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A Too Sweet Boyfriend

Photo by Roberto Nickson

“My boyfriend is too sweet,” she said, opening a bottle of wine on the dark porch. Everyone else was sleeping, but in the heat of the night I found myself sitting on the couch wide awake and unhappy. I smiled and nodded when she handed me a glass too, but there wasn’t much to say. She was right. He was too sweet. Aggressively nice I used to say when I’d had too many drinks. Ferociously moral and smugly sanctimonious also came to mind. In short, he was a dick who got by on pretending to care too much.

“My girlfriend is too tired,” I said, taking a sip of the wine as she squeezed in next to me on the couch. “Actually that’s not fair. She’s just boring. Fuck, I’m a horrible person.”

“She’s not boring. She just doesn’t like you all that much.”

I stared out into the dark night, the sweat still clinging to my skin in just the wrong places. I nodded again, more to myself than anyone else, and closed my eyes for a moment. It was a conclusion I had considered but tried to avoid.

“I used to think I could change,” I said, feeling her bare leg touch mine and having no desire to move. “I used to think if I did this or that it would work out. If I stopped being such an asshole maybe it would be better.”

“You’re not an asshole,” she said. “At least not to anyone but yourself.”

“Is he asleep?” I asked, hoping to move back to her. Hoping to move back to her skin against mine and her hair so close to my face.

“Of course. He’s going running in the morning after some yoga. The sunrise is God’s gift to the blessed, he says.”

“Jesus Christ,” I said, choking on my wine. How could someone make it so easy to dislike them?

“Right? I mean what’s wrong with having a few more drinks, choking me during angry sex, and then passing out with come in my hair. Okay, maybe not my hair, but you get the point. We’re not on the same page.”

“Or the same planet,” I said turning towards her and brushing her hair back behind one ear. “I’m glad there’s no come on you too though.”

“Are you sure about that?” she asked, putting her glass of wine down. I leaned in closer and considered not thinking for the rest of the night. Guilt was for the weak and doubt for the weary. I was neither.

“If we were dating there would be come everywhere,” I said. “Sweat and tears too. And we would definitely not be asleep at midnight on a Friday night in the country.

“And what would we be doing?” she asked, leaning back and smiling at me. She flicked one strap off her shoulder, letting her tank top expose more skin than I had seen in weeks. I leaned forward, even more, reaching out with one hand until it closed gently around her throat.

“I think we’d start here,” I whispered. “We’d start by finding out how hard you like it and just how you want to be fucked.”

“And how hard do you want to fuck me?” she asked, pushing back against my hand as if challenging me to squeeze tighter. “Are you just a nice boy too? Or would you actually use me if I asked nicely.”

I nearly knocked both glasses of wine over when I swung her onto my lap in one strong motion. She giggled as she straddled me, my hand now in her hair as our lips brushed without really connecting. I kissed her cheek and her chin as she ground her hips against me, my cock obviously hard between her legs. She scratched my bare shoulders and clenched her thighs around my own. I nibbled her neck and she growled.

“I would fuck you until you begged me to stop and then I’d fuck you some more.”

“Would you choke me until saw stars?” she asked. “Would you slap me until my head spun? Would you fuck me even as I begged you to let me go?”

“Yes,” I moaned, kissing her neck as I pulled her down harder, pushing myself up against her, feeling her through her thin shirt. Her hand in my hair pulled painfully until my neck was bent backward and my throat exposed. She traced a nail along my veins and up to my lips. She kissed my chin before resting her mouth against mine, just a sliver of air between us. I could feel the blood pumping through her body and my cock twitched against her. Her forehead pressed into mine and I held her there, seconds from a kiss for what felt like forever.

“Fuck!” she groaned as she stood up and grabbed her glass of wine. She stared at me, and for a moment I wondered if she would change her mind. If she would come back to the couch and stop trying.

“Well, at least we know,” I said, picking up my own glass. She paced twice more before sitting back down next to me.

“Would you have fucked me?” she asked, one eyebrow raised. “I mean just now. Would you have done it?”

“In a second,” I said, knowing it was true. Something had changed and it had little to do with us. She leaned against my shoulder and gently rubbed my thigh, her fingers instantly friendly.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

I Don’t Remember

I don’t remember meeting her, but I do remember the afternoon she invited herself over and we got drunk in my dorm room on a bottle of rum. It was all we had, but it did the trick and that was enough.

