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Original erotica from Guy New York.

For The Birthday Girl

She was only partially at her own birthday party. Okay, to be fair, she was tied up in the bedroom for most of the night while the party raged on in the living room and kitchen. We drank and talked and played games, and when one or two of us vanished for a moment it was with playful grins and thumbs up for whatever horrible things we had planned.

We had considered a simple gangbang. It is traditional around these parts, but it didn’t have quite the right feel to it. And besides, it had the potential to be over far too quickly. Instead, R thought it might be nice to be tied to the bed (just her hands, to keep things accessible) with a blindfold on. It was, after all, a party of friends, and trust hung thick in the air from the time we popped the first bottle of champagne. And since she had been publicly writing about what turned her on for four years, it was less about guessing and more about giving.

It began nicely. L went into the room nearly as soon as she arrived (hell, before she even had a drink) and crawled between R’s legs with an open mouth and two dexterous fingers. It wasn’t a long ordeal, but an orgasm right out of the gate was a lovely surprise, and later R told me it was the best head she had in months.

M isn’t especially into girls, but he does love having his cock sucked, and since he wanted to wish her a happy birthday, he took his turn with great determination. He walked into the bedroom, put his drink down, called her a filthy-cum-guzzling-whore, and proceeded to fuck her throat for thee and a half minutes while she gagged and swore at him. He was shocked at how quickly she made him come, and even though he was known to be quite the champion cocksucker himself, he was thoroughly impressed with how well she swallowed every single drop.

K just wanted to fuck, but since it was a birthday, he played along. He stood at the foot of the bed watching her as he jerked off over her body, telling her horrible things. Your daddy is going to be so fucking mad when he finds out what you’ve done. And when he hears that his best friend fucked your tight little cunt on your birthday, I doubt he’ll ever talk to me again. But this pussy is worth it.

And with that, he slid a condom on, pushed inside her, and proceeded to choke her until she was close to passing out. She nearly came from the pounding, and later she mentioned that it had felt just real enough to make her tremble with fear.

It was S who climbed above her with her skirt raised to her waist as she told R to eat her pussy just like a good little sister. She pulled R’s mouth up to her smooth cunt, and she rode her face until she was coming torrents over the poor girl’s open mouth as she begged for her own release. When they were done, S kissed her swollen lips and made her promise not to tell anyone or they’d be in so much trouble.

V and T took turns fucking her pussy and her mouth until she couldn’t tell them apart, and then they kissed and sucked each other off in front of her face so all she could do was listen. M fingered her and told her she was just a hole to be used whenever it pleased anyone, and just when R thought she was done, she let her boyfriend fuck her cunt until he finally pulled out and came all over her stomach. J slapped her thighs and the other V beat her ass with a belt before shoving something inside it.

It was close to midnight when the birthday girl finally emerged to great applause. I lifted her up and kissed her mouth as I carried her to the center of the room and we toasted her future as she thanked each and every one of us for our gifts. Her always smile was blinding, and naked amongst us it was hard to imagine a happier girl or a better birthday.

At least until the next one.

Under the Boardwalk (Erotica from Behind His Back)

Emily put both hands–her wrists crossed–on the pylon in front of her as she pushed back onto him. His cock was shaped just the right way, and it was thick enough as to almost hurt. He fucked her harder as she let her mind go just as she always did.

It started with her high school English teacher as usual. It moved quickly to her youth minister and then the kid on her hall her freshman year of college. Next was the one professor she had slept with, and then two members of the rugby team she pretended were brothers. They never corrected her.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned, returning long enough to feel him again. His fingers dug into her skin as he pounded into her and for a brief and glorious second the images vanished, and all she knew was that she was being fucked by a stranger with a perfect cock and rough hands. She stared at the sand between her toes as she felt every bit of him within her and it was almost enough.

“Fuck me harder,” she said, letting the words carry her away. “You feel so fucking good, and your dick is so much bigger than my husband’s.”

“Than who?” he exclaimed, nearly stopping, but unable to hold himself back.

