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Stories of people who just love people in all sorts of beautiful ways

A Threesome Minus One

We climbed into the bed tired as fuck. Too much driving, too much red wine, all the stresses of traveling had beat us up and spit us out. The bed was big though, and we left our clothes on the floor before turning out the lights.

“I wish she was here too,” he whispered.

“Seriously. She is so fucking hot,” I said. He groaned in agreement, and I pictured her in my mind’s eye lying between us. I thought about watching her undress, and I thought of her lips around my cock. Suddenly I was hard and his hand was moving.

“What do you want to do with her?” I asked, both of us now clearly jerking off. He moved closer and pushed back the blanket until we could see each other in the darkness. Both of us were hard and our hands moved in a blur.

“Everything,” he moaned. “Fuck her, eat her, watch you fuck her.” We stared at each other as we thought of her, and it all happened at the same time. Our fists, her lips, our cocks, her ass, everything rushed through my head as I imagined it all at once.

Before I got too lost in thought he was between my legs and his mouth had replaced my hand. I lifted my hips off the bed, and he sucked me harder.

“Oh god, I want to feel that cunt around me.” My hand was in his hair, and his lips were soft and warm. He cupped my balls and squeezed, but a second later he was kissing me and our hard cocks were pressed against one another. I reached my hand down and wrapped it around him, jerking him off as we kissed, and we never stopped moaning.

As I got closer to coming I rolled over onto my stomach, holding him still above me. I pressed into the sheets, and he pressed his cock between the cheeks of my ass. He slid up and down, and I arched my back, suddenly wanting him inside me.

“Fuck me,” I whispered and he didn’t stop. My hand was on my own dick as the weight of both our bodies pushed me down, and I was delirious with want. I could feel my balls tighten and his groans said he was close behind.

“If you could come anywhere in the world where would it be?” I asked, knowing we both had the same answer.

“In her pussy,” he growled, now fucking himself against my ass without holding back at all. “I want to come in her pussy.”

And then we were done. I clenched the sheets in my fist, as my cock spurted beneath us, my body shaking as my orgasm rocked through me. Seconds later he exploded above me, his come covering my ass and the small of my back. Spurt after spurt he unloaded onto my body, and still, I begged for more.

When we finally could talk again he rolled over next to me and ran his fingers through the mess he left. He rubbed it into my skin and kissed the side of my head as our breathing gradually returned to normal.

“I wanted you so badly,” I said, his face just visible in the darkness.

“Your ass is amazing. But if I stopped for anything it would have been too late.”

“We have time,” I said, pulling him close to me. He kissed me again as we cuddled in the darkness.

Take This Off

I knelt outside the bedroom in the hallway. Just like she told me to do.

My clothes were in the living room folded on a chair, and I was hard by the time she shut the door. My hands were behind my back, and I sat upright and still. I was going to be a good boy no matter what happened on the other side.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” I heard my wife say through the door. Her partner moaned in response, and I could hear him kiss her and pull her body against him. I braced myself emotionally as much as I did physically, and I tried not to think at all.

“I want to hear your scream, beg, and moan for me,” he growled. “But first, I want to feel your mouth on my cock.”

I like to think I could hear them, but the truth is it was mostly in my mind. I could hear groans and whispers, but the slurping and sucking was my own creation. It didn’t matter if I closed my eyes or kept them open, I saw everything.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “I need you inside me now. Please.”  There was a longing in her voice I hadn’t heard in a long time and my cock twitched at the sound.

“Come here,” he said and she yelped as he pulled her body to him. I heard her begging grow louder and louder until finally she was screaming yes and it was perfectly clear what they were doing.

“You are so fucking tight,” he whispered. “You’re so big,” she replied before their moans were muffled by their kissing, and all I could hear was the sound of bodies slapping together.

I pictured them in cinegraphic detail. I pulled in close and watched them move mechanically, and I leaned back in a corner and took it all in from afar. Her moaning and crying was a soundtrack that overwhelmed me, but the next bit of dialog changed everything.