She was clear from the beginning that she wanted to fuck. College was fine, but dating sucked, and a girl had needs and wants. Which meant that halfway through the bottle she lost her shirt and I lost my pants and her mouth found my cock as I pushed her hair away from her face so I could watch.

How strange that watching is almost as important as feeling. Her mouth was perfect and her drunken skill was beyond reproach, but I needed to see her lips stretched around my cock all the same. I needed to look into her eyes when she gasped for air with a smile, and I needed to see her breasts even though I couldn’t reach them.

“I like this school better,” she said, moving up to kiss my mouth again. “It’s small though, so it’s harder to do crazy shit.”

“It’s a nightmare,” I said, undoing her jeans as she wiggled out of them. Her bare chest against mine was delicious, and I kissed her shoulder as she kicked her pants off onto the floor.

“You know at my last school I had a fucked up reputation all because of one night.”

“What did you do?” I asked, reaching between her legs and parting her wet skin.

“I fucked five guys at a party. I was drunk and they were too, but it didn’t matter. I felt like I was on fire and I wanted everything. Honestly, it’s a blur, but it still gets me off. God, it was intense and I felt like a slut in the best way possible.”

“I’ll try not to picture it,” I said, reaching to the bedside table and grabbing a condom.

“Oh, you can picture it,” she whispered, taking it out of my hand and tearing it open. She leaned forward as she slid the latex down over my cock and pecked me on the lips. “Why do you think I told you? You can totally picture me on the floor of the frat house surrounded by five naked men, each one taking turns with my mouth and my cunt.”

And before I could say anything, she slid me inside her and she was so fucking wet and I was so fucking hard that we fell into each other instantly. She sat up and began to roll her hips as I grabbed her ass and looked down again so I could see myself sliding in and out of her, even as I pictured everything else. Her lips red. Her thighs open. Her chest covered in come and her neck bruised green.

“They fucked me so hard,” she moaned, just as I slipped out of her.

She guided me back inside her, but we were drunk and sloppy too and our brains were buzzing with everything. It was easier on her back, but then it was my fault each time we missed or fell apart, but I suppose none of it mattered. We were fucking because we needed to and the rest of campus could take it’s morality fetish somewhere else. She was telling me horrible things and I was going to come all over her and not fall in love.

“I’m gonna come,” she said. “Choke me. Choke me until I almost pass out.”

I put my hand on her throat as I pushed into her again and I wonder sometimes if we were in the same place at all. Did she make up the story to turn me on, or did she change it from one thing to another? Was she there in my room, on my bed because of something I did or something I didn’t do?

“Yes!” she cried, starting to shake as I slipped out once more. I moved my other hand to her clit before fucking her again as she came, and I didn’t let go of her throat until it was too late for me too.

She gasped for breath as I released her and leaned back. I pulled out, tossed the condom aside and coated her stomach and chest before collapsing against her sticky skin to kiss her swollen lips.

And the rest is less clear because we were drunk and the day had vanished behind us. I know she held me and I think at one point she cried for a while. I pet her hair and the second time we fucked it was slow and dreamy. We stayed present that time, and the sweetness was an unexpected surprise.

We didn’t fuck again, and I think she transferred one more time. The school was too small she told me again. It was nice but too uptight. She needed something bigger and looser. Somewhere she could get lost.

I saw her at the end of the year and she hugged me and I said thank you. She barely remembered the afternoon we spent together, but she told me it was fun all the same.

Sometime after that, she left.

I don’t remember how we said goodbye.

Lisa Shows Off in the Car

“It’s pretty simple,” she said, her hand moving down to her thigh as she tugged on the hem of her shorts. “I just like to feel like a slut. It’s a cross between objectification and submission, I guess. It’s mostly about feeling wanted. Like really truly wanted in filthy ways by all the wrong people.”

“That doesn’t sound simple,” I said, trying to focus on my driving as I inwardly groaned. Of course, she had to get turned on by exactly the things I was trying to avoid.

“Well, it’s not like I’m into piss or knife play. I don’t want to wear a pony mask or get put in a cage with a dog bowl. I just like it when men want to fuck me and are really obvious about it. Like how you got when I told you I let that guy finger me.”