“It doesn’t matter. Just harder. Fuck me harder; I want to come on your big cock.”

“You cheating slut,” he said, instantly slamming into her before holding himself deep within her. “God, but you’re perfect.”

“Yes!” she screamed, feeling him bottom out within her, her cunt holding him tightly as she began to come. Her knees buckled, but he held her up as she clenched and shook. He pulled out of her and then thrust more just at the right moment to make her come again, her fingers now between her legs as she squeezed her eyes shut and pushed back.

“Should I pull out?” he gasped, entering her in long slow strokes.

“No,” she moaned, trying to reach back and hold him there. “Inside me. Come inside me.”

“Oh god,” he yelled, pulling her to him so hard that she nearly fell. And then he was erupting within her, filling her with his come as he kissed the back of her neck and bruised her hips with his tightening fingers.

“Keep going,” she said, feeling one last orgasm roll through her as she imagined everything all at once. I’m fucking a stranger, she said to herself; her mantra set to repeat. I’m fucking a stranger, and Tom doesn’t know. I’m fucking a stranger; he’s coming inside me, I’m letting a stranger fuck me and come in me, I’m fucking a stranger…

And then he was done, his hands resting her back on the ground as he gathered his breath. Emily braced herself for the impending loss, holding her breath as he pulled out of her. Her toes were covered in the early morning surf as the tide came in, and she didn’t move for a long time…

(From my latest books, Behind His Back. Read more here.)

Summer Love

Summer love can be fleeting–hell maybe it’s supposed to be–but fifteen minutes can occasionally last a lifetime.

Maybe you can add a few minutes to our affair since technically I saw her across the beach an hour before we spoke a word.

But is it love if it’s only in my head? Is it love if it’s just a smile, a hint of a tan line, and a face that reminds me of a glorious heartbreak?

I would like to say that I wanted her. I’d prefer to tell you it was simply a glandular reaction to my visual intake, but if that were the case I probably wouldn’t still be thinking of her ten years later.

Our first date happened the exact moment she waved at me on her way to the boardwalk. I stood up and she stopped walking, and let’s just admit that a whole year passed by in those few moments of love. Her laughter was endless dinners and late night strolls, and when she took my hand before either of us said a word, our touch was the trepidation of meeting her parents the day before Christmas Eve.

Under the boardwalk, we kissed frantically–hidden in the shadows from the world behind us. It took six months to undo her top and another half a year before she held me in her hand, our breath short and our love unstoppable. After the wedding, she knelt in the sand and took me into her mouth, but the honeymoon was brief as I pulled her to me and pushed her against the cold pylon.

She slid down her bikini bottoms on her own, her graduate degree completed in record time. And as she giggled while I struggle to find the right angle, we had a thousand dinner parties with a ten thousand friends.

And my god when I fucked her, my lips on the back of her neck, we were happy. For months at a time, we were happy, growing older and smarter, and our nerve and our love of everything grew deeper until we could no longer tell each other apart.

Her fingers between her legs renewed our vows, and as she clenched around me while I sold my first novel, I noticed the first sign of friction. Yes it was skin on skin and the shadows were nowhere as discreet as we once thought, but we would make it because our love would last forever!

She came as her career winded down, and I followed right behind her, my deep moans expressing the constantly growing fear of my own mortality. Her hand on my hand on her stomach was sorrow and then forgiveness. When I helped her with her swimsuit and she turned to kiss my lips we sighed without passion or regret. We laughed as only old couples can laugh, and I squeezed her bottom as she told me she had to get back to her friends.

She turned halfway back down the beach and blew me a kiss, and I held her hand as friends gathered around whispering words of comfort. I too walked out into the light and everything had changed. The sky was bluer, the ocean louder, and the cries of the sunbathers more and more distant.

Summer love can be fleeting. It can come and go in a moment, and in our case, it was fifteen minutes of joy and sorrow with a lifetime of memories wrapped up in one silly, foolish, and wonderfully brief fuck.