“Take this off,” she said as their bodies slowed.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I want to feel you without it. I want to feel the skin of your cock inside me and…”

“What is it? What do you want?” He was breathing almost as quickly as I was. I strained to hear every word, still not believing a thing.

“I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you. For days.”

“Oh fuck,” he moaned and then somehow I knew it was happening. She groaned and sighed and her pleading never stopped. He let out a noise that I had never heard before and it was over.

“You feel so good,” she said. “I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve thought about it so many times, and oh my god. Your cock is inside me. I can feel everything.”

“I love you,” he whispered and then the slapping was back, and I was so hard that it hurt. My knees were sore from the floor, my mind was reeling, and I was closer to coming than I thought possible.

“Come for me,” started as a low growl and turned into a desperate pleading. “Come inside me. I want it so badly. I need it. Please, baby, fill my cunt.”

And then they were lost in what I could only assume was what a perfect orgasm sounds like. They screamed and laughed as their bodies moved together, and I pictured everything. I wanted to cry and run out the door, but more desperately than anything in the whole world I wanted to be just where I was.

It was a few minutes later that she called out to me.

“Come into the room.”

I stood slowly and it took every effort I had not to grab my cock. For the briefest moment, I wondered if I would see what I expected or if it had just been a game. I wasn’t sure if the thought made me happy or sad, but it didn’t last long.

They were lying on the bed with their legs open wide. Their chests were rising and falling and his cock was still mostly hard against his thigh. I stood at the foot of the bed looking down and my own cock bobbed up and down giving away everything.

“Clean him off,” she whispered.

I didn’t pause.

I didn’t think.

I didn’t hesitate for a second before leaning down and taking him into my mouth. He let out a moan as I licked and sucked him, tasting her on every inch of his cock. He touched my hair briefly, and I felt pleased and rewarded.

“Now me,” she said.  “Lick me clean like a good boy. He came so deep inside me.”

Again there was no decision to be made. I opened her thighs and pressed my mouth against her without thought. I opened her–even more–with my lips and tongue, and I tasted everything. Cum and sweat were overwhelming, and possibly I was crying as I cleaned her soaking wet cunt. She grabbed onto him as she lay there on my bed–our bed–and she started to moan louder as I pushed inside her as deeply as I could.

“Oh fuck, make me come again. Make me come…”

I came along with her. Without so much as a hand against me, my body shook and exploded with emotion as much as anything else. She closed her thighs and screamed into her arm. I didn’t stop, even as I came on myself and the bed, and by the time she finished I was close to collapse.

I pulled myself up onto the bed and lay next to her, my breath as lost as my mind. Somewhere in the silence, she took my hand while I stared up at the cracks in the ceiling. Their patterns were familiar and comforting even as my body felt like a stranger.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

“I think so,” was all I could say. “I think so.”

Close The Door

I knelt on the floor as I moved between them.

They were lying in the bed with their legs open and she was as wet as he was hard. When my mouth was on her my hand moved up his cock, and when I wrapped my lips around him I pushed fingers deep inside her.

On the other end of the bed, they were lost in each others eyes. They held hands and when they kissed they swallowed each other’s moans. They whispered things I couldn’t hear and I tried hard not to disturb them.

When he was finally hard enough he reached down and touched my hair. I stood at the foot of the bed and I watched as he rolled on top of her.

“Now,” was all he said.

I leaned in once more and took him firmly in my hand. I rubbed him against her swollen lips, and I waited until she asked. Her legs opened wider and she moaned perfectly as I guide him inside her.

I stayed for long minutes as they moved. I rubbed their thighs and legs, and when she moved on top of him I guided him once again.

My fingers pressed into her back when she arched it, and I held him in my hands when she lifted up the highest. When she finally came I held my hand against her clit. When he did I gripped the base of his cock as he filled her.

When they reached up and turned off the light, I stood once more. I gave one last look at their naked bodies and closed the door behind me.

He and Her and Me

“I don’t want to sleep with him,” she insisted more than once.  He didn’t offer quite the same assurances, but the denial was similar.

Frankly, I was jealous.  They flirted and talked about each other, and then they had the nerve to deny it. Finally, I decided to rephrase my question.