“You are fucking intense, Lisa, do you know that? There is no way in hell I would ever tell Brendan any of this, and please tell me the same is true for you. He’d fucking kill me.”

“We’re just talking,” she said, her hand still fumbling with her tiny shorts.

“That’s true,” I said, knowing how big a lie that really was. “We’re just talking. For now.”

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything, right?”

“Well, it’s good that we have that settled,” I said with a smirk.

“But I guess watching isn’t really a crime, though, is it?” She asked, my eyes following hers as they looked down at her lap. “I mean, what happens in the car isn’t important. And besides, it’s not my fault if you happen to look.”

And then, as I looked at the road with one eye, and the girl with the other, she did just what Molly would have done. Never looking up, she pulled the thin fabric to one side, her legs opening wider until I could see her perfectly smooth cunt just two feet away from me.

“This is where he touched me,” she whispered. “He had his fingers all over and inside me, and I got so wet. Almost as wet as I am now.”

She reached down with her other hand and gently touched the lips of her pussy as I tried not to crash the car. When I finally stole another glance at her, she pushed one finger inside herself before pulling it out–slick with her excitement–and licking it clean.

“That was quite lovely,” I said, looking back at the road, my hard cock now impossible to hide. “I’ll confess that I never really believed what Brendan said about you, but you’re starting to impress me.”

“That was super hot,” she said. “You almost killed us you wanted to look so bad. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get hard so quickly. Maybe you’re not such an old man.”

“You have no idea,” I mumbled, my eyes back on the road as I tried to will my erection away. She was no longer teasing, but it didn’t really matter because I understood her now. I had seen her smooth cunt, and I had watched her spread herself open for me and there was no going back. There was no more pretending we were just playing a game. This was either going to be the longest car ride in the history of the world or the shortest.

(From Sharing The Wrong Girl: A road trip with my best friend’s daughter.)

Pete’s Wife Remembers Her College Boyfriend

(from a work in progress)

Pete was going through a box which mostly contained my old college papers when he found an envelope that I had forgotten existed. Which is why when he opened it and tipped the contents out onto the floor I didn’t try to hide them or otherwise protect my husband from his find. I was so caught up in my own excavation, that it took me a moment to realize his mouth hung open as he held up a series of photos and began to flip through them.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked, not looking up.

“Oh it’s nothing,” he said. “I was just looking at these photos of you and your ex-boyfriend.”

“What? Which one.”

“Which boyfriend? Apparently the one with the ten-inch cock.”

“What are you even talking about?” I asked. In lieu of a response, he tossed me a photo. I sighed as I picked it up and then shut my mouth because it was, in fact, a picture of me with my ex Robert. More specifically, it was a picture of me naked, kneeling on the ground, trying to fit his cock into my mouth. The day came back in a flash, and I realized the rest of the photos might make things complicated. We had been drunk and having fun when he pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of me as I undressed. I pretended to model for him, but pretty soon things got a little out of hand. At first, it was just me sucking his cock. And then it was him fucking me. And then it was him choking me as we fucked, tying me to the bed, shoving my panties into my mouth, and coming all over my pussy and ass. Like I said, it got a little out of hand.

“Oh,” was all I could say as I watched Pete’s mouth open wider as he flipped through each one.

“Jesus Sarah. You two weren’t kidding around.”

“We were in college,” I said, trying to grab them out of his hands. “Besides, those are mine. Come on, don’t upset yourself.”

“I’m not upset. Why would I be upset looking at pictures of another man fucking my wife and treating her like trash? Why the fuck would that bother me at all? Why would I care if he hit you and held you down and then came all over you?”

“Pete, come on,” I said, as he stood up, the photos still in hand. He looked down at me and then threw most of them at me before storming out of the room. I heard him slam the door to the basement and I sat there in a daze with the dirty evidence all around me. As I picked them up and looked through them, I could understand why he was upset. Not only was Jake handsome with a big dick, but he also knew how to fuck. And he got me to do things I had never done before or since.

And so I moved to the couch with a full glass of wine and the pictures, because I didn’t know what else to do. But as I sat there, flipping through my memories in vivid color, it was impossible not to go back. One photo after another reminded me of him, of our time together, and more specifically, of that one afternoon.