Her Eyes and Mouth

Some days it’s easier to imagine I’m her instead.

It’s a common enough fantasy I suspect, even if we don’t discuss it or let it out to play very often. But I’ve spent enough time daydreaming and enough time writing that it slips in more easily than it might.

The fantasies move quickly as if I’m pressed for time. As if the dream might fade.

I’m leaning against the wall and he’s behind me, my skirt raised, my underwear gone, and his hand around my neck as he thrusts into me. Someone bangs on the door as he fucks me faster and maybe I know him and maybe I don’t.

The bed is hard and I’m between them in an instant. Hands on my throat and fingers between my legs. One in my mouth before I can ask and then the other’s inside me, fucking me harder than I can take.

In a flash it’s her mouth between my legs, opening on my cunt and tasting him. She’s crying as she goes down and I’m smiling.

And then I’m her. The other one.

Again and again, I find myself there in that room. The familiar one. The big one with the dim lights and the invisible walls. Surrounded, of course.

Blurry faces, but maybe they have names I remember as I shake with fear and anticipation. They undress me and I struggle to help as hands pull and tug me this way and that. Unfocused I kneel and move between them, their laughter as loud as their moans before they take me one after the other, using my body as I use theirs.

They blur together. Each vision. All of them, until each one flies by in a second as my hand moves faster; my cock and my cunt ache at the same time. Consumed, devoured, wanted, needed, and above all fucked so hard the world drops away.

And as I come I return, leaving her hanging there in space staring at me while she licks her lips.

Her eyes are my eyes and her mouth is my mouth.

Be Ready to Come

The note was clear. I was to be naked, in bed, and hard when she got home.

The problem was I wasn’t sure when that would be. I got home early, picked up our room, lit some candles, and undressed, but I had somewhere between ten minutes and three hours to prepare myself. The naked part was easy, but keeping myself in a constant state of arousal was going to be more difficult.

I got hard quickly enough, and then I had to slow everything down. I played out long fantasies in my head, I squeezed my cock tightly, and I stayed on my back for an hour. Every sound made me jump and clench, and her occasional text message reminding me to be ready didn’t help. I came so close to coming on numerous occasions, but I was terrified that if I did I wouldn’t have enough time to recover.

It was nearly two hours later that she walked in the door. My eyes were closed, my right hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, and the head was swollen red and purple. I was so close to coming I wanted to cry.

She stood next to me in silence before lifting up her dress. She straddled me in the candlelight, hovering just above me as her fingers moved between her thighs. Two fingers went inside her and two more circled her clit, but even when I lifted myself from the bed she held me still.

“Are you ready to come?” she asked after long minutes, her own breath now grown short.

“Yes,” I moaned as she pushed down around me. She reached down with both hands and covered my mouth and nose as my body began to shake. Her thighs were tight around me, and I couldn’t so much as move, even as I came within her. I struggled to breathe as my balls tightened, and she screamed out as she clenched her cunt around my pulsing cock.

When she finally let go I gasped for breath and pulled her lips to mine. I was still coming, but it was my whole body that exploded. I shook and bit my lip, and I continued to thrust up inside her as her own screams and release drenched my thighs.

“We have to do that again,” she said when our bodies finally gave us room to talk.

“Kill me,” I whispered.

The Seniors

We used to sneak into the gym after school to make out on the high jump mats. It was usually pretty empty and the mats were thick and soft and all the way in the back corner. Sometimes we’d stay there for an hour kissing, feeling each other up, and jerking each other off.

And then we got caught.

I had her shirt off late one hot afternoon, and my hand was in her shorts as I kissed her neck and pulled on her hair. I guess she saw them before I did because she covered her chest with her arm and grabbed my hand. There were two seniors standing right next to us, and they looked like they had been enjoying the show.

“Don’t stop on our account,” one of the guys said.

“We can just leave,” I said, grabbing her shirt.

“I said don’t stop,” the guy said.