“Would you fuck him if I invited him over tonight?”

“Um…”  She paused for a minute and lowered her eyes.  “Sure.”

When I asked him later that day he just smiled at me.  He told me he was wondering when the offer would come, and he’d be delighted. When we walked into her apartment later that night there was a surprising lack of tension.  We talked for an hour before she got up to use the bathroom.  I took him into our room and called out to her that we were on the bed.  

“Finally!” she called back.

He sat down on the bed as she walked in, and I pulled her in front of me.  

“Would you like to see her naked?” I asked.  He smiled and nodded.  I pulled off her top and unbuttoned her jeans.  He watched me closely as I unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor.  Her breasts were small and perfect and her nipples were as hard as could be. I slid her panties down onto the floor as well and he gasped when he saw her.  

He finally stood up and they kissed so tenderly that I felt like an intruder.  I kissed her too, and then he and I leaned in as our mouths opened on each other like only old friends can do.  It only took moments for us to lose our clothes and end up on the bed with her body between us.  We kissed her and pulled open her thighs as our hands and fingers worked over her body.  

I held her chin in one hand and his cock in the other as I slowly guided him into her mouth. I pushed her down onto him, forcing him all the way into her throat as she reached her arms around him.  I fucked her as she sucked his cock and she started coming in waves.  

Later, I held her in my lap as he slid into her, and she looked up at me with pure gratitude in her eyes and desire on her lips.  I kissed her as they fucked and he leaned in to suck my cock.  

At one point he fucked her ass while she lay next to me.  At another, she sucked both our cocks at once, and I licked her clit as he slid in and out of her. She took us both at once and she cried and came as we did the same.

We all kissed and held each other, and when we weren’t coming we were laughing.   

Months later when she left me, it wasn’t for him.

It’s Only Polite

He was soaking wet by the time he walked in the door, so he stripped down to his briefs, and we brought him tea as we left his clothes out to dry. He sat on our bed next to the open window and we dried his wet hair with a towel.

He grinned when I stood behind her and pulled her shirt off over her head.

“It’s only polite,” I told them. “If our guest is naked, it’s just rude of us to leave our clothes on.”

She elbowed me in the ribs, but she didn’t stop me from pulling her jeans off her legs. She laughed as I lost my shirt and he watched carefully when I undid her bra. She grew quieter when I slipped it off her shoulders, and when it joined our pile of clothes on the floor his eyes were wide open. When I removed her final piece of clothing no one said a word.

She looked over her shoulder with a question in her eye, and I nodded my head. I sat down on the edge of the bed as she crawled towards him, and within seconds their arms were around each other and their mouths were open. She nestled down between us as we slipped out of our shorts, and she giggled when she felt our bodies pressing against her.

“I like having two men in my bed,” she whispered as she lay down on her back. We kissed her neck and we kissed her breasts. Our fingers ran up her thighs, and when he pressed his hand against her she sighed. I watched as he opened her, and she reached down to wrap her hands around us both.

“Are we really doing this?” she suddenly asked between breaths. “Because if not, then we need to stop. And if we are then I want someone inside of me now.”

“She’s your partner,” he said, motioning us together.

“But you’re the guest,” I responded pushing her back to him.

“Sure, but it would rude for me to…”

She cut him off with a kiss as she rolled on top of his body. His hands moved down to her ass as she held him in her hands, and she pressed down against him. He was nearly hard, but she struggled to get him inside her.

“Help me,” she whispered, and without thinking I took him in my hand and opened my mouth. She lifted her hips to give me room, and I sucked his cock between my lips as she watched from between her legs.

“That’s so hot,” she whispered. “Make him hard for me.”

I sucked faster, my grip tightening as he started to moan, and within seconds she was pushing down around him. I didn’t loosen my grip as he entered her, and all three of us were making sounds that were suddenly louder than the rain.

I knelt behind her and put my hands on her hips as they fucked. When she let him slip out I quickly took his place. She moved between us both, and I don’t think it mattered who was who. I watched them kiss as I lay on her back, and when it was his turn I listened to her moans as my fingers pressed hard against her clit.