We decided to cut class in the morning and go out for breakfast at the diner. And then he ordered a beer and I had one too and by noon we were back at his apartment opening a bottle of vodka as we pawed at each other. We had only been dating for a few weeks, but we fucked every single day. Before class, after class, almost in class. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. If I’m being honest, he wasn’t the nicest guy in the world, or even the best boyfriend, but my god could he fuck. His cock was only part of it, although I wasn’t complaining, but his real skill was in figuring out what I wanted the most and then giving it to me.

After just the first week of dating, he held me down one evening as he rubbed his cock against me. I had a condom sitting on the bedside table, but Jake hadn’t put it on yet. He smiled at me as he touched me, and I was practically begging for him.

“Do you want this?” he asked, pushing just the head of his cock inside me.

“Yes,” I moaned, practically begging.

“Would you stop me right now if I just fucked you?”

“No,” I whimpered, embarrassed but honest all the same. There was no way I would have said no to him.

“It’s what you want, isn’t it? You want to feel me like this. My big bare cock inside you, fucking you until I come inside your filthy little cunt, isn’t that right?”

I covered my eyes with my hands, my cheeks flushed red, but I nodded all the same. Because the truth was he was right. I wanted to feel his skin on mine, I wanted to feel him slide inside me, and I wanted him to come in me. Not so much for the feeling, but because of what it meant. After just one week I wanted him to devour me. To own me. To claim me completely, and him fucking me and coming inside me meant all of that.

“Say it,” he whispered, pushing a little harder.

“Please fuck me,” I cried, trying to shove down onto him. “I want to be yours. I want to belong to you…”

Take This Off

I knelt outside the bedroom in the hallway. Just like she told me to do.

My clothes were in the living room folded on a chair, and I was hard by the time she shut the door. My hands were behind my back, and I sat upright and still. I was going to be a good boy no matter what happened on the other side.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” I heard my wife say through the door. Her partner moaned in response, and I could hear him kiss her and pull her body against him. I braced myself emotionally as much as I did physically, and I tried not to think at all.

“I want to hear your scream, beg, and moan for me,” he growled. “But first, I want to feel your mouth on my cock.”

I like to think I could hear them, but the truth is it was mostly in my mind. I could hear groans and whispers, but the slurping and sucking was my own creation. It didn’t matter if I closed my eyes or kept them open, I saw everything.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “I need you inside me now. Please.”  There was a longing in her voice I hadn’t heard in a long time and my cock twitched at the sound.

“Come here,” he said and she yelped as he pulled her body to him. I heard her begging grow louder and louder until finally she was screaming yes and it was perfectly clear what they were doing.

“You are so fucking tight,” he whispered. “You’re so big,” she replied before their moans were muffled by their kissing, and all I could hear was the sound of bodies slapping together.

I pictured them in cinegraphic detail. I pulled in close and watched them move mechanically, and I leaned back in a corner and took it all in from afar. Her moaning and crying was a soundtrack that overwhelmed me, but the next bit of dialog changed everything.

“Take this off,” she said as their bodies slowed.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I want to feel you without it. I want to feel the skin of your cock inside me and…”

“What is it? What do you want?” He was breathing almost as quickly as I was. I strained to hear every word, still not believing a thing.

“I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you. For days.”

“Oh fuck,” he moaned and then somehow I knew it was happening. She groaned and sighed and her pleading never stopped. He let out a noise that I had never heard before and it was over.

“You feel so good,” she said. “I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve thought about it so many times, and oh my god. Your cock is inside me. I can feel everything.”

“I love you,” he whispered and then the slapping was back, and I was so hard that it hurt. My knees were sore from the floor, my mind was reeling, and I was closer to coming than I thought possible.

“Come for me,” started as a low growl and turned into a desperate pleading. “Come inside me. I want it so badly. I need it. Please, baby, fill my cunt.”

And then they were lost in what I could only assume was what a perfect orgasm sounds like. They screamed and laughed as their bodies moved together, and I pictured everything. I wanted to cry and run out the door, but more desperately than anything in the whole world I wanted to be just where I was.

It was a few minutes later that she called out to me.