I looked down at Claire and she smiled shyly and sort of shrugged. So instead of running out, I kept fingering her as the guys moved closer to us. She arched her back and pulled me in for a kiss and if I noticed she was more wet than usual, it wasn’t until I thought about it much later.

“Take off her shorts,” the second guy said as he knelt next to us on the mat. I started to push them down and he told me to take her panties off too. When they were around her knees, she kicked them off the rest of the way as all three of us stared at her naked body.

“Fuck that’s hot,” one of them said.

“Were you two gonna fuck?” The other asked.

“Maybe,”Claire said to my surprise. We had only fucked a couple of times, and never in the gym. “Why, do you want to watch us?”

“Damn, you’re not shy at all, are you? I think we want to do more than watch. Why doesn’t your boyfriend go down on you for a bit to get you nice and wet.”

She pushed my head down, and I didn’t complain. Hell, I loved eating her pussy, and if she didn’t mind the audience, then who was I to complain? I opened her thighs and started kissing her and licking her as I worked two fingers inside her, and I almost forgot the guys were there until I looked up to see her sucking one of their cocks.

“Oh shit, that’s good. Get me nice and hard for you.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, looking up at her taking the guy all the way down her throat.

“Same thing you’re about to do unless you want us to tell the coach what we found,” the second guy said. I turned to look at him and he had his cock out in his hand as he knelt over her. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me closer, and before I could say anything I was sucking his cock instead of eating her pussy. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I had certainly thought about it enough to do an okay job. I wrapped my hand around him and took as much of him as I could. He got hard pretty fast.

“You’re gonna get me nice and ready so I can fuck your girlfriend,” he said, pushing further into my mouth as I choked. He leaned down and started fingering Claire at the same time, and suddenly I realized she was moaning and begging like I had never seen before.

“Do you want this?” The guy she was blowing asked her.

“Yes,” she, said, opening her legs wider. “Please…”

“Damn, I like this girl,” he said looking over at me sucking off his friend. He moved down the mat, grabbedClaire’s legs, spread them open, and then without pause, he shoved his cock inside her and started fucking her. She kept on moaning, until the guy I was blowing moved over to her mouth instead.

“You like watching your girl get fucked?” He asked as she sucked him too. I just nodded because, of course, it was hot as hell, even if I didn’t know how it had happened so quickly.Claire kept on moaning, but only a minute or two into it, the guy fucking her pulled out and started coming all over her.

“Guess it’s my turn,” the other one said, moving between her legs. He pulled me down again and made me get him nice and wet in between rubbing against Claire’s pussy. Finally, he started fucking her too as he pushed my mouth down to her clit. She grabbed my hair as I licked her, and in no time at all, she was coming louder than ever. The guy started mumbling about what a slut she was, and she came and she came as he fucked her while the other guy just watched.

Right in the middle, the guy pulled out again and shoved his cock into my mouth just as he started to come. I gagged for a second and he laughed before he slid into her again to finish. She pulled him down and kissed the guy as he came inside her, and I didn’t know what the hell to do. He pulled her legs up and thrust even deeper into her as he groaned, and he kept telling her how tight and dirty she was.

When he finally finished, he pulled out and stood up. Both of the guys got their shorts back on and stood over us looking down at her messy body. I thought they were going, but they waited until Claire pulled me in for a kiss as her hands tugged my shorts down.

“There you go,” one of the guys said, as she pulled me to her. I wasn’t going to complain, and since I was the only one who hadn’t come yet, I fucked her for all I was worth as they watched. I pinned her arms above her head and kissed her mouth and her neck, and somehow I lasted longer than I should have. By the time I finally came, the guys were gone, and Claire was panting as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Holy shit that was hot,” she said, kissing me on the mouth. “I’ve never fucked a senior before.”

“I’ve never sucked a dick before,” I said, smiling at her. We finally found our clothes and snuck out the back door of the gym. There was no place else we could go, so we finally had to go home and get ourselves off again as we talked on the phone about it.