Neither one of us stayed hard for very long, but it didn’t matter. She came within minutes, and her hips rolled over him as she screamed out our names. She bit his shoulder and she ground her hips against his body and she was shaking as she came.

An hour later she lay between us and told us she wanted to make us come too. She kissed us both and pulled us closer. As the rain grew louder outside, she moved down to take us into her mouth.

He reached over and took my hand.

An Easy Threesome

Threesome photo by Guy New York

I remember in college a random dude on my hall saying something like, “No one has ever actually had a threesome. People just talk about it.” And I’m sure I sounded like an asshole telling him I had probably had five or six? It was hard to count but they were fun and pretty easy and one of my favorite things when it comes to sex.

And he looked at me like I was crazy and I didn’t know what to say because trying to prove a claim like that would just make it worse.

But that night I went upstairs to see the girl I was fucking (she insisted we weren’t dating for the six months we hung out) and she had a friend over. So we got drunk on bad wine and looked out the window at the quad as we lolled about on the couch until I told them about my conversation. And that was really all it took.

He started kissing her neck and she just looked at me and shrugged. So I kissed the other side of her neck as she fell into the couch pillows between us. He pulled off her shirt, I pulled off his shirt, and we must have just kissed for an hour. Sure there were hands on bodies, and some serious grinding going on, but it took a long time before he knelt on the floor between us and began moving back and forth between sucking my dick and eating her pussy.

She laughed and held my hand as we watched him and it was funny and ridiculous and amazing all at the same time. When he finally climbed back onto the couch with his cock in his hand and an eager smile that let us know he thought a reward was due, I simply positioned myself behind her as she sucked his cock and we fucked like we usually do. I leaned over her so I could watch, because what’s the point of a threesome if you don’t get a close-up view of your girlfriend sucking a beautiful cock? And course what’s the point of having a beautiful cock in your face if you don’t get to suck it too and my god the expression on her face as she watched me lick him from tip to balls while I somehow managed not to slip out of her.

I came pretty darn quickly after that, because…well because it was fucking hot. And then she lay down on her back with her head on my lap as he moved between her legs, tasting her one more time before sliding a condom on and then fucking her slowly for the next hour. They kissed and I tousled his hair, but he moved inside her as she begged for it harder, and it felt so normal I almost forgot what they were doing.

She managed to make herself come through some deft finger work and demanding he lift her hips up and hit her in just the right spot with his beautiful cock. She clenched around him and stopped laughing as she came, her other hand gripping mine the whole time. I kissed her eyes and brushed her hair back and she kept on coming, which finally pushed him over the edge too. If I remember right, he did the old pull out, throw the condom somewhere quick, and then come all over her stomach and breasts.

And it was sweet and hot and fun and easy and as we lay there covered in sweat and some come and maybe a bruise or two, I realized that maybe I loved her even if I wasn’t supposed to say it. Not because she fucked her old friend, but because there wasn’t a single moment of fear or doubt all evening, and if that isn’t grace then I don’t know what is.

The next morning the dude on my floor walked by me with some friends and yelled at me from halfway across the lawn, “have any good threesomes lately?”

And I gave him the finger and smiled and there wasn’t anything that needed to be said after that.

Sometimes people have threesomes, and sometimes they’re easy as pie and more fun than a bathtub of puppies. And my god, could those two fuck.

A Cruel Beginning

She had been crushing on him for months when she finally admitted it to me, so of course, there was only one thing to do.

We tied her to the bed, her arms above her head, her legs spread, and each ankle and wrist tightly bound to the frame. We laughed as we did it, and I suspect that she had a very different vision in mind than I did. In fact, I suspect that her laughter was a sign that she was completely confident in getting exactly what she wanted and expected.

Which is most likely why she began to whimper the second we left the room. We laughed as we undressed, and I turned the water on in the shower to drown out the faint sounds of her voice. He was just as playful as I was, and as we stood there under the hot water running our hands gently over each other’s bodies, we almost didn’t make it back to the bedroom at all.