“Come into the room.”

I stood slowly and it took every effort I had not to grab my cock. For the briefest moment, I wondered if I would see what I expected or if it had just been a game. I wasn’t sure if the thought made me happy or sad, but it didn’t last long.

They were lying on the bed with their legs open wide. Their chests were rising and falling and his cock was still mostly hard against his thigh. I stood at the foot of the bed looking down and my own cock bobbed up and down giving away everything.

“Clean him off,” she whispered.

I didn’t pause.

I didn’t think.

I didn’t hesitate for a second before leaning down and taking him into my mouth. He let out a moan as I licked and sucked him, tasting her on every inch of his cock. He touched my hair briefly, and I felt pleased and rewarded.

“Now me,” she said.  “Lick me clean like a good boy. He came so deep inside me.”

Again there was no decision to be made. I opened her thighs and pressed my mouth against her without thought. I opened her–even more–with my lips and tongue, and I tasted everything. Cum and sweat were overwhelming, and possibly I was crying as I cleaned her soaking wet cunt. She grabbed onto him as she lay there on my bed–our bed–and she started to moan louder as I pushed inside her as deeply as I could.

“Oh fuck, make me come again. Make me come…”

I came along with her. Without so much as a hand against me, my body shook and exploded with emotion as much as anything else. She closed her thighs and screamed into her arm. I didn’t stop, even as I came on myself and the bed, and by the time she finished I was close to collapse.

I pulled myself up onto the bed and lay next to her, my breath as lost as my mind. Somewhere in the silence, she took my hand while I stared up at the cracks in the ceiling. Their patterns were familiar and comforting even as my body felt like a stranger.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

“I think so,” was all I could say. “I think so.”

A Sweet and Sloppy Threesome

Photo by The Dirty Gentleman

We were in the middle of drinking through her sorrow when she kissed me.

It had been a rough afternoon with a lot of tears as she told us about her breakup, and we poured whiskey into the wound like we had a prescription. We laughed in the quiet moments, and we tried to cheer her up with words when there were no words that would work.

“That was better,” she said leaning back. I shook my head because we had never kissed before, and Rob just smiled because he didn’t know what else to do. Which is when she turned and kissed him too.

“Did that help as well?” I asked, moving in between her legs as he wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s a start,” she said, pulling me closer. I could see the change in her eyes and I could hear it in her voice. It was part anger, part desire, and part grief, and it made the room start to wonder what was next.

She kissed me again as Rob’s hand slid under her shirt, and by the time her hand moved to my belt his mouth was on her bare stomach and moving south. Her words turned to mumbles as she pulled me from my jeans and all I could think about was how badly I wanted her.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as Rob opened his mouth between her legs, the cotton soaked through before he pushed it to one side. But then her mouth was back on me, sucking my cock in frantic gasps as I gripped her hair and closed my eyes.

“I want to be fucked,” she said looking up as the world stopped to breathe. A silence hung in the air because neither one of us had done more than hug her before and it was a cold afternoon with whiskey and tears and my god did we want her too.

Rob moved up her body removing clothes as he went, and we were done talking. My shirt, his pants, her bra, they all found a pile on the floor before he pulled her onto his body as he fell back onto the bed. His fingers were between her legs, opening her as I watched, and then it was my turn to taste her as she spread her thighs wide and grabbed me tighter.

“Now,” she moaned as I moved up, pushing her down onto him, his back to the bed and his cock against her ass as he grabbed her breasts, bit her neck, and tried desperately to touch all of her at once. I found my way into the tangle of limbs and rubbed against her wet cunt for exactly four seconds before I was inside her and she was kissing him and moaning my name.

Somehow he held her still, pressed between us as we fucked, and when I kissed her neck and then his mouth it didn’t matter at all. She turned and watched us kiss, my cock still inside her, and I think I saw her start to cry once more.

In a blur of movement, she ended up on her back with Rob between her legs, fucking her as she took me into her throat again and again. I kissed him once more and then pulled on her hair, and the music got louder and his voice grew deeper and for those long minutes in her tiny bedroom on her tiny bed we were the only thing that mattered.

Some of it’s a blur of saliva and come as we scratched and cried, climbing one peak and then another before starting all over again. He got me hard in his mouth when I didn’t think it was possible, and she pushed him out of the way to take him inside her again.