We went back to the gym almost every day for a few weeks, but the guys never came back. Things got a little awkward because it was all we talked about, even when we were doing it just the two of us. We broke up right before summer, but we mostly stayed friends.

When I saw her years later at our tenth reunion, she dragged me into the gym and we stood looking at the mat as we remembered that fucked up afternoon. We kissed for a while, but she was married and I had a boyfriend I was trying not to cheat on again, so we didn’t go any further. But just standing in the room with her, I was hard in an instant.

“I still can’t believe we did that,” she said as we finally made our way back to the reunion.

“I’m glad it happened,” I said, kissing her on the cheek one last time.

“Me too,” she said. “Thanks for the reminder.”

We didn’t keep in touch after that, and I guess it’s just as well. But I still think about it sometimes when I need to get off real quick, and I have a feeling she does the same thing.

And to this day, I still love the smell of a gym mat on a hot spring afternoon.

For The Love of Daddy

Dad was quiet for a while and we stared at each other.

“You’re prettier than Mariko,” he finally said.

I leaned in and poked him in the ribs, but he was being serious for a change. I kissed him on the forehead and put my legs over his lap as I grabbed his hand.

“Are you telling me that I’m prettier than the hottest girl you’ve ever fucked? That’s kinda sad dad, because I’m not that pretty you know.”

“You’re the prettiest girl in the whole wide world and don’t you forget it. I mean, she was hot, but you’re…”

I wish I could tell you that this was my master plan. That I was thinking about what I could do next to get him into my bed, but the truth is I was drunk and happy, and I was so focused on the moment that I didn’t have anything left for scheming at all. He was looking at me with an expression I had never seen before, and I didn’t know what to say.

“Why were you crying this afternoon?” he finally asked. I still had my legs over his lap and his arm was around me.

“Cause I slept with a boy I don’t really like all that much.” I don’t know why I went with the truth, but so it goes. I blame the wine.

“Oh,” was all he said.

“You probably think I’m a slut,” I told him, as I rested my head against his shoulder. “A gross slut.”

“Was it terrible?”


We had a long moment of silence and once again I wasn’t sure how much he wanted to know or how much I was willing to tell him. He brushed my hair with his fingers absentmindedly, and we both reached down and had another sip of our wine. Just what we fucking needed.

“How come you slept with him if you don’t really like him?”

That was the first question he asked that I really didn’t want to answer, but somehow it slipped out. Just like that I said the words I could never take back and everything changed.

“Because he called me Babygirl.”

I thought he was going to push me off his lap or stand up and storm out. I thought he might move or try to say something funny so he could pretend he didn’t hear me, but instead, he was silent. He didn’t move his arm and I didn’t move a muscle. I kept my head on his shoulder and he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Babygirl,” he whispered quietly.

“Yes, Daddy?” I asked looking up at him.

“I’ve always called you that. It’s not just a name. It’s who you are to me.”

I kissed him on the cheek and his body tightened. When I put my hand on his face he froze in place, and I wanted to kiss him more than anything else in the whole world.

“I’ll always be your Babygirl,” I whispered and for the first time he moved. He pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head as his fingers ran down the length of my arm. I could feel the hairs on my body jump up and his touch sent shivers down my spine. I moved my arm gently beneath his fingers and he didn’t stop.

My nipples were hard beneath my shirt and when I looked down they almost looked obscene. My whole body was about to explode, and yet I couldn’t make myself move. His fingers moved up to my neck and brushed my cheek and still, I couldn’t do a thing. I leaned my head back onto the couch and watched his gaze fall on my neck. When he touched my chin I almost lost all control, and when his finger brushed against my lips I let out a moan.

He leaned in close to me, and I reached out to touch his shoulder.

“He called you Babygirl,” he said. It wasn’t a question. I opened my eyes and looked right at him. He needed me to say it, because he couldn’t.

“Yes, Daddy. He called me Babygirl, and I fucked him.”

