Erotic Short Stories

Settle in for a short and dirty ride through love, kink, taboo, and romance. There's something for everyone in these stand alone short stories.

Don’t Stand Too Close ($3)

“English isn’t my thing. It’s not that I don’t like it, or don’t like my teacher, but it’s just never been my specialty. So, when I got a letter from my college of choice telling me I had better shape up or kiss my acceptance goodbye, I did what anyone would do: I tried to sleep with my teacher.”

The Sitter Gets a Spanking ($3)

The summer before she left for college is when it all happened. Mr. Richards scared her and excited her all at the same time, and when she gave in to temptation when she thought he wasn’t paying attention she discovered what had been lurking beneath the surface all along.

Real Life Polyamory and Kink ($3)

Hana follows the story of Guy New York as he meets Hana, falls head over heels in love, and of course has to navigate and negotiate with his other partners.

While full of hot explicit sex, the story also delves into what honest communication means and the challenges that come with open relationships.

Romance, Group Sex, and Old Friends ($3)

Love & Kink is the story of a perfect weekend in New York City. When Maggie comes for a visit after a long time, she and Guy move quickly from love to ecstasy, and almost every place in between. From a incredibly kinky party to a threesome with a dear friend, the story follows the two lovers as they find themselves once more enthralled with each other’s company.

Three guys and one gal in the woods ($3)

Stephanie moves between each one of her friends until she’s had them all, and then she goes in for the kill: she wants them all at the same time.

A sweet, funny, and incredibly hot story of mmmf menage between four college students on the lake. Camping with the Guys is a light and a super sexy story of young summer-love.

What’s a MILF to do? Especially one with a secret. ($3)

Tracy’s Mom is hot. I know, Tracy is my girlfriend, and I should pretend I don’t notice these things, but that’s just not how it goes. Besides, if there was a rumor going around school that your girlfriend’s mom had made a porno back in the 90’s, you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes off her either.

Jenny gets a hell of a tour of NYC ($3)

When Jenny hired Javier to be her private tour guide of New York City, she knew exactly what she wanted. After three years of a marriage that wasn’t working, she was ready to finally give herself a gift of her own pleasure.

In a land far far away, Finn gets in a lot of trouble. ($3)

As a Gentleman, Finn’s j ob is to sleep with the highest ranking and most beautiful nobility in all of Whiskytown, learn their secrets, seduce their daughters, and make them smile and laugh throughout all of it.

Jessica fucks her way through an office Xmas party ($3)

The annual Christmas party is where everything important happens at Jessica O’Connor’s firm. And this year is no different.

Our narrator starts out watching the party from a secluded room while her personal assistant takes care of her from behind. She then moves on to her husband, who’s gift comes wrapped in a black dress and red lipstick.