In the end, I held her in my lap, growing soft within her as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He kissed her neck and she let her head fall onto my shoulder. He touched my hair and I felt his fingers as I took his hand.

“Are you okay?” I finally whispered, looking down into her deep brown eyes.

“I think so,” she said quietly. She turned, almost shy for the first time all day and she touched her lips to Rob’s for a long second. She did the same to me before leaning back and smiling. I kissed her collarbone and she giggled. He nibbled her ear and she laughed.

“At least I’m with friends,” she said.

“Friends who love you,” I whispered.

“Friends who aren’t done fucking me?” she asked with a grin.

And then it was tangled limbs and a different sort of tears as we laughed and smiled then laughed some more.

There’s Nothing

a young woman on her knees on a bed lifting up her skirt

Photo by Guy New York

“Show me what’s under your dress,” I said, as she lay down on my bed with a shy smile.

“There’s nothing,” she whispered, her knees touching even as she sat up on her elbows. Her cotton dress was pretty and old, and it sat on her thighs completely aware that it was in the way.

“I’m sure that’s not true,” I said. “Show me.”

She bit her lip and reached one hand down to grab the frayed hem. Just hours earlier she had confessed that she would do anything, and as my requests grew more and more insistent her hesitation came with a quickening breath and a flushing of her cheeks.

I leaned in closer and grabbed one knee, pushing her legs open as I watched. She whimpered ever so slightly as she lifted the dress up, sliding it over her thighs until it finally rested on her belly.

“Open your legs,” I said, my voice no longer sounding like my own. This time she leaned back and closed her eyes, doing just what I told her. I slid a hand up one thigh and down the other, listening to her sigh as I quickly passed her over. When I kissed her stomach she moaned my name, and when my fingers touched her lips she nearly jumped off the bed.

Her pussy tasted like summer. She was coconut and salt water; she was hot sun and bare skin. I licked her and kissed her, my fingers pushing inside her as she lifted her hips off the bed and pulled me to her. My tongue found every inch of skin it could, and I tasted her until she was inside me.

By the time I moved up to her mouth, her hands were around me pulling me in. I tore her dress off her shoulders, aching to feel her skin against mine, and I kissed her hard as I thrust inside her. She screamed out as I worked my way in, and when she had taken all of me we paused and kissed until there were tears in our eyes.

We fucked slowly, all the energy of reaching this moment held tightly in. I held her hands, she clenched her thighs, and we nearly held our breaths as we moved within one another. When my fingers touched her chin they were firm and unshaking. When her hands touched my face they were strong and determined.

As our fucking moved in just one direction the tension built until both our bodies were springs ready to snap. I leaned up on my hands, watching the mechanics of our sex before kissing her once more and giving her her final task.

“Come for me,” I demanded, as I thrust all the way inside her. She reached a hand between our bodies, her fingers frantic against her skin, and we climbed the final peak together. We moaned and screamed and made faces that were full of nothing but need. When she finally shouted her release I was right behind her, my cock exploding within her as we kissed between ragged breaths. We came for hours and days. We came for months and for seconds. We came without end, and I stayed within her even when I collapsed against her wet skin and kissed her lips with tenderness once more.

“I knew there was something beneath this,” I whispered, toying with the cotton that still clung to her hips. “Something perfect.”

Home From College

(From the first chapter of Disgusting Beautiful Immoral)

Jane sat on the bed smoking and staring at me with a grin I found joyfully familiar. I took another few drags off my cigarette before crushing it out on the ashtray, and I instantly moved closer to her on the bed with just one thing on my mind. She grinned again, and I put my hand on her leg, feeling her strong muscles through her skin-tight jeans as I leaned in closer.

“Your thigh trick won’t work on me,” she whispered, without making any effort to move my hand as it slid its way up her leg.

“Does it have to?” I asked.

“You’re impossible,” she said before I leaned in and kissed her. She tasted like smoke and curry, and everything about her was so damn familiar I almost couldn’t handle it. I pulled her closer to me, and she took a final drag off her cigarette before smothering it out as well. She wrapped her legs around me as we kissed, and I reached up under her shirt and undid her bra.

“What am I going to do with you?” she asked

“Fuck me?”

