She was only partially at her own birthday party. Okay, to be fair, she was tied up in the bedroom for most of the night while the party raged on in the living room and kitchen. We drank and talked and played games, and when one or two of us vanished for a moment it was with playful grins and thumbs up for whatever horrible things we had planned.

We had considered a simple gangbang. It is traditional around these parts, but it didn’t have quite the right feel to it. And besides, it had the potential to be over far too quickly. Instead, R thought it might be nice to be tied to the bed (just her hands, to keep things accessible) with a blindfold on. It was, after all, a party of friends, and trust hung thick in the air from the time we popped the first bottle of champagne. And since she had been publicly writing about what turned her on for four years, it was less about guessing and more about giving.

It began nicely. L went into the room nearly as soon as she arrived (hell, before she even had a drink) and crawled between R’s legs with an open mouth and two dexterous fingers. It wasn’t a long ordeal, but an orgasm right out of the gate was a lovely surprise, and later R told me it was the best head she had in months.

M isn’t especially into girls, but he does love having his cock sucked, and since he wanted to wish her a happy birthday, he took his turn with great determination. He walked into the bedroom, put his drink down, called her a filthy-cum-guzzling-whore, and proceeded to fuck her throat for thee and a half minutes while she gagged and swore at him. He was shocked at how quickly she made him come, and even though he was known to be quite the champion cocksucker himself, he was thoroughly impressed with how well she swallowed every single drop.

K just wanted to fuck, but since it was a birthday, he played along. He stood at the foot of the bed watching her as he jerked off over her body, telling her horrible things. Your daddy is going to be so fucking mad when he finds out what you’ve done. And when he hears that his best friend fucked your tight little cunt on your birthday, I doubt he’ll ever talk to me again. But this pussy is worth it. And with that, he slid a condom on, pushed inside her, and proceeded to choke her until she was close to passing out. She nearly came from the pounding, and later she mentioned that it had felt just real enough to make her tremble with fear.

It was S who climbed above her with her skirt raised to her waist as she told R to eat her pussy just like a good little sister. She pulled R’s mouth up to her smooth cunt, and she rode her face until she was coming torrents over the poor girl’s open mouth as she begged for her own release. When they were done, S kissed her swollen lips and made her promise not to tell anyone or they’d be in so much trouble.

V and T took turns fucking her pussy and her mouth until she couldn’t tell them apart, and then they kissed and sucked each other off in front of her face so all she could do was listen. M fingered her and told her she was just a hole to be used whenever it pleased anyone, and just when R thought she was done, she let her boyfriend fuck her cunt until he finally pulled out and came all over her stomach. J slapped her thighs and the other V beat her ass with a belt before shoving something inside it.

It was close to midnight when the birthday girl finally emerged to great applause. I lifted her up and kissed her mouth as I carried her to the center of the room and we toasted her future as she thanked each and every one of us for our gifts. Her always smile was blinding, and naked amongst us it was hard to imagine a happier girl or a better birthday.

At least until the next one.