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All of guy's books are available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, and B&N via his bookstore at Pronoun.
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Tiny Print Erotica Books

Mr. New York has a number of small (4x6) print books available with subtle non-descript covers perfect for public consumption.

“If Henry Miller were alive today he’d be doing something like this. What I particularly love is that this is erotica that appeals to my mind and spirit as much as my blood and balls. The work is classy, gorgeous, and thoughtful.” 
Chris Ryan

Author of Sex at Dawn discussing Quickies in New York

PDF Bundles of Dirty Books

If you’d like to buy directly from me, I have a few books bundled together into single PDFs at a highly discounted rate.

I Love Print Books

Many of Guy's books are available in handsome paperback versions which you can hold in your very hand. You can find the print versions on Amazon.
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Current Available Titles

  • Disgusting Beautiful Immoral
  • The Island on the Edge of Normal
  • Quickies in New York: Winter to Spring
  • Hana: Polyamory and Erotica in New York City
  • Simply Smut
  • Brorotica I
  • Brorotica II: Chicks are For Fags
  • Brorotica III: Fifty Shades of Gay
  • The Complete Brorotica
  • A Very Sexy Christmas
  • Camping with the Guys
  • A Young & Faithless Wife
  • All the Groom’s Men
  • The Yes Rule
  • The Ortolan Hunters and Other Disturbing Tales
  • Dirty Bedtime Stories
  • Cuckold Diaries: The Places They Come
  • Tales of New York
  • Write ‘Till You’re Hard
  • Love and Kink
  • Punishing Alice
  • Boardwalk Affairs
  • Pill X: Spring Break
  • Pill X
  • Pill X: College!
  • Tracy’s Mom
  • Anything for an A
  • Watching My Wife
  • Caught in the Act
  • Private Tours: NYC
  • Sharing the Wrong Girl
  • Susanna’s Affairs
  • The Queen’s Gentleman
  • MMF
  • The Summer I Watched
  • The Teacher’s New Toy
"Guy, as always, weaves a surprisingly believable tale of sex and relationships. The action hits that best-of-both-worlds zone, where it is fantastic enough to thrill without leaving the realm of the plausible."

Praise for Susanna’s Affairs

Five Star Amazon Review

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