A second later, her shirt was gone, and we were done talking. I kissed her familiar chin and then her familiar neck. Her familiar hands undid my jeans, and her familiar breasts crushed against my bare skin in a moment of joyful reunion. We tore at the rest of our clothes, kicking our jeans off onto the floor until we were entangled in each other’s naked bodies for the first time in over a year. I made my way down her body until her legs opened around my neck, and she cried out when my mouth found her.

“Oh fuck, I forgot how good you are at that.”

She was wet and delicious, and I ate her pussy until she finally pulled me back to a kiss and shoved a condom into my hand. My fingers replaced my tongue as we rolled over on the bed, and she thrust down against me as my mind slowly shut off. With her help, I got the condom on, and then she was on top of me, and everything else was gone. The drive vanished, college was a distant memory, and my break-up might never as well have happened. Jane’s pussy was the only thing in the world that mattered, and it wasn’t until I was close to coming that I realized there were tears in my eyes.

She bit my shoulder and pulled me to her as we fucked, and it was all I could do to hold off the inevitable. I moved my hands over her body until they slid down her back, not wanting to leave her behind. She knew as well as I did what I was about to do, and her whole body tightened. I pulled her onto me, looking up at her heaving breasts, and her eyes closed in ecstasy. She pushed down on me as I grabbed her ass in one hand, and when my finger found her tight hole, she screamed out. I worked it into her ass as we fucked, and she bit her lip so hard I thought she might bleed.

It only took a few minutes of me fingering her ass for her to start coming, and I was right behind her. I threw her onto her back, her body still trembling, and I pistoned in and out of her for all I was worth.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Make me come, Thomas. Do it.“

And then I was gone, exploding into the condom as she stared into my eyes and tightened her legs around me. I kissed her mouth between gasps, and my own ass tightened as I came over and over again. She brushed my hair from my face, and I kissed her chin as we stared into each other’s eyes. With a sigh, I touched her cheek before I reached down and squeezed the condom around the base and pulled out of her.

I got up and walked to the bathroom where I dropped the condom in the toilet and pulled a washcloth off the shelf. I ran some warm water, wet the rag, and made my way back to the bed. She had lit another cigarette, and I gently wiped the sweat from her body. She shook her head at me as I did it, but she didn’t stop me. I finally tossed the rag onto the floor, and she reached a hand out so I could take a drag off her smoke.

“I forgot that you know that thing about my ass,” she said.

“Jane, everyone knows that thing about your ass.”

“Fuck you.”

“I am so happy to be here,” I said, leaning back and staring at the smoke as it left my mouth. “And not just so I can sit here naked in bed after fucking your brains out. I just had to get the hell out of Indiana. I don’t know. I needed old friends again, you know? I needed some city and something other than politically correct wannabe lesbians arguing with me about semantics. Fuck, it’s good to see you again.”

“You so did not fuck my brains out. It was nice, but brains are still here. Why do I always say yes to you?”

I lit another cigarette, and she nestled in under my arm as we shared it. The wind through the window was warm, and our bodies were too. I kissed her hair, and she ran her fingers up my leg, both of us lost in our thoughts. My few minutes of blissful forgetting were gone though, and I was back to thinking full time no matter how hard I tried. But, it was fine. Everything was going to be okay. I was back in the city and Jane was naked and smoking; the world was as it should be…

A Rooftop Nooner

couple on rooftop

“Lunch sex?” read the text.

Fuck.  Do I have time?  Of course, I have time.


“Roof of your building?”

Shit, that’s a fantastic bad idea.  The roof is perfect, and there’s even some privacy, but I know everyone in this building by their first name.  Don’t think about her sucking my cock on the fire escape, I thought.  Don’t remember her lips, or how tight she feels in the afternoon.

“See you in fifteen,” I wrote.

I canceled one meeting, made up an excuse for an errand to run and stood in the hallway waiting.  When the elevator opened the first things I saw were her legs.  They were long and sexy and they went all the way up to the bluest dress I’ve seen all summer.  She smiled and didn’t stop as she walked passed me and opened the door to the roof.  She climbed down the fire escape, onto the hot black tar, and didn’t stop until she was against the wall near the back alley.  I followed her, looking over my shoulder as I did until we kissed against the warm stone of the building.

