The Complete Works of Guy New York

All 38 of my e-books are available as one giant bundle for $50 directly from me via Paypal. For each book I've included .PDF, .EPUB, and .MOBI files. Or find smaller bundles below.
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Hotwife, Cuckold, and Swinger Erotica: $10

This bundle includes seven books about married women who like to get it on with other men and women, sometimes with their husband’s support.

While generally not focused on humiliation, they do focus on hotwives going out and getting what they want. Which usually includes hung men, condom-free sex, and a loving husband to welcome them home. Sometimes touching, occasionally funny, and always hot, this collection is perfect to read with someone you love. You never know what it will inspire!

(The Bundle includes .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files for the following books: The Places They Come: A cuckolds Diary, Watching My Wife, All The Groom’s Men, The Summer I watched My Wife, A Young and Faithless Wife, Susanna’s Affairs, and the sequel Boardwalk Affairs.)

Pill X: Unprotected Sex Erotica: $5

When a big drug company released Pill X, curing the world of every disease known to man, what they didn’t say was it also heightens libido and lowers inhibitions. The day the pill was launched went down in history as Pill Day, and sexual pandemonium swept the nation.

These three filthy books show what happened around the US on Pill Day, from college students on spring break to shy virgins and everyone in between. If you like hardcore unprotected sex stories then these are for you.

(The Bundle includes .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files for the following books: Pill X: The Cure, Pill X: College, and Pill X: Spring Break)

Bisexual Male Erotica: $10

This bundle includes six books about men whose sexuality isn’t on the straight and narrow. From bros who like to get it on with their palls, to husband’s who enjoy bringing other men into their beds, it’s all about the best of both worlds.

Some of these stories are sweet, many of them are silly, but as with all of my writing, they are erotic, filthy, and a whole lot of fun.

(The Bundle includes .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files for the following books: Brorotica I, II, and III, Caught in the Act, Teacher’s New Toy, and MMF.)

Guy New York's Erotica

  • For the Love of Daddy
  • Hana
  • Love & Kink
  • Maria
  • MMF
  • Pill X: The Cure
  • Pill X: College
  • Pill X: Spring Break
  • Private tours
  • Punishing Alice
  • QNY The Complete Stories (print only, not in the bundle)
  • QNY: Winter to SPring
  • Sharing the Wrong Girl