His lips were strong and sweet, and they crushed into me before I knew what was happening. His arm was around me pulling me tighter, and I opened my mouth without thinking as he kissed me. I pulled his cheek to me and held him as I kissed him back; when his tongue traced the bottom of my lips I moaned again with unmistakable need.

(From my taboo novella For the Love of Daddy, only available here.)

Jane and The Painters

(CW: Non-con)

“It’s okay,” the foreman said, forcing me down onto a chair. They had a painter’s rag stuffed into my mouth, and they quickly tied my hands behind my back. One of them lifted me and the chair easily, and he positioned me at the foot of the bed facing Jane.

“What the fuck is going on?” she asked, trying to sound as threatening as she could. The foreman sat down on the bed quietly and looked at me one last time before turning back to her.

“Like I said, it’s nothing. We just wanted to make sure your boyfriend here had a nice view.”

“What do you mean?” she stammered.

“He means a nice view of us fucking you,” one of them said, laughing. She hardly noticed the others surrounding the bed until there were five men undoing their overalls and leering at her with clear intentions.

“Look, I have money,” she said. “What do you want? I can give you anything, you don’t want to do this.”

“I think we do want to do this,” the foreman said. “In fact, after your boyfriend here showed us a couple pictures of you, it’s pretty much all we could think of, right boys?”

The other men nodded and grunted as they climbed onto the bed, and before Jane could move, the sheets were pulled from her hands and tossed onto the floor. She tried to cover herself as I rocked in the chair and struggled to scream through the gag in my mouth. She was so perfectly lovely that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Even as the first man grabbed her foot and pulled her towards him I stared. Her hair was long and lovely, and her coffee sat steaming on the bedside table. Someone else grabbed an arm until she was lying on her back getting stretched in both directions.

“It’s okay,” the foreman said, running a finger down her cheek. “I told the boys they each have to pick only two holes. It could really be much worse. Besides, you’ll have Jack her to watch out for you. He’ll be here the whole time watching us fucking his pretty little slut.”

He leaned in close, his fingers now between her legs, opening the lips to her pussy. His mouth was against her ear.

“Personally I’ve only decided on your pussy for now.” His fingers pushed inside her. “But we’ll see how I’m inspired as the day goes on. I could go either way really. Your mouth is sweet, but your ass… Oh, baby, your ass is a fucking peach.”

To say I was hard would be an understatement. To say I was struggling would be to confuse the issue. I was fighting against the ropes that held me to the chair, and I was struggling with the gag in my mouth, but more than anything, I was struggling with the love welling up within me as I watched the five men close in on her, their hands touching every inch. I was devouring the sight with my eyes, and it was all I could do not to come just from watching. They lost their clothes within in minutes, and the first time one of them pried open her mouth and slid his thick cock between her lips, I nearly started to cry.

She looked small on the bed, surrounded by monsters with only one thing on their minds. As she choked loudly there were hands everything. They squeezed her breasts, slapped her thighs, and wet their fingers on her cunt. They pulled her open mouth back and forth between themselves, and their groans grew louder with each passing second. One of them opened his mouth on her pussy, grunting about how good little girls taste, and I strained against my bonds as hard as I could. When the first one fucked her I thought I might die, and when he pulled out seconds later and came on her tummy I was bursting to get free.

Jane struggled for a while, and she tried as hard as she could to keep her eyes on me. I’m not sure if she was looking for strength, or something else, but I stared back. Just beneath the surface, part of her was wondering, and I could see it in her face as she watched me. My erection was clear through my flimsy pajamas, and I could smell Jane’s pussy from where I was sitting. When the foreman threw her onto her back, her head at my knees hanging off the end of the bed as he started to fuck her, I was almost done. She stared at me, never once breaking eye contact, as he moved between her legs and she grew quiet and calm. Someone shoved a cock into her mouth, and still, she watched me, hoping for some betrayal.

They held her there for a long time, once thick cock in her cunt and the other men taking turns with her mouth, and my vision grew blurry. The foreman didn’t seem to require rest, and he fucked her faster and harder with every second. Her legs were held open and her arms were gripped tightly above her head. Someone came in her mouth before instantly being replaced by another man, eager to feel her lips around him.