“I was beginning to think you forgot me,” she said, when we finally stumbled back out, our towels wrapped tightly around our waists.

“Well, we were having a nice time,” he said as he approached the bed, “but I thought maybe you’d like to do more than just listen. He walked around to the far side as I knelt on the thick mattress next to her right shoulder. When he mirrored me on the bed, she began to make a slightly different sound as she struggled with the restraints, clearly wishing to participate in a more physical fashion.

I reached out a hand and he did the same, and the girl between us vanished when our lips finally touched. We kissed like we had known each other forever, and his lips were strong and full, his tongue pushing into my mouth with a vigor I had almost forgotten. He kissed me with force and passion, holding me tightly as I tried to pull him even closer.

In the middle of it all, we tore the towels from each other’s bodies and I grabbed his ass, pulling him to me until our cocks we pressed against each other, each one growing harder by the minute. His hands were on my chest, on my ass, and then suddenly there were fingers wrapped around my cock and teeth against my neck as I moaned into his hair.

The struggling girl beneath us struggled even harder, but while she was a lovely backdrop to our tableaux, our focus was clear and direct. We moved closer to her, our knees boxing her in on both sides as he leaned forward just inches from her face. His hand hadn’t stopped sliding up and down my cock when his mouth opened on me, and her sigh was more of a scream as he took me between his lips. I didn’t hold back, fucking him in a second as I reached down and grabbed her hair to brace myself. He took more and more of me each time until he was practically gagging on me, and her mouth was open wide as she tried to will us closer.

Before I came, I slid back, lowering myself to his mouth so I might kiss him again, still just in front of her as she gasped and cried, her eyes glued to us.

“My turn,” I said, licking his chin as I grabbed his shoulders and then his ass once more, sliding him up so I could take him into my mouth. His cock was thick and hard, and I held him there in front of her, her lips aching to taste him even though he was just out of reach. I slid one hand up and down him, feeling him pulse beneath me as I teased him with my tongue, and then, just as her sighs of frustration grew the loudest, I took him into my mouth and throat, swallowing that glorious cock in one go.

His hands were gentle in my hair, but his hips bucked as he fucked me. On occasion, he lifted my chin just enough for me to stare up into his eyes as I sucked his cock, and there was a tenderness that I adored instantly. While one hand slid up and down him, the other reached back, pulling him to me with a hand on his ass. I tugged harder, feeling him open as my fingers grew braver and my mouth more frantic.

“Please, it’s not fair,” she said as he thrust harder, his own groans now drowning out hers. “I just want to taste him.”

But I didn’t let up, and he didn’t slow down. As my fingers worked his ass, and his hands tugged on my hair, I could feel his strength waver as the sighs poured from his mouth. I squeezed him tighter around the base, took all of him once more, and then sucked his head between my lips as he finally began to scream in release. He came just inches from her face, and I struggled to swallow all of it. He came on my lips and down my throat as I licked him and sucked him clean so close to her mouth that I could feel her breath against my skin.

And then he was done, his cock instantly too sensitive to touch as we lay back on each side, our bodies slick with sweat and come. I lay down, my hand on my cock as I worked myself into a frenzy while he watched. His breathing was still fast as I grew closer and closer and the sounds of her crying pushed me over the edge until I was coating my own stomach and he was leaning over her, kissing me again before licking my chest and my neck as his hand rubbed the rest into my skin.

“I hate you both,” she said when he finally lay back down against her. We snuggled up to her warm skin, and I could hear her heart beating and her blood pumping. I kissed her cheek as he did the same, but still, she struggled against the restraints begging for her own release.

“Not now,” I finally said, as I clasped his hand against her stomach. “Just let us rest for a while, then maybe we’ll let you out to play.”

“I really don’t like you at all,” she said, as we finally all closed our eyes.

She Brought the Storm

She came in from the storm on a mission that couldn’t be stopped. The day had been long, the snow incessant, and we had been teasing her with text messages all day long. To be fair, we had been teasing her with pics of us sucking each other off on her couch. It wasn’t our fault that we had the day off and she didn’t.

