Erotic Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories

I have more than 40 dirty books out, from threesomes and group sex to romantic encounters.
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Many of my books are available in handsome paperback versions which you can hold in your very hand. You can find the print versions on Amazon.
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I have a number of small (4x6) print books available for $7 with subtle non-descript covers perfect for public consumption.

The Complete Works of Guy New York

All 40 of my e-books are available as one giant bundle for $40 directly from me via Paypal. For each book I've included .PDF, .EPUB, and .MOBI files.
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1,000 Stories and 800 Pages

"All of Guy's work is fantastic and having all of QNY in one collection is brilliant. He has a deft command of erotica and you should probably also pick up a copy for your more... intimate friends as well."

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