It wasn’t until she reached one hand up to the cock in her mouth that I gave in. She wrapped her fingers around him before taking him all the way into her throat, and I was in awe. A smile broke out on my face amidst the struggle, and she glared at me with a fierce cat growl that nearly scared me.

“Wait,” she said.

Surprisingly, the men stopped. The foreman, looking down at her, simply raised an eyebrow. His cock was still buried inside her.

“I want to make him really watch,” she said, sitting up on the bed. With another growl she pulled him down and climbed on top of him, her body still facing me. She took his thick cock in one hand and rubbed it against the lips to her cunt. And then she closed her eyes as she sank down onto him. Within minutes the entire scene had changed, and the men were suddenly struggling to keep up with her demands.

(From The Yes Rule, one of my more fucked up novellas)

Pushed to One Side

“That’s a beautiful outfit, but it looks complicated,” she said slowly. I nodded in agreement as we stood in the back of the crowd watching the show.

“I tend to prefer things that can either be lifted up or pushed to the side,” I said. It was the truth, although I’m not sure I would have phrased it that way before. My kinks almost always end with sex (or begin there depending on your perspective) so a short skirt, anything I can slide my hands inside, and underwear that doesn’t get in the way are always preferable.

“I’m wearing something that can be lifted up,” she said so quietly I almost didn’t hear her. It was an understatement, to say the least, but I instantly couldn’t think of anything else. And I desperately wanted to know what was beneath it.

“And pushed to the side?” I asked. She blushed and nodded, and it only took a moment for our hands to find each other. And then we no longer needed to talk.

The bathroom was in the back and down the stairs, and there were four rows of doors with single rooms behind them. Which meant when we slipped into one of them, we had the tiny room all to ourselves. We had a theory to test. Or at least a hypothesis. For science.

Our kiss was loud as I pushed her against the wall, but our hands were everywhere. We hadn’t so much as grazed a knee before this, but I had one very specific goal in mind and it devoured all of my focus.

The first part was easily found out. I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs until I cupped her ass, and her dress did, in fact, move out of the way as if commanded by Moses. He hands discovered just how easy it was to unzip my suit pants and pull my achingly hard cock out. Personally, I tend to choose underwear that I can leave at home.

After that, it was a purse, a condom, and a very contained twirl that led us to the third question of the evening. She leaned forward with her hands on the wall, and I lifted her dress once more to see what might be done about the rest.

It was difficult not to simply stare at her ass for the rest of the night, but I pulled myself back to the task at hand as I slipped my fingers between her legs. She leaned forward even further when I pressed my cock between her cheeks, and by then I had mostly stopped thinking. I pulled the wet fabric away from her skin, slid it easily to one side, and then, standing on my tiptoes, I pushed my latex clad cock into the most beautiful cunt in the world.

I let go of the dress, I forgot the panties, and I grabbed her hips a moment later, desperate to attempt something that at least resembled a fuck. When she pushed back against me I thrust forward, and the truth was revealed in an instant. We were fucking with our clothes still on as the party swayed above us, and it was as simple as one two three. I kissed the back of her neck as one hand moved up to her throat; the other continued pulling her hips to me, burying myself deeper inside her with each moan.

We moved quickly, we moaned loudly, and we laughed with satisfaction. It wasn’t sweet and it wasn’t easy, but we stood there in the dark fucking because we could, and that was a beautiful thing. I stared at our bodies, wishing she could see it too, and it was three layers of perfect: A dress lifted up, black lace pushed away, and me inside her, wishing it would never end.

And maybe we were there for a minute and maybe an hour, but none of that mattered. There might someday be other times in a bed or a couch. Maybe there was a hotel in our future or even the backseat of a cab.

But right then, in that moment, we were fucking for the very first time, and nothing would ever be better than that.

