The Erotic Adventures of Susanna

The first two books in the Susanna series follow the 1960's swinger through a seedy New York City and a scandalous beach vacation.
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Susanna and Nicholas have a delightfully open marriage in which they promise to keep no secrets. But after a brief tryst on the train back to New York, Susanna finds herself longing for someone she barely knows.

While she confesses part of her affair, she leaves out the details that she quickly obsesses over. Back in the city, she and her husband return to their hedonistic lifestyle full of champagne, new lovers, and games of one-upmanship, but Susanna can’t get the man from the train out of her mind.

MF, MMF, MMFF, Mf, Ff, Creampie, Anal, Swing, Rom

Susanna and Nicholas take the boardwalk by storm in the sequel to the scandalous novella Susanna’s Affairs.

During their weekend vacation by the beach, the couple decides that a friendly competition might be in order, and they quickly set out to seduce and be seduced by as many people as possible with little regard to morality. Whether it’s the handsome man they meet at dinner or one of his two beautiful young daughters, no one is off limits.

MF, FF, Creampie, Swing, Anal, Con-noncon, Rom

Praise for Susanna's Affairs

"Guy, as always, weaves a surprisingly believable tale of sex and relationships. The action hits that best-of-both-worlds zone, where it is fantastic enough to thrill without leaving the realm of the plausible."
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