anything at all.


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