Kelly Fucks Brent for the First Time

threesome photo of two men and one woman

Photo by Guy New York

Kelly leaned back and kissed me. She shoved her tongue into my mouth, pulled on my hair and kissed me so hard I almost fucked her right there. Brent was still on his back, but he stopped laughing and watched as she rolled onto her back between us. Without thinking his hand slid to his cock, and the moment hung in the air like time had stopped. I could smell her pussy, and the room was warmer than it had been just a few seconds before.

“Maybe we should try it again,” she said timidly. “But this time, without the laughing.”

“Are you serious?” he asked. I wasn’t sure if it was to her or me, but it didn’t matter.

“She’s always serious,” I answered.

When she turned back to me, I felt that familiar twitch of jealousy and excitement. We had talked about it so many times, and now there was only one thing that was important. She had whispered stories in my ear and promised me I could watch, but after all those nights of fantasizing, of hearing her beg me to let her do it, it was finally going to happen. I was going to watch her get fucked.

He turned on his side once more and pushed her against me as he moved in closer. She kissed me, this time slowly and sweetly as she adjusted her ass, and it was all I could do to keep looking into her eyes. One of her hands reached out and touched me, pulling me towards her even as she leaned in. She kissed me again, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her raise her leg.

Brent was breathing quickly, but instead of looking at me, or the back of Kelly’s head, he was looking down. He was looking at her ass and her cunt. He was looking at his cock, positioned right against the lips to her pussy, and he knew that within seconds he would be inside her.

I bit my lip and closed my eyes as my whole body tensed. I felt dizzy and lightheaded, and I listened to every sound from her mouth, knowing that I would know. When something changed, I would hear it.

“Look at me,” she whispered, her hand on my chin. “Do you want this? Do you want him to fuck me?”

All I could do was give a nod in response.

Kelly reached one hand between her legs, but she never looked away from me. Her lips parted, and I could hear Brent grunting as he focused. The muscles in her arm tightened, her ass shifted, and suddenly her eyes opened wide. Her mouth gaped in a silent scream, and I knew it was done. I kissed her quickly because I couldn’t resist any longer. I leaned back, my hand on my cock as I watched, and then finally I looked down. After all this time, I had to see it.

Her thighs were open, wider this time, and her lips were bright red. I stared in awe as I saw her open around Brent’s thick cock, only half of him inside her. She closed her eyes and started to moan, her hips moving slowly as she pushed down onto him. Inch by inch he entered her, stretched her, and filled her as she bit her lip and began to whisper his name.

“Oh shit, Brent, it feels so good. It hurts, but I like it.”

I lifted her leg higher, Kelly gasped, and I leaned in closer. He was moaning too as he struggled not to move too fast; instead of shoving inside her all at once, he let her take as much as she could.

It felt like hours before he was fully inside her, and she moaned sounds I had never heard. Her body shook, the vein in his cock pulsed, but then they held still for an eternity, him buried within her as she grew accustomed to his girth.

His cock was inside my Babygirl, and I had let it happen. My best friend was fucking my girlfriend, and I couldn’t look away. It was difficult to watch, but the noises she made were almost worse. She grew louder and louder, even as they held still, and I was in awe. She was coming on his cock, and they had barely started.

“Fuck, it feels good. It’s so fucking big, but…”

“Is it okay?” he asked, speaking for the first time.

She nodded her head as she tried moving, and I couldn’t look away. There was another man inside my little girl, and she was coming just from being penetrated. She was clenching around him, moaning for him, and I knew everything was about to change.

“Say it, Babygirl.” My voice was a whisper, but she looked at me, her face clouded with lust. “Tell him what you want. It’s okay. You’ve already let him put it inside you, so say it. Beg for it.”

It took a moment for her to comprehend what I was demanding, but then it was done.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. She was quiet at first, but she grew louder in seconds, and her simple request was instantly the sweet sound of her begging. “Fuck me, Brent. Please, fuck my cunt hard. Do it, please, I need more…”

(From Disgusting Beautiful Immoral, the dirtiest book in the world.)


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