The fire was hot and the radiators were hotter, which meant that within seconds of her walking through the door her ice and snow covered clothes were leaving a puddle in the hallway. We were dressed properly in bathrobes and fuzzy slippers, but since it was rude not to join in we dropped them to the floor as we scooped her naked body up into our arms and carried her to the bed.

He started to make a joke about the cold and I started to ask how her day was, but before either of us could get out a word she had one cock in each hand and it was clear that talking wasn’t really all that important anyway. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer and the growl that left her lips was enough to know it was the right thing to do.

We surrounded and engulfed her like there was six of us, covering her with our warm bodies as we crushed her between us on the bed, and our mouths found every cold spot within seconds. He kissed her neck where her scarf had come undone, and I found a spot on her thigh that must have pressed against the cold buckle of her bag. By the time I found a very warm spot between her legs, she had him in her mouth and the snow was as forgotten as everything else.

When I moved up to fuck her she arched her head back asking for three things at once. My hand was on her throat in an instant while his moved to her hair even as he thrust into her open mouth even harder. I fucked her cunt as he fucked her throat, and she gasped and cried as we held her tightly between us, using her for her sake as much as our own. Her only moments of speech were to beg for more, to ask for it rougher, and to cry out in a fury that came from every place at the same time.

A while later she lay on her stomach as we took turns fucking her while she bit the pillow. Her sobs had vanished and were replaced by demands, and we filled every one of them without pause. But it wasn’t until I held her against me, my hand back on her throat as he thrust into her cunt that she finally let go.

My lips against her ear, his fingers digging into her thighs, and mine against her clit was enough to push her over the edge as she repeated the words I said over and over again. She bit her arm, her face red from everything, and she screamed as her back arched and her legs trembled. Clenching around him, she held him there, his cock filling her perfectly as she came and came, her hot tears streaming down her face as her familiar smile broke out across her face.

“Welcome home,” I finally whispered as we cuddled up next to her. “I’m sorry you had to go out in that.”

“I’m never leaving the house again,” she said, kissing us both before pulling the blanket up over her head. “Especially if someone brings me wine. And maybe bacon too. And if we do move, it’s only to the fire and even then I’m not putting on clothes just more blankets.”

“You brought the storm with you,” he whispered as he got up to open a bottle. I looked at her but she shrugged with as much confusion as me as we stared at his beautiful ass walking out the door, knowing he’d back in minutes. We smiled and lay back on the bed, and I had to close my eyes to convince myself it was still snowing.

Bisexual Erotica: Caught in the Act!

Caught in the Act, Bisexual EroticaI haven’t written a lot of bi stories recently, so this was a fun return for me. This short story is pretty over the top and super hot. At least I think so, and if you like bisexual erotica, then hopefully you’ll like it too! Basically the narrator catches his girlfriend’s 18 year-old daughter making out her boyfriend and blackmails them both into sleeping with him. It’s an age old story, I know, but the things he does to that boy…

Here’s a short bit from it:

“Why don’t you both lie down first,” I said, making myself comfortable. “Just next to each other right there.”

They did as they were told, stretching out on the bed on their backs. His cock was limp, but even still it was impressive. Her pretty cunt was just a few feet away from me, and I had to stop myself from licking my lips.

“Why don’t you kiss each other for a while. Oh, and Jared, I want to watch you finger her.”

To his credit he didn’t pause. They rolled over on their sides, pulled each other close, and started to kiss while I watched. He parted her legs with one hand, and within seconds he had two fingers inside her as she moaned into their kiss. His cock twitched to life instantly, and I could smell her from where I was. She slid a leg up over him, giving me a perfect view of his fingers sliding in and out of her, and I couldn’t look away.

“Have you really never fucked her?” I asked him, as I got up and walked around the bed. I sat down right behind her, reaching down to touch her hair.

“No,” he said, leaning back and looking up at me. His hand didn’t stop moving, and Jenny was moaning quietly into the pillow.