For a moment I expected her to kneel and take me into her mouth.  It was just what I had imagined all morning and I didn’t realize the new plan until she pushed me to my knees in front of her. The blue cotton beneath her dress was lighter in color but just as easy to move out of the way.  She was salty and strong and she grabbed my hair so tightly I nearly moaned.  She didn’t let me stay there for long, but it was long enough to drench my chin and fingers, and I knew I’d be smelling her for days.

When I finally fucked her it was actually tender.  We kissed slowly and I somewhat awkwardly pulled her leg around me as I thrust into her.  We constantly adjusted our angle and balance, but we got it right just enough to cause perfect friction.

“Come in me,” she whispered, as I got close.  “I want to feel you for the rest of the day.”

It didn’t take much more encouragement.  She kissed me fiercely and pulled me to her.  She pressed her hips against me until I was so deep inside her I nearly lost my balance, and she clenched around me until I couldn’t hold back.  She held me as I came and somehow we didn’t fall.

She left me on the roof so as not to make it obvious.  The elevator was gone by the time I walked back in and all seemed calm in my office.

“What happened to your pants?” Came a voice from the newest designer.  I looked down to see two black marks on my knees.

“I have absolutely no idea,” I said with a big smile.

Watching My Wife (an excerpt)

Hot girl next to bed“You know that was just a fantasy the other night, right?” she said as we climbed into bed.

“Which do you mean?” I asked, trying to pretend I hadn’t thought about it all week.

“You know. The whole watching me thing, it was just a fantasy. But I guess I kinda liked it. I mean, I know we got in a fight after, but it was hot.”

She looked nervous as she blurted it out, and for a moment I didn’t recognize her. Kelly was composed and direct. She knew what she wanted, and she was never once ashamed at asking for it. Hell, she wasn’t even worried about demanding it. This was unlike her.

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“Are you saying you want to try it again?” I asked, pulling her closer to me.

“Do you want to?” she asked, her newfound shyness as enticing as it was confusing.

“Only if it turns you on,” I said. I kissed her again and pulled her on top of me. “I’ll do anything that turns you on.”

“I know,” she said, sitting up on all fours. She looked down at me before reaching over to the bedside table and handing me a condom. I grinned as I took it, and I could already feel myself getting hard. “It does turn me on. I’ve been thinking about it a little, but this time I want us to be ready. No interruptions, okay?”

“Anything you want,” I said.

“So, let’s just pretend someone is behind me,” she whispered. “He’s sliding my panties off and rubbing his hard cock against my pussy. Does that excite you? Pretend it’s someone you’ve never met. Someone younger and stronger. Someone bigger.”

“Yes,” I moaned, watching her take off the little she was wearing. I slid my own pajamas off as well and tore the condom opened as she talked.

“I can feel him touching me, his rough hands on my skin and his dick pressed between the cheeks of my ass. He’s not being gentle with me, but I don’t care. He’s not my boyfriend or husband, he’s just some asshole I picked up in a bar. But he’s so strong and big, and best of all, he’s not wearing one of these,” she said, her hand now covering my latex clad cock.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, embarrassed at how turned on I was.

“You like that, don’t you? Thinking of his big bare cock pressing against my pretty little cunt,” she moaned. “I want to feel it so badly. I want to feel him slide into me, his fat cock stretching me open as he fucks me. I want you to look at me and reach down between my legs to feel it too. I want you to know he’s inside me.”

I pulled her down around me, my cock sliding inside her instantly. She was so wet I almost couldn’t feel her, but it didn’t matter. Her words in my ear were driving me crazy as I pulled her down. I tried to kiss her mouth, but she held me back, looking into my eyes as she kept going.

“He’s fucking me so hard,” she moaned thrusting her hips. “He’s going to come. He’s going to come inside me, I can feel it.”

Seconds later her arms were around me and she was shaking. Her body trembled and clenched, her cunt tightening around me as she started to come louder than she had in ages. I kissed her mouth over and over, thrusting up into her as I felt myself about to come as well. She pulled my hair and kissed me back just as I exploded into the condom, both our bodies slick with sweat. When we finally came down, she rolled over next to me and buried her face into my shoulder, her breath slowly returning to normal.

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