“Well, I think we should change that, don’t you? It would be such a shame to waste that cock, wouldn’t it? And besides, I think I want to watch her get fucked.” I had thought about watching her for too long, and there was no way I could wait much longer. His cock was hard and thick, and I longed to see it replace his fingers inside her.

“Please don’t make us,” Jenny sobbed, rolling over and looking up at me. Her eyes were red, but this time she made no effort at all to cover herself. Without thought I reached down and brushed her lips and chin. Her skin was soft and warm, and I ran my hand down her neck and over her breasts before pausing on her stomach. She looked just like I imagined her mother did at eighteen and it was mesmerizing. Jenny didn’t turn away as I touched her, and I leaned in even closer as I started to move again. I touched the light hair above her cunt, running my fingers through it, before sliding my hand down to one thigh. With my other hand in her hair, I suddenly had her exactly how I wanted her. I closed both hands, pulled her head back and her thighs open, and suddenly her cunt was completely exposed.

“Fuck her now, Jared!” I demanded. “I want to see you fuck this little slut, and I want to see you fuck her hard…”

You can read the whole dirty thing on Amazon!

How you Watch

“Do you want to watch us fuck?”

I nodded my head, but the truth is I wasn’t sure. I like watching sometimes, and I like being there, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to really enjoy it.

“I want to try something different,” she said, taking him by the hand and leading us both to the bedroom. “I’ve never had anyone watch like this.”

My curiosity was definitely piqued, and I sat on the foot of the bed while they undressed each other. Their kissing grew more ferocious as he pulled off her top, and she was biting his neck by the time his cock was hard and in her hand. She knelt for just a few minutes, and while it was perfectly nice to see, it wasn’t anything especially new.

“Get on you back,” she said, pushing him on the bed a few seconds later. He lay down and she straddled him, facing me. She waved me closer with one finger as she sat down, and I leaned in closely as she rubbed the head of his cock against her lips. I had forgotten they were fluid bonded, and as I lay down on my stomach I suddenly realized this was indeed not normally how I watch.

They were inches from me, and I stared with wide eye as she pushed down around him. She leaned back, and the mechanics of their fucking took up my whole frame of vision. They both moaned when he was all the way inside her, and I could see everything. The ridge that ran up the outside of his cock was glistening, and the lips of her cunt opened and closed around him as they moved. On occasion she’d sit up just enough for him to pop out and then slowly she’d lower herself back down around him.

Within minutes my nostrils were filled with their sex, and my hands were on her thighs. She looked down as well, and I couldn’t tell if she was still amazed by her own body or if it was my burning eyes on them that did the trick.

“Do you want to taste me?” she asked, her voice thick and slow.

“Yes,” I said, leaning in even closer.

With one hand she pulled him from her and without pause she rubbing him against my lips. I didn’t wait for a bigger invitation before opening my mouth around him and tasting both of them. I gripped the base of his cock as she fucked him once again, and we began an irregular pattern of me taking him into my mouth or sucking her clit while they fucked. Their moans grew louder and faster, but it was almost as if they weren’t there. All that mattered to me was one soaking wet cunt and one ridiculously hard cock.

When she came the whole building heard. She grabbed my hair, pushed down around him, and clenched her thighs and cunt. She swore and she cried, and at the very last minute she pulled my mouth to her clit. I could feel her trembling, him twitching, and suddenly his balls were tightening, and I swear I could watch the come move up the length of his cock until his cries were mixed in with hers.

Each time I touched them at all their skin twitched and their muscles tightened. And when she sat up once more I leaned in and tasted both of their come. First, I licked up the length of his cock as he clenched the sheets in his hands and cried out. Then I opened her swollen cunt with my tongue and taste them there. I licked and sucked, pausing only to stare at their bodies, amazed at how delightfully messy they were.

They were red, purple, and vermillion. Their flesh was engorged with blood, wet with their own fluids, and trembling with the spasms of their coming. All of my senses were filled, and each one said “more” to my nearly useless brain.

“Well, that was different,” he said, as she rolled off him. They kissed for a long while before looking back at me with sheepish grins.

“Thanks for letting me watch,” I said.

“If that’s how you watch, we might have to do it again.”



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